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  1. Well, I cast effigy BEFORE I kill PT (shooting her body) and my effigy was right NEXT to the drops. I collected the drops while effigy is still on. My companion has no fetch mod. And still not getting 2x credit. Someone please explain this!
  2. Capture mission in void. Use all the sprint mods you have on your frame. Capture target > go back to where you spawn > break/open every crate from spawn til extract. If rng is good you could get a few.
  3. Ah good to know that RJ was reworked and I don't need to min/max it. I'm not too concern with the new weapons and fashionframe. Just played some nodes to get the hang of it again. The muscle memory is still there and the previous mods are still viable. Will give RJ another go. Thanks for all your input.
  4. Hello! I recently redownloaded WF because New War showed up on my youtube (lol). Seems pretty cool. When RJ and Liches came out I hate them so much I stopped playing altogether. But the releases after that did draw my attention when I read up on them. So are RJ and Liches a prerequisite to other later released content? I doubt I would do them.
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