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  1. Some people have an unusual understanding of what the words "straight downgrade" mean.
  2. Tiltskillet

    New Bow mod

    Neat idea, and much more appealing to me than Split Flights. I might suggest replacing the crit bonus with an even larger status chance bonus.
  3. The nerf to Vazarin seems too extreme. And I say that as somebody who is pained by how much the current version invalidates specialized support frames. My suggestion is to not go so far with this in one blow. Take a smaller step and evaluate from there. As far as more support abilities affecting objectives goes: I haven't looked at the numbers, but this is a great approach. Thank you. Harrow Covenant invulnerability wasn't on the list though. What are your plans there? (And if you could work on cryopods getting the retaliation crit bonus, deploying wheels, and just crushing everything that moves, that would be swell! 🙃 )
  4. Anyone have a decent Strun Wraith build now? That was my favorite shotgun by far, but now it seems pointless. I've also basically given up on Phantasma (not really a shotgun, but still) and Euphona altfire.
  5. Thinking about this a bit more, maybe energy steal scaling with inflicted (probably just magnetic) damage and proc stacks is a better mechanic than using orbs? Tricky, because the damage we can do varies so much though. Anyway, bump.
  6. It didn't make your list, but Silence is the only non-refreshable ability that really bugs me, in large part because the base effect isn't that strong to begin with. War Cry a bit, but only because the augment doesn't recast the slow effect. You said augments shouldn't fill that role, but to me it's fine if the base ability is already good and the augment contributes value besides the recast. Oh, yeah, I don't think it's likely, but I'd love to see Shattershield reworked into something recastable. But not because that's my primary issue with it, but because Mesa has three low-input abilities and could be a lot more fun. (Not a popular opinion, just my opinion.) How do you imagine a recastable Halo on Nezha would work? Without nerfing its invulnerability periods, the only thing I can come up with is that it wouldn't be a refresh, but rather an additional effect we'd get for re-activating the ability.
  7. That's a sweet love story, but anyone else think Bramma bro is in for a real surprise in nine months?
  8. Hopefully it involves allowing -more- abilities to heal and otherwise buff defense targets, even if it's at a penalty. Frankly it's depressing how many support abilities are incapable of this in what should be a signature game mode for support-focused frames.
  9. The fire rate increase coupled with the mag is a substantial upgrade on the regular fire. Air burst got a huge bump on its area damage. Hopefully the latter can be made to work better. I'm really just disappointed by the long and conventional reload.
  10. I think the cap on additional finisher speed is 50%.
  11. Hacking while in berserk cat mode makes perfect sense to me.
  12. Honestly, I think there's zero chance in hell it would even be that much.
  13. You really should send a message to support if you want a refund. Hopefully you get your money back.
  14. Skinnyboi prime 4evah, but I predict his design will be themed around dolphins and waffles. Because DE likes to throw us a curve.
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