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  1. RIP Dizzying Rounds too. I get why they did it--mini-boss executions were obviously a bug--but finishers having a semi-useful application was fun stuff.
  2. I can only speculate on why this isn't a thing already. But I will always upvote this request when I see it. So many prime weapons that would look better to me in the base skins...
  3. When I type "Banch" into the gif machine:
  4. This isn't another one of those times when it turns out you haven't actually played Warframe in a year, is it? 😋
  5. I agree it can be annoying. Like, I forget to equip the riven half the time; and three quarters of the time I forget to fix my build after I unveil it. 🙃 But its such a minor thing, and adding a special unveiled riven slot sounds like a disproportionate amount of fix for the small annoyance.
  6. Of course. But the corrolary is medallions would be pointless without a standing cap.
  7. I think injected Gloom has a lot of room to get nerfed and still be fun. (Maybe more fun in some scenarios even.) DE has been known to smash things to smithereens with the hammer of course. But I'd guess any nerf would be less than injected damage abilities like Eclipse and Roar. And actually, at this point, I don't think it's a sure thing it gets nerfed at all.
  8. /translated text into something readable for non-colorblind humans 🤩 Most used is Breach Surge on Banshee. One I'm really enjoying lately though is Electric Elemental Ward on Blazing Pillage Hildy. Great combo.
  9. I like this suggestion. Although it wouldn't work on Basmu, one of the weapons I'd enjoy selectable alt-fire on.
  10. It's a preference issue, and I don't think has anything to do with animations. There are exceptions, but I usually prefer mode switch. Often because I'm as fond or more fond of the second mode, and it's easier to use with the regular fire button. It would be nice to be able to customize fire controls though, between alt-fire, alt-fire toggle, and aim toggle.
  11. Unfortunately there are a fair number of them being used to playfully tickle enemies and spread eardrum herpes in Steel Path.
  12. The only weapon in this game that's ever made me think seriously about quitting co-op play, and that includes some periods when Simulor Ogris Staticor spam got pretty obnoxious.
  13. Obsidian stout. Pretty big fan of obsidian the mineral as well.
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