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  1. I gave up on this one. I ran it again after posting and got 5 out of 6. Logged in today, count is back to zero.
  2. I ran into this identical problem today. Lost my perfect capture count and encountered the jump bug after jumping from the archwing.
  3. There's the truth of it. Kubrows were designed to NOT be used by casuals, but marketed to appeal to casuals.
  4. That statement is hilarious on so many levels.
  5. It's not a semantic argument, you're just attempting to dismiss it as such because you disagree with it. The reality is that by waving away any complaint regarding Kubrows as them not being mandatory, you also release any criticism of any mod, weapon, warframe, sentinel or mat that isn't required to complete a mission. By that definition if it isn't a MK-1 Brat and a Starter frame, or a key it isn't mandatory. I agree with the tamagotchi point (and said so in the post above yours). As for the minority/majority point, no it doesn't have to appeal to the majority but major gameplay elements
  6. What purpose the mechanic serve beyond credit sink and means to increase log in frequency? What gameplay mechanic does this exist for? It's a video game. Nothing is mandatory. If we start discussing what we have to do versus what we want to do we're discussing how to do our job, not how to play a game. This is also does not mean that option B defaults to the minority.
  7. Alright. I'm sure there are a select group of people that enjoy "feeding" the Kubrows. Even though there is no feed animation, no visual response, no interaction whatsoever. But there are those that enjoy it. Fine. I would argue that it appears more people would prefer not to do it. As to the second point, I was absolutely not saying that all content should appeal to all players all the time. I'm saying they should avoid actions that are enjoy only by a very small minority at the cost of an overwhelming majority.
  8. Wouldn't removing such a large number of relatively common drops wreak havoc on the drop table? There would be some serious rebalancing that needs to happen. That's plat though. This discussion regarded credits, which has generally been more conservative.
  9. It gets sold for plat and people lose their @(*()$ minds.
  10. I feel that Kubrow eggs should drop from a single mission that scales with party size but is REALLY hard. I'd much prefer direct difficulty than playing with RNG. Make me go to Kubrow Valley and have to fight hundreds of Kubrow and then beat the Den mother. That leads me to a cave (aka 2nd mission) where I fight the Alpha Kubrow for a random egg drop. I'd take that ANY DAY over having to RNG dens over and over.
  11. This keeps coming up. This is called a relative privation fallacy. X was/is worse than Y, ergo Y is acceptable. This is not the case. The bottom line is that DNA stablization is a game play extension technique consistent with DE's history in this game. It's been one of my personal complaints for a while now (and it really started when they first discussed the change in how affinity would be gained) that artificially inflating gameplay through pointless, zero gain methods is not fun and in an entertainment product, not acceptable. Is it doable even for casuals? Sure. Could casuals be using t
  12. That's a fair assessment. I was running with a thrice forma'd soma and a Trinity so I may not have noticed that myself.
  13. I feel like that's the community doing that and not the game mode. Most of my clan has hit the 3k cap already and in each group there were a couple of people that were running early-mid game loadouts because it's the best they had. It can be done easily but the pug groups aren't willing to try.
  14. Is there a place online where one can see the event scores?
  15. Hello Mendozer, I'm Signal Warden and I represent Command Center Gaming. If you want to have a look at our recruit page, we seem to be an exact fit for what you're looking for. We are not try hards but we are serious and take great pride in our clan and our gaming. Some quick info: - We are a multi game clan with both official divisions and "beer league" games - We have a private, password protected TS server - We have a Steam group that is our current hub until our new, proper website is complete - We have scheduled farming runs and competitions - We have a fully outfitted dojo with all
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