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  1. Railjack Balance feedback: With regards to the boost changes, appreciate the top speed increase, can live with the reduced boost multiplier. But for the love of god please revert the boost cost changes. I can barely hold my drift maneuver for long enough to circle a crewship. Very counter productive to use a quick repositioning tool to try and get behind a crewship for a good shot, only for you to get flung past the crewship and end up right where you started. Not that you need to bother with positioning any more. I was able to leave my railjack and waltz through the ground objective on Ruse War Field (the highest level RJ mission), without the railjack taking much damage. I didn't have to bother with my void cloak, because the enemies tickle the railjack. I got back in the pilots seat, pressed 3 a couple times (I swapped out void hole for missiles since the duration of VH makes it not worth using any more) and nuked about 2/3 of the 30-odd fighters that were attacking me. Got in the main cannon and offed 2 crewships without even targeting their weakpoints. The only time I had any sort of hassle was when I was putting out a fire and kept missing the mark to put it out instantly. Boarding parties were significantly easier than before, which is a good change but you overdid it a bit - they're way too easy now. Overall, if your goal was for high-tier Railjack missions to be playable by beginner players: You hit that spot on. For those of us who have invested time into Railjack: this is a slap in the face. I read the update notes while it was downloading and had low expectations for this rebalance - I knew it was going to be a lot easier - but this is the part where I grab an MR10 friend, let them do the mission and just sit in the front cannon the whole time being bored. TL;DR Railjack is too easy and now feels like a chore. I'm glad I burned out on railjack missions during Scarlet spear, because it looks like I'm not gonna be playing them much any more.
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