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  1. I'd be a lot more excited for a Ripkas variant. Ghoul saw...meh. I'm sure it will be entertaining, but honestly I was more hyped -before- they did the animation sneak peek. Just a little cute for my taste.
  2. I could go on and on about Harrow, but here's a few things about him you should know beforehand: - Often called the hardest frame to farm, since his system only drops in Defection. And his Prime will probably come after Nidus, so you might want to hold off farming him or investing in him for now. - He's extremely "busy" and rotation-oriented compared to most frames. If you don't like the idea of spending a lot of time monitoring buffs, he might not be for you. - Essentially a weapon platform. His buffs are very good at "fixing" weapons with low attack speed, reload speed, and/or poor overall damage. - Often not great for random squads, especially in fast moving missions, mainly for reasons given in the posts above this one. - People will often talk about how you need to be good at hitting headshots with him, but IMO that's more a bonus than a requirement. If you love playing that way anyway, he can be -extremely- satisfying.
  3. And thank gawd for that. My favorite skin in the game going to Limboo is some nightmarish, parallel hell-universe stuff to imagine. Not quite "half the universe snapped out of existence" but at least "tequila never getting invented" level. /shudder
  4. Every season end I'll just say that DE should fix the timer in the NW interface to reflect when it's actually ending, they should send an in game email as soon as the end is determined, and they should extend the shop until the next one starts. Yes, some people will still miss it. But that doesn't mean that reasonable improvements can't be made.
  5. And it's not like someone can't equip Primed Shred if they want PT. Still get some AoE on the last hit, still under the threshold for double Internal Bleeding chance. I wouldn't go that route, but it's an option even with an AoE, not a preclusion. It's like regarding the headshot bonus as making headshots mandatory, when the weapon is quite good at killing most things it hits (And even some things it doesn't quite hit. 😀) regardless.
  6. That's a big factor of course, but "solely"? If I had to sum up in two words why I think he's little played, it would be High Effort. High effort to farm, to mod, and to play. Definitely high effort to optimize, especially for random squads. Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of people put off by Defection who won't even try him until the prime comes out. But I suspect even if he was a dojo frame his usage would still be low. What usage there is has got to be propped up by eidolon squads, and I think that part of the game is becoming less important. Anyway, I can't know for sure, but it'll be interesting to see usage stats for 2022. My guess is that unless Harrow changes a lot, or the game changes to better suit him, that that the prime will mostly make people who never bothered with the farm try him and drop him. If DE keeps releasing annual frame usage data--big "if", IMO--let's reconvene in early 2023 and settle this, shall we? 😉
  7. You don't need headshots at all as long as you have good killspeed. Playing him as the High Priest of Headshots is extremely satisfying though, solo or with the right squad.
  8. Considering the radius, it could be better. But 70% isn't terrible. It could be justified somewhat by all the direct damage and the fact that non-damage procs aren't reduced by falloff. Again though, the weapon looks very different to me compared to AoE weapons than versus its class. On the one hand, that fall off and radius looks terrible... On the other hand Latron Prime says, "Can I get just a lil of that?"
  9. If you're running Windows 10 or Xbox you can use the Game Bar for this. I've only done it a few times but found it pretty easy. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-activate-and-configure-the-windows-10-game-bar/ From there I uploaded to YouTube. I'd warn you that bounty very often seems buggy though, and an odd mission to choose as a test case.
  10. Unless you know otherwise, it's just the Galvanized Condition Overload bonuses that aren't working on projectiles.
  11. Yeah, I feel the same way about a distinctive attribute of a lot of other weapons that would otherwise be appealing to me. Sometimes I grow to like them anyway--throwable mines being probably the biggest example. But a lot of the time I just decide they're not for me and move on to any of the myriad other options this game offers. Although...according to the wiki, it's got the second highest projectile speed in the game after the Lanka. So have you tried the Chakkhur with flight speed? I haven't, but I know with the Daikyu--which has a lot less flight speed to multiply--Terminal Velocity makes a really significant difference. If that's not enough, there's also rivens. Although I'd play around with it and Zephyr's Jet Stream before making that kind of investment.
  12. Not really an intermission intermission or even an interintermission since it's after the end of the near eternal intermission and before the inception of Nora Night's new mission. In honor of whom we should call it Nora's Nocturnal Inter-emission.
  13. I've had a few ideas for a trick arrow system. Although this was before weapon exilus, and it's never occurred to me what a good fit that could be. (If DE loosens up on the criteria for those mods.) Anyway, I think it's a cool idea. 👍
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