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  1. Can't play because can't press continue. Temporary fix: Hit ALT + Enter or go to setting during launch and disable fullscreen
  2. Is the armor stripped health colour indicator reflecting accurately now or is the bug still persisting? I'm asking because a host told me that I stripped too much of the armor but I'm still seeing yellow health on eidolon.
  3. I was doing sorties daily before completing the star chart. Just get into it. Lv100 enemies are not that tough if you have the right weapons and finesse for it. Or if you have one of the many cheese frames. In fact, if you use those cheese frames sorties get really mundane. So just jump straight into it and see how you go.
  4. Now as I am writing this, there is a dude fishing in PoE. I have a few questions. 1. Is Eidolon bounty the same as entering plains? If yes, then why? 2. If not, then that player needs to reprimanded somehow. Picking the bounty under public and going fishing is not what the bounty is for. Can I also suggest that if the bounty is chosen and after a certain time if the eidolon is not engaged then the bounty should fail. Otherwise, it'll be like what I am experiencing here. "You have connected to the same game too many times." The fisherman leaving the game doesn't change anything as he is still there in PoE as a host.
  5. SOlved by my own stupidity
  6. That has always been the case as I know. Try setting the energy colour of the rift to black or a dark colour. This brings out the best results for me
  7. Actually, although by right clicking to switch out of quick melee, the floating animation remains. So instead of float+swing melee it's only floating now, which doesn't solve the problem of not landing on the ground as a normal jump should be.
  8. It's probably the best way because you'll have enough crisma toroids to rank up by the time you get your atmo
  9. Oh I haven't notice that but if there's no delay between primary/secondary and melee then it's great. Just one extra click of a button to cut the animation.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love the new melee. Just that when I pull my melee out it doesn't mean I want to block. However, to say that all it takes is a click isn't entirely true. I'm not sure if melee and primary/secondary swap has its animation but if it does, the holster animation which takes up time. It's fine for usual gameplay but when you're going for record time it isn't all so pretty anymore. Swapping weapon takes time and that adds up, which makes mods like Speed Holster purposeful.
  11. I got into Plains due to watching DoubleXXF's tridolon record and wanting to achieve that. I got into Fortuna due to watching Tavier Corsair's Profit Taker record and wanting to achieve that. Have not achieved either but setting new record times encourages me. But kuva, on the other hand, is a pain on an astronomical stage.
  12. Ahh that's a good idea! I guess we'll just have to deal with it with more buttons pushing. This feature is completely useless if you have Rhino/Revenant. Why would I block when my skin is tougher than a planet being thrown at me? DE please remove auto block.
  13. I had better luck with Phase 4. I used the opportunity to practice profit taker so it wasn't that bad. But boy I've got a surprise for you! Once you hit Rank 3, atmo drops like hot cakes! You'll have so many that you wouldn't know what to do with them!
  14. It's annoying during Profit Taker that my frame floats in mid air swinging the melee weapon frantically not being able to do anything while all I want is to land on the ground and throw another exodia contagion. It takes up precious time. Please let me tank the damage and if I die, I die a legend! If you guys have any tips, please let me know. All I'm doing now is the transference out and in again to cut the animation (at least I heal with magus elevate this way).
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