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  1. Well, i guess i'm not the only one that find this demotivating at all... 15 is too low for me, each rank you will be able to buy nitain only which i think i don't want to put my time and effort just to know that nitain is the only thing purchasable each rank, also being that wolf cred will reset each season is what motivates me to not do the next nightwave.
  2. I see, how about this? Since wolf has escaped the prison, he takes over control of saturns node... (now the story has come out, so this might be a no no but whatever) and sargas ruk retreat to the other planet. Now as i said, i am not saying to REMOVE, i am saying to replace... it's the other way that how we can enjoy the tankiness of the wolf itself. Y'all still point out some lore related that is not my point, where the point of "random boss" character that should not be tanky AF to begin with. It's more appropriate for boss node, hell if there's a raid, it should be on raid with that kind of tankiness and annoyance of napalm thrower invulnerable 3 idiots that hanging with wolf. Got it?
  3. not really, the stalker is fine with his way, but for me, this has something different with Wolf itself Wow, hang on there, again for me because the name is wolf of SATURN six, don't know what the meaning of Saturn Six all i know is Saturn itself which applicable at this point. Now, removing him is not what i meant, he can be whereever DE wanted him to be, but from what i see 1. Wolf is super tanky, not much as a "random boss" character 2. I don't know where Wolf break the prison from but the title said saturn then i said saturn 3. and don't get your short-tempered comment down here... i don't know much about the lore, but i brave myself to give suggestion because of what have pissed me off (not everybody, yes i understand everybody love random wolf)
  4. This concerns me, by using wolf as a rando boss that appeared whenever he wanted is not a good design, especially he is tanky AF and his loot is very RNG ness... what do you think if i spend 20 mins (squad btw) to kill him and got molten impact (btw, it's a heat mod for weapon)... first he is tanky, second his loot is RNG. So, because his full brand name is wolf of SATURN six, why not making him a boss in saturn replacing Sargas Ruk? That's much more applicable and it can be explained through lore that you have build so far.
  5. The only part that i disagree from the whole change is fish bait. Now, that's absolutely grind as motherly heaven, if i want to fish something then i have to pay another standing after i "provide" fish... That's not logical, i stand by my point and i will not sell the blueprint of it. I wish the fortuna fish bait can be done via blueprint but i think that's impossible. Why we have to pay for 100 standing per fish bait while we can make one bulk of 20 of it via foundry? See? That's the problem, and i don't want to throw my standing with only 1 fish bait, and also it's RNG, i might get 2 or 3 fish per bait just because it's rare (depends on the fish also)
  6. First of all, I know the Guide of the Lotus exists but i chose not to interact with it, just because i am satisfied with wiki (and so some of the players itself) for me having guide of the lotus is OK but for me, it will become useless when 1. Your only engagement for GOTL program is through relay first time prompt 2. The GOTL itself didn't brought into the game, the user need to go to forum or website to see the guide itself All about game related should be prompt into the game, especially when new player comes and don't know what to do. P.S. for me clan also can be the extension of GOTL program itself.
  7. I think, the charge is great in the first place, i don't know why they decide to change it to semi auto...
  8. so orgis going back to charge? What happened? The reverted, revert what?
  9. Let wolf changed saturn boss, i think that's fair enough 🙂
  10. Well there you have it folks... I am not a main ivara, but i think i left out by saying something you think is stupid... whatever man, i am just full of this "main" frame thing
  11. I always use the "bug" for parkour and it was nice. However, the problem with ivara is a really slow movement even with the augment. There are 2 ways workaround with this thing. 1. decrease the movement cripple effect to prowl (original not augment) 2. increase the movement buff when use the augment
  12. Fix the forever loading when doing solo profit taker bounty 😞
  13. Hmmm don't forget to update the codex also for the list of relics to farm it, that's it DE, have a good day
  14. I am just wondering if psychic bolt can be replaced with CC'd abilities, that's all
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