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  1. Looks like it's just showing the uncharged shot in the Arsenal. With charged shots I'm able to get occasional orange crits with +418% crit chance, so that's probably working as it should.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty weird, especially as it's the only single ranged weapon that has that disparity with its dual variant. Since Aklex Prime still has better DPS (not counting Incarnon Lex) it's conceivable that it was intended, but left out of the patch notes. Although IMO Aklex could also get the extra damage and not be unbalanced for its MR.
  3. I had something similar happen, but not until the Exterminate. In that I was never able to activate abilities at all, even after we'd completed the kill count. My theory was that for that mission it was only counting my individiual kills. The Survival and Alchemy worked fine AFAICT, although I was also able to get many more individual kills before the modification lifted in those.
  4. It's ultra-rare for DE to post anywhere but in the News forums, and occasionally in bug or feedback forums related to a recent update. Which doesn't mean feedback isn't getting read, only that people asking for dev interactions aren't likely to get them. Especially, I think, if it's on a topic that's old. If you want to increase your chances of a direct reply, your best bet might be to ask in chat during a devshort. Or a devstream, but those chats are really full. Or wait for a Q&A, which might happen once in a couple of years if there isn't one during Tennocon. Chances are still bad but have got to still be far better than Feedback Thread #XX Asking For More Loadout Slots. FWIW my personal opinion is that if DE didn't have a very good technical reason for trickling out max loadout slots, they'd be delighted to sell us a lot more. It's not even like rivens where some people argue DE has economic or balance interests in keeping slots limited.
  5. Do you have Crossplay on? Options // Network // Cross PlatformPlay
  6. And RoF. Furthermore the wiki is only taking direct projectile damage into account in its damage comparisons, when the Prime has a radial component on its attacks. You're comparing a Prime to very good Incarnon weapons. If you look into this more, you'll see that Incarnon are on a higher tier than other weapons, regardless of MR. Incarnon Furis is only MR 2, and still a beast compared to the vast majority of high MR non-Incarnon weapons.
  7. For me personally, much more of New War was good than bad. Only major issue I had with it is that a mission so long should have optional intermissions where one can pause the quest and get back to the regular game. I would have enjoyed the whole thing more, instead of low grade anxiety to get it over with after several hours. On a broader level, I think it's pretty crazy that a quest can permanently lock some people out of everything else in the game, even if most don't find it difficult.
  8. If you haven't seen it already: https://youtu.be/lXi3-0dNgek?si=ZxIxpEZNaiH-GckK (I don't play Atlas, I haven't tried this, and I'm definitely not making a proclamation about how viable this is. I just found the content entertaining, and obviously it's pertinent.) Simplest way for me is to copypasta a title from the top of the page. That will format the line to the larger size so that I can replace it with whatever text I want.
  9. I still can't tell that Primed Conclusive is actually any more conclusive than regular Conclusive. Seems inconclusive to me. Introduced: Update 17.11 (2015-11-12) :P
  10. Since "no one is talking about it"--which implies a lot of people aren't bothered by this at all or even like the changes--what makes you think community oversight would have made any substantial difference?
  11. I believe your only hope is that Sound Quake gets altered to no longer be completely immobile. It's also unlikely DE loosens up AFK safeguards, and zero chance at all they give Banshee a special dispensation to avoid them. She's a large part of why they exist. In the meantime, the workarounds are to use the augment, or go against content you don't have to use SQ for long, or a different strat entirely.
  12. Well in the case of Qorvex we got an augment and actual changes, just not documented. Containment Wall applies its vulnerability through Overguard and on mini-bosses and works a lot better as a channeling tool than it originally did. As far as the augment goes, it's solid AFAIC. Gives him another function that's definitely useful, but not essential. And has an interesting secondary property. There are plenty of augments I'm bitter about, but that's not one of them. I will be pretty irate if the next Qorvex augment gives Disometric an actual use that entails more than refreshing it every few minutes and the ability to be made transparent though. :P
  13. Brace yourself, lol: For Warframe, TWO WEEKS!! is not even a long time for an update gap. :P
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