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  1. Tiltskillet

    Let's talk about the Veldt

    Thanks to this thread, I forma'd and re-leveled the Veldt. Mostly by using it, rather than passive affinity gain. A few hundred headshots* later, I still don't know whether it's good or bad. But it is fun. *edit: Might be a slight exaggeration. 😛
  2. Tiltskillet

    Vauban the interception GOD

    Better than Nova? She's my main Interceptcheesion frame. With occasional dashes of Nyx. (Nezha is sneaky good at Intercept too, but not in a no-effort way.) But I don't really play Vauban (or Limbo).
  3. Bumping, mostly because I've enjoyed reading this thread and keep on hoping more people will chime in.
  4. Tiltskillet

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    There's almost no upside to this suggestion, and quite a lot of downside. Better to ask for a multi-polarity system, even if it's just for the aura slot.
  5. Tiltskillet

    Circuiteer Vauban Rework Idea

    If you follow his twitter style at all, and read the post he was responding to, I think it's really clear it was a joke. Personally, the tweet makes me think a Vauban revisit is more likely to be soonish than less likely, as I don't think he'd be joking about it otherwise. Anyway... Very cool ideas.
  6. Tiltskillet

    PLEASE do this for Panthera!!!!!!

    Totally agree with this. If the blades were easier to see it would be a big QOL improvement.
  7. Tiltskillet

    The time has come. Primed Streamline

    First, keep it from happening so the majority of the playerbase can keep complaining about its non-existence, then let it.happen so the majority of the playerbase can complain about its existence. And then the masterstroke: delete it from the game so the majority of the playerbase can complain about its re-non-existence.
  8. Tiltskillet

    Prisma ... when?

    Prisma Panthera, Prisma Ripkas, Prisma Miter. I want all the sawblades, all of them.
  9. Tiltskillet

    Please do something for the explosive effects of Staticor

    How is this working now with the fix they made in the last update? It looks better to me, but I don't think I was as affected as many people were. And I don't want to burn anybody's eyeballs out of their heads if it's still a problem.
  10. Tiltskillet

    Can we have a method to bulk sell dupe mods?

    Totally agree. I don't even like thinking about it anymore, as futzing with the interface to convert a lot of mods is so...dang...tedious. Although I'm kind of guessing this is backburnered for Mods 3.0. Which is probably backburnered by Damage 3.0. Which is backburnered by Melee 3.0. Which is delayed. 😛
  11. Tiltskillet

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    It really doesn't make much sense unless that's a large part of their intent for augments now. Otherwise they're just deferring ability reworks -and- an overhaul of all the band-aid augments.
  12. Tiltskillet

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    One thing about it is there would be more of a poopstorm over the frames with bad augments, or sets that are mostly situational or not to everyone's taste. Which is most of them, but not all.
  13. Tiltskillet

    Nezha Rework - An Intuitive Rhino

    Don't mind the people criticizing you. They just don't understand you tried to post this like a year ago, but then you got sucked up into one of those weird Star Trek time-space anomalies. Anyway, I'm glad you made it out of there--welcome to 2019! It's wonderful...well, it's interesting...ok, it basically sucks. But at least Nezha is in a good spot, so that's something.
  14. I was thinking the exact same thing. Except instead of "glyphs", substitute "rare bottles of aged whiskey" and "certain custom Italian motorcycles". I'm hoping this thread brings resolution to all of these problems.
  15. Tiltskillet

    What’s your worst trade experience?

    Every trade I've completed has been at least pleasant, and sometimes really fun. There are plenty of cool people in trade chat, afaic. Almost all the trades I've started but haven't finished have been fine too. The only one that was actually bad was just some person going off because I was disinclined to buy unrolled rivens with D polarities from him. smh - ignore - done.