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  1. There ideas and wants galore, but the company seems intent on ignoring it for Tweets.
  2. Hunting stuff is not a bad base concept, but how about a real couple of monsters or Corpus mini bosses? How about something not so achingly linear?
  3. Examples (all solo runs on ps4) Infested runs (kuva flood) Brood mothers using ancient’s tentacle attack. All of them, not just one or two. Temple of profit trenchers using whips. enemies without nullifier fields and combus bubble being completely immune to (nidus) larva or (Excal) exalted blade doing no damage to eximus trenchers or blind not effecting them. Again no visual cue that negation fields are active. one run lvl 99 spam insta one shots and another lvl 125 are manageable. This is outside the spawn issues: full lvl 4 alert and nothing at all spawning even after 10min.
  4. Bluntly, Warframe is going to remain aimless if DE creative leads are passive about direction. People are keen to get freebies, they’ll be shouted for. Sustainable content (replay/story) is largely the purview of a vision for a game, say like OuterWorlds, Witcher3, CyberPunk2077, or BL series. Devs have to be vested in making something great. —edit— Also devs for other games are mining streamers for feedback and likely scrape sites like this for actual discussions, for what works, what does not. DE? Not sure.
  5. (PS4)teacup775

    This is how doing the Profit-Taker feels like...

    Since people solo multicap with trin or oberon for tridelon, a meta team is only important for sweaty farming. I’ve been in pub groups with Octavia and we did just fine.
  6. (PS4)teacup775

    A PoE pub eidolon experience

    Abating link and EV don’t figure in a Tridelon fight, and zenurik isn’t even run by multicap teams (madurai and unairu are) but yes mr8 won’t have the necessary gear. Rage or more Hunter Adrenaline are more useful. Pizzas are common.
  7. I think some of the other reason is focus was not madea part of load out from the get go. People may fiddle their builds before a mission, but operator is one more layer of fiddling. Hm.. now here’s an idea. Run maim equinox with unairu in ESO...
  8. (PS4)teacup775

    A PoE pub eidolon experience

    Considering it’s Trin’s job to keep the lures alive? From what you’re saying, they don’t have their heads on right. Suggestion, next time host and recruit by saying casual tridelon cap.
  9. Chroma is Bug Spray Prime. We needed this new weapon class, with delux skins of course, not archwing guns. Or one with traditional inspiration that’s used by monks.
  10. (PS4)teacup775

    can we get a good man butt

    Yup. The Operator formerly known as Emo.
  11. Because we’re Gods (or Devils) who’ve blown the Orokin rulers into dust, descending the system into a hell hole of war and killing, who are currently killing off ooo Nef Anyo’s toy bots, a latter day preacher, for whom the rest of the Corpus should be squashing like a bug (or Glast should), and without us Eudico would still be moping in her high chair while Biz save mice despite the smell. Every day we burn thousands of mediocre units into dust. Prolly folks just like the Solaris. But Gods gotta get on their skate boards and do helicopters because gosh those Sentients hell bent on wiping out the entire system out isn’t Epic. Saving a population who doesn’t have sense to find a fast ticket off the planet to some other set of colonies is so much more important. So are saving mice. Next up we play Pirates of the Carabean for a couple weeks then get bored. Hey maybe they’ll add Asteroids to Ludoplex (goes back to scan fragments for another something I’ll never touch). The characters are wonderful. Their circumstance simply some of the most crudely formed story telling I’ve seen in ages. Second Dream this is not. Not even close.
  12. They have this forum overflowing with suggestions, but he’s hooked on Twitter. The only suggestion is listen to your own damn forums and what most streamers are telling you.
  13. You’re free to list all the innovation they've been piling on.
  14. New tech? You mean like a XSS tricky clone? Arcade game knock offs? Flight? Open world map? Outside of bullet jump, there’s not a lot with Warframe, and another title looks to be taking that, thank you. DE spends most of their time churning out frames that remix existing abilities, often recycling ability animations. Weapons: same. Nice visuals, fun, but since there is little else to do, forma them and prolly use a weapon already on hand. Linear story telling with cut scenes intermixed with standard missions, that break a tile in standard missions? Kuva missions steadily getting more broken? How is any of this innovation instead of gaming industry standard fair? Biggest change up is the reference counting system (which prolly added memory whacks galore) and particle system. Their art dept is roaring away, but game play innovation? ESO and Arbitrations: warmed over endless content. Fortuna? large but mostly empty. Minor embellishments on bounties, but innovation? Enemies spawn on our heads and poop CC. Conservation is achingly linear. Wandering Vallis spawns nothing unique. Can’t come across a supervisor or elite group or mini boss. Can’t trash a location and bring out a mini boss. No loot midgets. No wonder, suprise or delight. Revamping melee or damage is fraught. Still mindless and not very interesting enemies. Where is innovation?
  15. (PS4)teacup775


    I used Loki to farm her. 😜