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  1. Tested. Dead within 2 seconds at long range from a Gorgon Wraith with...Serration, Split Chamber, Primed Shred, Crash Course, Stabilizer, High Voltage, Rime Rounds, and Malignant Force. Wasn't even a fight as he never got a single shot off. Yeah, he needs a buff. There's level 15 Trenchers on Orb Vallis that take slightly longer to die with that same loadout. No, I'm not joking and this is not hyperbole. I'm an MR 16 player. I first tackled him as an MR 7 back in...2014 or so...?
  2. I solo'd him with Rhino and a Gorgon kitted for magnetic and poison damage and the fight - that I recall - didn't last more than about a minute. Disclaimer: This was a couple of years ago when I was farming for Mag and before those dual stat mods (and a few other really powerful "mandatory mods") were a thing. His Lanka does some decent damage if you're careless but honestly, he has arguably the lowest EHP of any boss in the game and gets a single, close range ability to use against players. Most vet players boast about killing him within seconds. I should probably test this out...
  3. A competent player with basic gear can dispatch The Sergeant fairly quickly. That's arguably a boss that hasn't aged well. That said, I would agree that Hyena Pack, Phorid, and Zanuka are sufficiently challenging.
  4. Another question worth asking: Any thoughts about adding an RGB color wheel picker for choosing colors for our 'Frames and weapons? As a graphic designer and an artist, I find the lack of a proper color wheel picker for choosing custom colors immensely restrictive and frustrating and after finding out this feature is being included in Anthem, I figured this really needs to be brought up. Warframe is a game that prides itself on customization, but the lack of a color wheel really gimps this. I'd suggest keeping the pallet system as is and fold purchased pallets into the wheel and section it with labels.
  5. Two words for this. "Hell" and "no". Pablo is as much of an accomplished game balancer as Donald Trump has been a successful, non-partisan President.
  6. You're going to a very, potentially, disturbing place there - especially considering the "maturity" and "tolerance" of this community.
  7. THIS. This is one of the reasons why some of the hardcore grind in this game needs to be reeled in. Warframe shouldn't be a second job for any of us. As I suggested earlier, DE needs to stop catering to players that spend several hours a day obsessively playing Warframe. All DE is doing here is encouraging unhealthy behavior and annoying everyone else that has other games they want to play and / or have limited time to game. Work and / or school are things you know.
  8. Even if it's just knives, short swords or staves, that would be nice to have.
  9. On topic: Vauban rework when? Minelayer is a convoluted, redundant mess, Tesla's deployment is needlessly slow, and Vortex's range makes it all but useless in open areas and its damage is arguably trivial. Room-nuking abilities like Spores, Maim, and Polarize are being addressed when? When a Saryn, Equinox, or a Mag shows up on Hydron,you make as well use the Sit emote and go AFK or just leave, because you can forget about making any meaningful contribution to the kill board. Warframe is a coop game, and those Frames have abilities that can be readily exploited to the point where almost no one else in a group can actually cooperate / enjoy the game.
  10. The irony is you seem pretty triggered by my original post...and "casuals" for that matter. "Casuals" are really a non-issue for most of us. DE refusing to acknowledge that some abilities and weapons are being readily abused and exploited by self-centered players to the detriment of everyone else in a squad is a far more important issue than "filthy casuals sullying the serious game-play experience that is Warframe." I agreed that stuff like "Frame Fighter" and such as a means of attracting and keeping "casuals" playing is a waste of time and resources, but did you ever stop to think that casual players sometimes turn into serious / dedicated players? And why should you care about how serious a player is about a game or not?
  11. Very nice QOL change - much appreciated 🙂
  12. That would help as well. The reason I suggested Mankers is because of the Fluctus Arch-gun they wield. Surely they'd need those components to carry them around like we do!
  13. I guess it made too much sense to have them drop from Mankers it seems 😕
  14. Another question... When is the horribly overpowered cheese that is Saryn's Spores going to be publicly addressed and dealt with? I can barely set foot into Hydron without some Saryn effortlessly grabbing 70 kills by Wave 2-3.
  15. Vauban rework...when? On that note, [DE]Pablo's handling and response to player concerns on the matter the other day was unprofessional and unacceptable. Overhaul of drops for Atmo and Repeller systems...when?
  16. YES! So that's why the darn things never showed up...thanks! Thanks - much appreciated!
  17. Just a reminder: Helios WILL scan memory fragments on other tilesets and Somachord fragments as well, some of which can be, arguably, pretty hard to find. Also, this is DE being arbitrary about what can and cannot be scanned by Helios...which is supposed to take the tedium out of manually scanning items.
  18. Gee thanks. As if they weren't hard enough to find as is. Well, that's going to be another gap in my Codex, because forget looking for that needle in a haystack now. Cool. So when is the sky box / lighting going to be fixed to properly convey the feeling of rainy weather on Cestus? Finally! Thanks! Although honestly it should have been Silent on release. Also...Mankers will be dropping Gyro / Atmo / Repeller Systems...when? Because having them as rewards for Orb Bounty Phases is really not cutting it. In the case of Repeller systems, the extremely low chance of getting them as a reward has, arguably, been a progression stopper for some people.
  19. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/948470338972481213/AB2CEC0090FBA36763B8274F3B6C3E702A2E4DFE/ Found this one between the Temple of Profit and Ustara Crater.
  20. What the actual...?! Hey DE? At least some of us play games to have fun. No, repeatedly looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack is NOT fun. I love the music for Fortuna (Sythnpop / Synthwave fan here) but this is really too much. Same goes for memory fragments.
  21. On a map that friggin' huge? With 3 songs to unlock? Jesus DE... Thanks for your hard work, OP. It's greatly appreciated!
  22. True - but Spectral Scream still kinda sucks and Effigy is too restricted. Not to say that Chroma Prime isn't classy though 😛
  23. Still no fix for Arch-guns being mediocre in comparison to regular ranged weapons.
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