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  1. I'd actually increase the Ambulas requirement to 7 for a 4 person squad. 😈 ...but allow us to opt in for additional Ambulas up to a maximum of 4 each round. Shortens everything by a round if the squad can handle it. There's also some fat that could be trimmed from the approach, the time between rounds, and the denouement*. *Warning: Still won't be as quick as a Mercury rescue mission. Sorry about that, but cookies and grief counseling will be made available in the office.
  2. ... Try asking serious questions maybe.
  3. I'd love to play test it. Off hand though, I think I'd exclude energy leech. When you say "resistance" do you mean the bonuses to the unit and its allies, the debuffs on player resistance, or both?
  4. Probably not a lot of demand. And, in the case of Fire Walker, there'd be a fair amount of irritated people.
  5. DE should definitely add a bunch of other frame anti-synergies to flesh this idea out more. Trinity should cure Saryn spores, Frost Globe should put out Ember Immolation, Banshee Sonar should decloak Loki, Loki should disarm Mesa, Harrow should purge stacks from Nidus, and Limbo should most definitely keep all frame abilities from affecting targets that aren't on the same plane. 😛
  6. How long have you been using the new system? For me, I do sometimes fire off a throw when I don't mean to, but it seems like now it only happens when I Change my mind after starting a throw. And/or... Panic! 😛 I'm not sure, but it might help too if you take off a source of Heavy Attack Wind Up. The latter would be unfortunate. I love meleeing with glaives and mixing up melee with throw because it's fun. But pure throwing seems way more powerful. And that aside, needing to hold the button for longer would make it feel a lot less fluid to me.
  7. I feel this is a problem much better solved on DE's end by configuration controls than by the modding system. When it gets down to it, it's not just convenience but connects to serious issues of player health and accessibility. Some day the lack of this will seem as crazy to us as Diablo 2 making players click to pick up every item and coin. It works. But my personal opinion is that its an unsatisfying workaround, as it doesn't have the precision that a full auto conversion would. (It's also nice to save my mousewheel for other stuff--like melee spam. 😉 )
  8. Hopefully there's a floor. For instance, with RoF that seems to be 20 seconds between trigger pulls. Or . . . -100% reload divides by zero, causes the the space-time continuum to implode, and all matter simultaneously ceases to exist. Thanks a lot, DE! That'll teach you what happens when you rely on us to debug your game for you. 🙃
  9. Could be wrong, but my impression is QT has been little used since the shield overhaul. So I doubt it? I think it's mostly because the game's become (even) more horde oriented. More enemies results in more enemy-inflicted stagger. And more enemies results in more AoE weapon usage. If somebody likes ranged weaponry and wants to keep up with melee, stagger immunity starts making a lot of sense.
  10. That's exactly it though: stagger immunity (from whatever source) means it's no longer bad play. Maybe it's bad role play to fire rocket launchers at one's feet, but that's about the extent of it.
  11. Well, I was having a little fun, but to be a bit more serious: I really do think PSF is unbalanced, although I've thought about it mostly in the context of self-stagger. And in alternate universe Tiltskillet Warframe (extremely popular, no doubt) it wouldn't be quite so easy to entirely circumvent self stagger with abilities either. The model would be closer to Cautious Shot--except functional!--where mods/ long duration abilities would reduce the severity of stagger, rather than changing the probabilities. You could still attain long term immunity, but it would take at least two sl
  12. Agreed: PSF needs to be nerfed. 😇
  13. This mechanic exists for self stagger: just after you've started the animation there will be a brief flicker of light on your frame. If you jump immediately, you'll do a little abbreviated flip, landing on your feet. Problem for me is, it's hard to see even in a controlled environment, the timing is really tight for my reflexes, and worst of all....even when I do it successfully, it's not -that- much shorter of an animation lock. Looks cool though! 😉 For enemy/environmental stagger, there's nothing like that. Just the pre-emptive stuff like rolling.
  14. Yeah, I can sympathize, for sure. Too many frames have two or even three lackluster abilities.
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