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  1. Ash is looking amazing. Finally something worthy as an alt over his delux (imo).
  2. Fewer frames, with quests attached. Spend more time refining frames and making casting their abilities and their expiration and readiness represented in the frame itself not an icon.
  3. The creepy thing is if we imagine it, Nature has probably done it already. Abyssal creatures are a case in point.
  4. He’s also more complicated like equinox. She’s 3x the work so, yeh.
  5. I understand your sentiment (its also business sense). At the same time, I see it as a different strokes for different folks thing. I love your and Fulbjorn’s style (his sense of infested plus Nidus’ theme is a match made in heaven in my mind). Since revenue’s are shared, it should be all good.
  6. Alternate is still needed. Honestly if you have concepts, you should post them and see if they take.
  7. A welcome addition for those of us who thought the initial helmet was derivative of Limbo. Now if there were demure caboose options for the female frames, that’d be nice.
  8. I would like to see lantern targets explode with razor flies on death. or if damaged. also (below) diwata acts like archwing melee.. it nearly teleports you to a target from a fair distance. the lite use i’ve made of tribute and diwata seems to get you to the tribute fast. if it was a true mechanic, it would be like a hornet dashing at an enemy.. a blink move on her would be even more terrifying.
  9. i’m glad you dealth with that controller input problem, but there still seems to be a lot of button state problems wrt transferrence, void walking and transferrence back. leaves me crouched 60% of the time and has been going on for a couple months. it seems like trigger state and ps4 rhand button state are decoupled or processed insequence rather as a gist. barruch is looking nice, but his 4 seems a bit short on dps.. he comes across as lacking range and only able yo mainly harm one enemy at a time. doesn’t quite feel like outrage. if they can carry heavies and drive cars, when can we jack them?
  10. Idea for lantern. In addition to a welcomed tethering mechanic (esp if singularity). Have tainted enemies explode with razor flies.
  11. Titania in razorwing can still crash her viewpoint outside the map, a problem archwing has as well. Her collision volume while in razorwing should be tweaked so this doesn’t happen. To see what I mean, run a corpus map and crash into the ground or into floors. All of her ability casts should be sped up because the still take a lot of time in combat. Also how about cosmic crush by holding down 4? Constant altitude changes are still a bit of a drag. on 2nd thought since tribute usually means diving in to grab the soul why not have a cosmic crush vacuum by holding tribute? energy and the soul at the same time would be pretty nice. her melee is pretty weak but its like a targeting dash.. handy to get at souls but a buff to it might be nice.
  12. 1) I figure Barruk(?) levels by meditating in the void. 2) Consider they are releasing a sentient themed skin and tarot card skins for 2ndary... What I want to be able to do is sacrifice one of those cute wild animals to helminth and turn it into an infested something.. warframes and the helminth need to eat, right? Now we know. Fortuna should be rich with spare organic heads someplace. Brains sound tastey.
  13. Would it not be better to have loot midgets, um, enemies drop items for players? Or are you rewarding only voyeurs of the game rather than players? How about a legendary loot midget monster? Make it a lvl 120 hyena pack or Tyl Regor and that might get interesting.
  14. Rivens need a rethink. While its a much larger task, wframe has so many weapons, most of which are mr fodder if only because of limited weapon slot space. Some have been nerfed into the ground in the past to become forgotten even though they look damn good. The simulacrum could be a place where people could try out potential builds they don’t have access to. Rivens should or could be a way to build a weapon into a fabulous moster, with dedication, and perhaps a personal build instead of nourishing a gambling, lottery mentality. for people who actually spent effort rolling their own rivens for their own enjoyment, disposition changes feel like being jerked around. why not build a system where broken op isn’t an RNG option?
  15. Disposition tweaks. This piles onto a chaotic process to get rivens, to roll them into something one likes for the weapons one wants to one were tomorrow all of it can be blown sky-high. It's a process only a gambling addict would love. Everybody goes nuts for the next 'god tier' weapon and riven. A million sheep bleating for their feed. Please rework rivens entirely. Kuva farming and riven re-rolling is now about as fun to do as filing taxes only with less confidence of a return. Any number of games have moved away from a strict RNG rolling system to one where certain modifiers can be locked in for a price and/or trade off. First make a riven system where somebody can devote love to a favored weapon and improve it (call it something.. mastery perhaps). Allow people to methodically work towards a goal and to move on as other weapons take their fancy. Maybe mark it/add to one based on the veteran status of the weapon itself. Once a weapon is maxed and a bunch of forma, not much else happens with it (outside of use). With rivens maybe they could grind undesired into desired riven modifiers or their stats rather than a complete betting the house on something. If you value usage diversity, it also has to be structured so an arsenal can be worked on. Right now everyone makes a b-line one or two weapons and everything else languishes, with predictable reactions from you (DE).
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