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  1. I think there's enough niches to improve vastly on what we've got now. It's not perfect by any means but to me it's a Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" situation. If you think it's not an improvement, or displaces a better strategy I do want to hear about it.
  2. He should get an augment called Premasticator that on kill makes it produce a buff that squad mates can pick up.
  3. Absolutely! Sure, but the goal is to have less "either/or" and a bit more "...maybe?". Niche use helps with that, and if it accomplishes nothing else at least promotes analysis, debate, and variety. The Meta won't ever be dissolved but better to break it into smaller pieces than to have it monolithic and dominated by the same few weapons.
  4. A person of culture and fellow aesthete of mediocrity, I see.
  5. Kuva Soaktron ftw. But really, Argonak, Quartakk, or Miter would all delight me. If melee weapons are possible, give me them Ripkas.
  6. I'm confused. All three of us have something in common then. 😉
  7. It doesn't have to be the best or most popular weapon to have a niche--especially for somebody who just wants some sort of excuse to use it over the usual choices. For instance, taking inspiration from its description... An ancient executioners weapon, the honor of decapitation by the Scindo Prime was reserved for the Orokin's most respected enemies. ...something like a bonus to finisher damage and an affinity buff proc on finisher kills. Or a damage bonus versus bosses and mini-bosses. Just a couple of examples for fun.
  8. It was weird. It just sort of seemed to come out of the blue--particularly when so many other frames needed work. IIRC--and maybe I really don't--it started as Pablo finishing up some incomplete aspects of her previous rework, and ended up becoming a more radical passion project.
  9. I couldn't exclude that personally since it's soo slooow . And combining that and its lower accuracy on a crit weapon with arcing projectiles makes it such a frustrating weapon to me.
  10. I'm staying out of the Saryn conversation as I don't feel qualified to have an opinion on her specifically and it does seem to me there's some bigger problems that make it hard to sort out what is wrong with any individual frame--but I think that's an astute general observation. How many of the people "gravitating" toward efficiency are only doing so because it's their best chance of getting a few kills in squads that are likely going to include at least one mass deletion frame? How many more people gravitate the other way because of these frames: toward leeching and passive play? There's all kinds of smaller side-effects related to the apparent popularity of these frames, none of them seeming to me very good for long term engagement with the game.
  11. Yeah. I have a Daikyu riven with a lot less projectile speed than that, and I can't tell that it's still a projectile weapon at the max simulacrum distance. This too.
  12. I agree to the extent that it would be better if the store lasted at least until the next one started up. Rather than trying to steal from you, I'd guess the reason we don't have it is because it's not straightforward for DE to just turn off parts of Nightwave. If so, hopefully they can decouple the store from the rest at some point if they continue to have gaps between series and intermissions. I'm also not sure I see a (good) point in NW currency disappearing entirely as long as there's a hard cap on how much can be earned each series. But that's at least a slightly more complicated question.
  13. Have you reported the bug? Seems far better to fix that than to change a thematic part of the ability just to work around it. (Although honestly, if I could have Warcry and EW work exactly how I wanted they'd be a lot different.)
  14. Just Frost Prime and Loki Prime, I think. I don't think Atlas Prime's increases need to be the new standard.
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