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  1. As per title. Or are the number of pallets hitting that matters?
  2. Just want to say to all those who took off from work or whatever you do to get ready for Plague Star. DON'T! Why are you so invested in a game? I get that you like this game, I do too. But taking off real life events to play a game is just stupid. You know why? Because if you think any life service game company cares about your thoughts, you're already in their grasp. They don't care about you. They care about what you bring to them. The fact that DE only took time to announce that Plague Star is delayed on the day on release itself proves just how much they care about you. They don't give a rip about you taking the day off to play their game. They only care about you playing their game. So don't sacrifice real life if what the other party is offering is not real life benefits. The streamers / full time gamers are not complaining because they're not sacrificing anything to play a game. So don't be so foolish and invest your life in a game. And a word of advice to new players: Never take DE for their word. Yes they could deliver on time but history has proven that the likelihood of them not delivering is higher. Have fun in both the virtual and real life but never sacrifice reality.
  3. When the name of a frame or weapon is typed in, it shows all of the relics for the said item, even when I specifically selected "owned" only. The little eye which indicates preview helps but I don't think we need all relics to be shown in the "owned" category.
  4. I had them disappeared on me too. But I found that it might be a mechanism that despawn them when they don't see you engaging them or for me it's taking too long to kill it. I used Octavia's mallet to trigger it to think it's being engaged while being invisible. It usually disappear after a while when I'm invisible.
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