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  1. Just had this same issue playing around with it (as I got an Argonak riven and I've been wanting to play around with it for a while). With the Amalgam mod equipped, doors stop you from being able to see enemies through walls. It's not a punchthrough issue, as watching enemies behind the door while its closing and then shooting through the door gives damage numbers as expected, but just the argonak's new "wallhax" aren't working. On a side note, this issue is not experienced when using the Zenith, so it's specifically an issue with the amalgam mod.
  2. Am seeing this in mission at the moment as well. Host is playing in French, my UI is English. Pickup displayed in French. Confirmed the language in chat with the host.
  3. I've been coming here for mandachord things for a while, love your work and all but one of the songs I've wanted have already been here... Here's the one that isn't My request would be something from State Of Mind by Teminite, maybe the Intro. Keep up the great songs man!
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