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  1. It seems to me that rather than melee being unbalanced that a very few melee mods are most of the problem. I suspect DE is weighing a few nerfs addressing this in melee 3.0. Even with these mods, melee does have some significant drawbacks in damage delivery and risk compared to ranged weapons. I agree that bows and a few other ranged weapon classes could use some help, though I'm not sure it needs to be a combo counter.
  2. Watch out if the dojo looks like a cross between Martha Stewart's kitchen and the Dark Tower of Sauron. Also if the guy is playing flesh-colored Limbo and asks if you want to try the "ball and cup game", nod politely and when he turns his back, jump out the nearest airlock.
  3. +1. Also, I really think DE should look into a Valkyrie frame.
  4. I'm all for more syndicate weapons. As well as some touch-up on existing ones. I don't see the benefit of retiring any though. I mean, I see -who- it would benefit, but not how it would benefit the game as a whole. Maybe it would be ok-ish if they were just vaulted for a while. Then DE gets some syndicate buzz from unvaulting without making the weapons inaccessible to those who don't want to pay vastly inflated plat to stockpilers.
  5. Better question: "why Glaxion Vandal". Just kidding though--I'm actually excited. I mean, it's no Prisma Ripkas or Argonak Wraith, but still...
  6. Tiltskillet

    Grim Fury

    Sounds a bit annoying for people who've already forma'd for Grim Fury. Maybe they could run a script to address that problem, I don't know.
  7. Nova: intercept, mobile def--truly an excellent Veldt platform. As speedva, any defense except sortie. Ivara: Spy, lots of riven challenges. Nezha: exterminate, sabotage, sortie defense, arbitration, defection, survival, void, open world, invasions, shopping trips, speed runs, junkyard runs, bulletjump FAIL runs, dialogue runs, ate too many cherries and have got the runs runs, cat jumps on keyboard runs, sliding off extraction platforms into bottomless chasms, annoying squadmates by preventing rad procs, fashion frame, ugly frame, tryhard frame, slum frame, drunk frame, endless comedy frame. Really any mission that calls for a 13th level fighter magic-user, grandmaster barfly, or assistant pig-keeper. Banshee, Garuda, Oberon, Mag, Volt, Harrow, Titania: goofing around. Everybody else: meh.
  8. Not one I've noticed myself, but sounds like a bug. Do you recall if you were the host on any of those missions?
  9. Most exciting for me would be Argonak Wraith and Sonicor Vandal. Other fun ones... Ripkas Wraith, Quartakk Wraith, Miter Wraith, Cronus Wraith Arca Scisco Vandal, Amprex Vandal, Snipetron Vandal Vandal Vandal.
  10. If you mean "excited around the time it was released" then Tatsu. And I still love that thing. And I'm pretty intrigued by the new Glaxion too. But I go back and revisit weapons, and it's not infrequent that I discover I really like them. The biggest recent one was the Argonak.
  11. And Oberon happens to be the only frame with dad bod...
  12. I just leveled up a glaxion a bunch of times a few days ago. Like, leveled it by killing stuff with it because I was having fun. If the Vandal gets a CC gimmick and a bit more damage--and looks good--I'll be pretty happy. Spectra...well, according to my codex, I've mastered it. That's news to me!...apparently it didn't make much of an impression. edit: hah, I still have the spectra in inventory. It's got Hornet Strike, a two-pip Heated Charge, and a two-pip No Return on it, lol. I still have zero memory of the thing.
  13. What say you, @Deluxe-Chimera, would that be the solution you were hoping for? 🤪
  14. Arca Scisco, especially with a zoom mod, is really good at 100m+ headshots. Lex is another option. I like this guide for Nova: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9z7qsv/nova_prime_end_game_builds_2018/
  15. I don't know which is better, but in terms of "feel" I like Strada P a lot more than Telos Boltor as a bullet hose. They supposedly have the same accuracy, but the combination of recoil and projectile speed on the TB makes it frustrating to use without Terminal Velocity or Stabilizer And of course, Strada has a handy semi-auto mode on top of that.
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