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  1. ola infelizmente nao podemos Informa-lo, preço de riven é totalmente pessoal entretando existe uma media de riven por arma no site https://semlar.com/rivenprices Lembrando que o numero de roll/status influencia entao boa sorte tenno. Guia da Lotus.
  2. The riven Only can have : electricity,heat,damage,cc,cd,multishot,fire rate,cold.. good neg like -zoom or -faction damage or non neg. im bout to pay 400-800p and not interested on only one positive, needs atleast 2.
  3. A DE n responde tickets de Bugs, se quiser reportar bugs va ao chat, bug reports, apenas tickets se tiver algum problema tecnico com sua conta. Espero ter ajudado. se for da sua conta tente mandar em ingles
  4. the fastest way for you in my opinion is farming relics, any map that drop relics like earth excavation and others, so you can sell each relics 1p each if you want more work but more plat, just open them and Sell prime parts, on sabotage earth also you can get link Mods that cost 10p or 20p each for companions, but its harder, good luck tenno Guide of Lotus
  5. A lot of people on warframe Already maxed all focus stuff, and many of them have Like 100+ Shards from eidolons, so we need more focus stuff, or we have nothing to do with it.
  6. Thanks for correct me, i do not talk english natively, and ok appreciate your replie
  7. Tav's Glyph isn't a thing that everyone can Do in a week. Chanlleges can be done in max 1 week while His chanlleges whenever you want.
  8. how to abandon the actual progress of a guest to 0? i want to Start again it is possible?
  9. For your mastery you don't need a strongest weapon, but the strongest is mr 14(if i remember) gram prime, tigris prime(mr 13) akjagara prine (9) so i recommend you mr First and after choose best weapons to build it. there are a lot of weapons good for your level, i recommend orthos since it's not slow and can be used in many situations, hek is also one of the best shotguns of all time, sonicor is good pick up for you. i hope i helped you thanks, guide of the lotus legacy!
  10. Depends how much plat and What type of plat you had first, if you had first the bundle the Bundle one will be spent, not sure, but i don't recommend to Spend plat on market, since it's easy to craft all things, and im not sure what will be spent first, i hope i helped you , guide of the lotus legacy good day.
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