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  1. if DE wanted to have heat armor strip thing, it should be done that way after the Ember Rework, basically it's the armor stripping (i wonder why greneer have the F this time all around not corpus with their shield)
  2. What i get from the post so far is + We are going to make the time consumption in all mode EXCEPT excavation feel valuable by having often rotation or at least same with the regular one (well, that's just a regular arbitration then, i don't know about the level increment each rotation though) but there so many minus that i think is 1, well arbit just a regular node with regular enemy level with 75% nerf on endo gain and buff 50% on pricing table which is double nerf. I don't know and i don't feel like doing arbit though, but for me this is kinda need to be discussed further and need to be able to have "endgame" feels like. Having 75% nerfed endo means that maybe the initial level also nerfed 75% (i don't know) so that is kinda sucks, i need more detail like what the loot table will be to make sure (not the possible loot but the actual amount that we get for arbit)
  3. That means DE only need to befriend with 1000 users (probably minus all partners). So that's cute, and also being a solo player, i am not even reach the 10% of that cap so i'm safe. However, what i see that DE is really struggling to scale. There are 2 scenario here: DE is scaling up the hardware or modify the function which what i see is modifying the function. I know most of the games also have the friend cap but for warframe, can we make a difference? LOL
  4. Hi DE, always appreciate you guys work and good job on delivering all of the things on time, bugs are expected and i am willing to report it to you (and probably all warframe players) now there are 2 things that i want to give feedback to you: 1. Nekros and pilfering again with the main patch (25), there is a note about desecrate and pilfering, for me this is a bad "fix" it's a straight nerf to all of the things that already been good in looting the things in warframe, but all the gory details has been delivered to you at that patch notes, i think DE should consider this one also 2. Hexenon Now this is interesting, what i found that the drop chance of hexenon is less than neural sensor, now in each build you will need less than 10 neural sensors (i don't know the exact number tbh) but for hexenon it needs 300 at minimum (or 250) and when you kill a mob it drop only 6 hexenon. Clearly this is confusing while you can have 15 neural sensors (with booster and solo) but you will get 100+ hexenon... i can clearly done 1 build that requires neural sensor but i need to farm more for hexenon... this is so confusing but i need this to be addressed to DE. Even though hexenon is the new resource and you need players to be engaged, the amount of time you need to farm hexenon is far more aggregious (now you know what i am talking about, i cannot spell it, sorry). For me, balance in farming in all angle need to be considered even though it is a new thing.... That's all thank you
  5. next week + 3GB... After seeing this, worth to try... and wanna try those new mods on the riven challenges XD
  6. The only part that i disagree from the whole change is fish bait. Now, that's absolutely grind as motherly heaven, if i want to fish something then i have to pay another standing after i "provide" fish... That's not logical, i stand by my point and i will not sell the blueprint of it. I wish the fortuna fish bait can be done via blueprint but i think that's impossible. Why we have to pay for 100 standing per fish bait while we can make one bulk of 20 of it via foundry? See? That's the problem, and i don't want to throw my standing with only 1 fish bait, and also it's RNG, i might get 2 or 3 fish per bait just because it's rare (depends on the fish also)
  7. First of all, I know the Guide of the Lotus exists but i chose not to interact with it, just because i am satisfied with wiki (and so some of the players itself) for me having guide of the lotus is OK but for me, it will become useless when 1. Your only engagement for GOTL program is through relay first time prompt 2. The GOTL itself didn't brought into the game, the user need to go to forum or website to see the guide itself All about game related should be prompt into the game, especially when new player comes and don't know what to do. P.S. for me clan also can be the extension of GOTL program itself.
  8. I think, the charge is great in the first place, i don't know why they decide to change it to semi auto...
  9. so orgis going back to charge? What happened? The reverted, revert what?
  10. Let wolf changed saturn boss, i think that's fair enough 🙂
  11. Fix the forever loading when doing solo profit taker bounty 😞
  12. Hmmm don't forget to update the codex also for the list of relics to farm it, that's it DE, have a good day
  13. I am just wondering if psychic bolt can be replaced with CC'd abilities, that's all
  14. Is there any concern with footprint visibility when in rocks or unsnow region?
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