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  1. Meh. Let's not let ourselves be traumatized into little puddles of quivering jelly by DE's over-reactions. There's zero chance this mechanic is unintended or popular among players or OP in a general way. If there are specific instances that are over the top--like keeping certain bosses from using all of their special abilities, for instance--they probably should be fixed. And I would just point out that for every big nerf DE makes to a popular feature, there are 99 just as well-known ones they never touch. I'm not a believer in Security Through Obscurity in any case. The primary
  2. I don't think they ever said we wouldn't get more abilities. Anyway, let's see how they do calibrating the current system. Honestly, I really think they should have started with maybe ten frame abilities just to dip their toes in the water.
  3. I have a profound capacity to be embarrassed for others. Which means I really should spend less time on gaming forums. Anyhoo... /goes off to visit "Hey guys, has DE mentioned anything recently about OpLink" topic...
  4. I wish they'd never wasted their time on the signature weapon thing. OTOH, I feel a bit embarrassed on DE's behalf that it's still just another half-finished feature.
  5. Yes, please. Preferably -without- cutting the number of different damage types.* * I really don't understand the appeal of that. Maybe if I were new to the game. Or in the DE Marketing Dept. and thought that WF could achieve dramatically better market share if it were dumbed down a lot. Or a senior designer whose ideas have dried up and wanted to move the game toward maintenance mode. 😉
  6. I haven't read any of your post, but I'm just going to assume you're as running-around-in-circles-frothing-at-the-mouth excited as I am at the thought of a Kuva Sonicor‼️
  7. In another thread @BansheePrime mentioned... ...and I'm curious if we could compile a more complete list. With so many variants of enemies, it's hard to be certain of all of them, but the ones I can confirm are generally affected are... - harpoons, from both Grineer Scorpion types and Ancients - stomp knockdown affects - Grineer Commander Switch Teleport - Hyekka and Drakh summoning - Hyekka ground napalm To be clear, this isn't about the initial stun from Silence interrupting abilities, but rather the ongoing ability suppression on target
  8. Maybe choose a different energy color? I know that the darkest colors can be hard to see. (edit: Actually, looking at it in game, even some fairly bright colored Sonar points are hard to see now. It used to convert energy colors to basically a bright white with a bit of the color mixed in, which made it easy to see. Pinks, yellows, greens and violets that are really light still stand out very well, as do bright whites.) Otherwise, having to aim a bit is like the last thing I'd ever want changed about Banshee. I don't want to be harsh about it, but there are plenty of other frame
  9. I think they already had data on ability usage. I can maybe see some extra benefit to looking at the Helminth data, but it seems to me it's more likely to muddy the waters.
  10. Reasonable guess, but it works on Tib Prime at least. And some weapons like Panthera and Paracyst, if you consider alt-fire to be a subset of multi-mode.
  11. Just noticed that it does work on the Paracyst though. [Paracyst nerf incoming.]
  12. Its effects depend on Thurible and/or Penance. As a subsumed ability it should do exactly what it does for Harrow when he doesn't have them active: nothing. You could certainly make a case that DE should tune it to work differently on other frames
  13. Intended (or "not easily fixed") I'm guessing, as I haven't found any beam weapons that work, with the quasi-exception of Panthera's alt-fire. Still, they shouldn't be calling it a universal rifle skin when the Flux Rifle can't use it. 😉
  14. You're probably right about the animation issues. Added Stradavar Prime and Opticor, thank you.
  15. Are you sure about the KKarak? I can apply the Oscirus to both it and the Wraith. (I don't have the base version to test.)
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