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  1. Is it me or the lure for eidolon kinda squishy? I don't want solo a teralyst just got back and forth to catch a lure...
  2. I kinda happy to take the decision to not having the stream for having certain amount of people only to tackle some of the core issues that community have right, however scarlet spear will end in 11d and I am hoping that we can discuss this event while the even is still going... i think it is the best thing to do, also if you guys are touching SS. That's my opinion tbh. From the bottom of my heart, i wish DE to stay safe and wash your hands everyday 🙂
  3. This is my only hope that DE would ignore the Deadlock Protocol and start revamping or give warframe revised a bit more focus... Give scarlet spear a chance to be better by having it less grindy than it should be, railjack and old blood already come out and you cannot say that you want to touch those again 🙂 For me, the least is, release the formorian or razorback, those guys has been full for weeks and yet i thought it was automatically triggered but then i am wrong... Give some events like repairing the relay again, that is fun... Don't look forward on what you can release (and hopefully it's not at broken state) but please look back and see what DE and us community can improve together to make this game better. I am not 2k hour plus players, but in my mind, when i hop in into the WF, i just get bored on 10mins after log in. No variation, the meta is always as it is. I love DE and what they do but please give us community a portion of your game design as what you do lately... We are not teaching you anything but we are giving you feedback.... Hopefully it reaches DE before the devstream start (Btw, i don't see any devstream post anywhere for today, but oh well at least I know) Much love to you guys
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