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  1. Any updates on the necramech despawing your warframe bug? It's a literal game breaking bug that discourages players from this fun new mechanic and it would be appreciated to know that you are aware of this bug and that it's negating hours of gameplay by taking away all mission rewards
  2. Had this happen to me on tridolon runs, lost all my rewards because of it, making me want yo avoid necramech entirely instead of enjoying the otherwise fun mechanic
  3. Mission fails, had this happened to me on tridolon caps and even if is survived all my progress was lost from the point the warframe despawned
  4. It seems like the Conservation system is bugged on this one, so I searched for them on the wild, for what I can see they spawn at Cerebrum magna, a trick to make them spawn is getting close, checking with your Tranq Rifle near the top of the structure and if they didn't spawn you should advance somewhere two blinks from the tip of the structure and then return to check if they spawned, if they did tranq them, capture, rinse an repeat. That's how I got my 5 Common Avichaea Tags for rank 3 with the Entrati. They will spawn in groups of 2 to 3, but be careful as the enemies can kill the
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