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  1. I am so happy that the colour customisation options have been upgraded!! Thank you DE!! What a massive update!! ❤️ Unfortunately, since the update I have an issue with the "PAKAL CHEST PLATE" where the inscriptions seem to be unmapped to the colour options and thus remain an unsightly blue (pictured). Any way we could have a fix for this so we can change the inscription colour? Because before the update, I used to be able to change the inscription to yellow to match the rest of my frame. EDIT: the bottom left and bottom right tips of the chestplate also seems to glow blue too, with
  2. OO! i have an idea!! you know how Garuda is all about blood and gore and slashing right... what if you have an augment to #2 Blood Altar like: you can now cast Blood Altar on allies. However, on cast, you will dash to your allies and impale yourself instead - your blood flows to said ally and continuously heals them within a certain radius 🤣 🤣
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