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  1. My only hope right now, is that void from xaku's 1 affect anything that has void damage only thing like eidolon's shield... it could be game changing though but isn't that eidolon's shield can be damaged only by void? and giving xaku's 1 void damage is not affecting it? I think logically it should be there, whether it's game changing or not it's your style DE... I think this one can be considered to be added in the first place. Ignore this if i'm wrong about the concept actually... that's so far i remember from PoE stuff... other than that, i don't know. I've using xaku's 1 and kinda not ge
  2. https://imgur.com/a/kE7RwrS I just got to the hill i don't know where i am, but i just got misclick the necramech button with kdrive which it's side by side on the gear wheel, when i want to drop out from kdrive, this happened to me.. i don't know that this bug still exists after these years... please help fix
  3. that's the most nice things you said... what useless things ash, nezha, inaros, nyx and titania? Both of them are good (even if you are solo), you are talking solo right? Their kit are not support except titania, or any frames, know the roles please :(
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