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  1. Same with my GTX 660. There is no DX12 option in the launcher.
  2. So you participated in Operation: Cryotic Front and farmed thousands of Cryotic back then, six years ago. Good for you and some small amount of players with similar stashes of cryotic. But it's really surprising how elitist these answers are, protecting obvious disbalance with "it's for experienced players" replies. As if "experienced players" would die if it would be 600 Cryotic instead of 3000. Also by this logic, Riven roll cost in Kuva should be increased by x1000, because "some experienced players" have millions of it stashed somewhere and it would be a nice and affordable sink, ri
  3. While I welcome Bile changes, I'm disappointed because Cryotic cost was not addressed. 3000 Cryotic is a value insulting to anyone who ever invested their time in Excavation mode.
  4. "Professional recommendation" "keep old unsupported Windows 7 machine with bunch of vulnerabilities as stable". Yeah, no. You gotta pick only one option here - be either professional or recommend outdated OS.
  5. So you deliberately using insecure OS that is open to vulnerabilities by opting-out from updates? It's amazing how "Win10 tracking and spying" paranoia coexists with this mindset. And how it is different from simply clearing Win10 from the same tracking features? "You don't understand, that is totally different!", huh? I see, I see. Pigeons are still better. Don't dismiss them right away until you try - you never know who is reading your emails even at this moment. /s Btw last time I checked, LineageOS (or any other custom firmware) for specific devices is usually maint
  6. My point still stands. People will invent any excuse to delay OS upgrade (they will upgrade anyway, sooner or later, and then they forget about all that nonsense they posted). That "flat out spyware" (aka telemetry, geolocation and tracking) you mentioned, is fully disabled by any of dedicated tools (like O&O Shut Up and others) in few mouse clicks or by tweaking group policy. Oh by the way, Windows 7 received those telemetry and tracking updates too, but conspiracy theorists prefer to ignore that fact. You will spend about the same amount of time (maybe more) to disable telemetry serv
  7. Ah, "Win 10 infection". Brought by creators of "Win7 is cancer, I'll stay on my Win XP till the end!" and "Win98 is totally enough for me, I don't need your weird XP"
  8. How much money are we talking about? I can understand if you have laptop that is nearly impossible to upgrade 99% of the time, but if you have standalone PC, upgrading graphics card is non-issue at all. Even Fermi cards (Nvidia 400 and 500 series) from 2010 have DirectX 11 support (and even DX12 if reports are true). And those cards are definitely not enough for Warframe nowadays. Just research the aftermarket and grab yourself some cheap old card if you can't afford a new one. Geforce 660 GTX runs perfectly for me and I still considered buying Radeon RX580 for 40$ (after mining) for
  9. Blade is more expensive (25ish plat). BP and handle cost around 8plat.
  10. Convectrix is pretty good (consumes ammo only when beam hits the enemy). Nami Skyla Prime is probably closer to "meta", but I enjoy it more than current meta Kronen Prime.
  11. Arena is fine, honestly. Worst case scenario - in those 50 runs you probably already farmed enough mods (like Medi-ray or Fomorian Accelerant) to simply purchase pre-built Chroma for plat. At least Kela is rewarding boss. What is not alright is that the frame parts drop chance is unequal. It shouldn't be that way. Same BS happens with Trinity, with Khora, with Mesa and is some cases you even need to farm keys before you can even access the boss. It's so ridiculous that one can easily get better Prime version without any effort at all (just load the wf market) and on the other han
  12. Как я понимаю под "конструктивным диалогом" понимается исключительно безоговорочное принятие поддержкой вашей версии и молчаливый возврат платины с тысячами извинений и раскрытием всех схем чтобы "друг" дальше не попадался? А остальные варианты "не конструктивные"? С такой позицией легко можно предугадать как "проблема будет решаться в другом месте" (спойлер: точно так же). Очень сомневаюсь что "друга" отправили в пермабан из-за единичного котолампового факта передачи (цитата ТС: «друг практически не играет в игру и решил "подогнать" платину в качестве "подарка"»). Скорее всего раскрыли
  13. На моей памяти еще ни в одной игре, ни один топикстартер в подобных темах честно не признался в том что он получил платину нелегально. Всегда фигурируют какие-то друзья, провалы в памяти и "злая поддержка забанившая или отобравшая валюту без причины". В таких случаях совет только один - выбирайте друзей лучше и не имейте дел с "друзьями". Претензия к DE должна быть только одна - кроме наказаний они практически ничего не делают для маргинализации РМТ в среде рукомьюнити. Почему ютуб каналы с рекламой нелегальных магазинов в роликах в видео с лицами разработчиков существуют годами и DE с эт
  14. Second one is for Primary Kitgun. I don't know why they left out this from patchnotes, or haven't marked them to differentiate. It's also unknown if they give MR now or not,
  15. @[DE]Megan perhaps it was lost from patchnotes, but it looks like Primary Kitguns are giving MR now? Or at least they now listed in the profile. I happened to max out gilded Tombfinger after patch and it counted as completed in that list (haven't checked if MR was actually gained). Can you please clarify on that?
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