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  1. Just relived another scenario where I think I've seen overkill damage before: Whipclaw. I was just in a mission spamming Ocucor, and got 3x the kills but only half the damage of the Khora. I'm certain I've seen more extreme examples--like 50% of the kills and 2% of the damage--but this one just reminded me of it. It'd be interesting to hear from some Khora players about this to see if it holds up. (I don't play her, myself.)
  2. I haven't done any Tenet content yet, and conceivably that's different, but I do have a spreadsheet of 47 liches. Average was 35% The really damning thing to me though is looking at top 5... 57 53 52 52 50 ...versus bottom 5... 25 25 25 25 25 😄 Obviously not the largest sample size. But I've seen other people share their data, and when they do it's always skewed to the lower end. So I think equal distribution can be safely ruled out. Again, Sisters may not be exactly the same.
  3. I've wanted this for a long time too. Even just healing would be something, since at least we know that the game already tabulates it. There's also the "kill assists" stat, although I could only guess what that's tracking.
  4. I'm the past, I've had the same feeling about MP'd enemies with Nova.
  5. I'll just add another totally unscientific observation that I forgot about last night: while I sometimes see disproportionate damage dealt percentages with conventional weapons, I -never- (that I can think of) see this with beam weapons,. And in general not with all kinds of weapons where I'm disproportionately getting my kills through status. Which is what one might expect if the game stats were sometimes accounting for overkill damage. Thinking about it some more, I don't believe I see this with ability kills either. Although I barely use nuke builds at all, so maybe this is also a case of DPS vs alpha strike.
  6. Oh, I totally agree. I wouldn't think about this topic at all, except that Idle Curiosity is my ult, pretty much. And 4thBro said at the beginning that it was "totally inconsequential" so it sounds like we all agree on that.
  7. Yup, I've had similar experiences many times, especially when using bows and sniper rifles and finisher builds. And I've seen other people in my squads have results like that, although there are lots of possible explanations there since I don't quiz them afterwards. I haven't studied it or anything, and I pay less attention to the mission results screen than ever now, so this could just be my flawed or outdated perceptions, but I've always thought overkill damage -sometimes- counts and -sometimes- doesn't. One idea I've had is that it's a client / host difference, but I really don't know. edit: or maybe it's a Banshee thing, like the OP speculated. But...I feel like I've noticed it on other frames too. /shrug
  8. So if you need to, you're priming first with the beams, then bombing?
  9. Oh, that's an awesome idea! I actually have a plasma bobomb build, but hadn't thought about it in a long time. Mind sharing your current build? Does fire rate still not affect the altfire?
  10. Ah, the annual Nyx rework / retouch / remix tradition was delayed, but isn't dead. How festive! 😉 Not that I'm complaining. I'm just glad they haven't dropped the idea of reviewing older frames entirely. However, the real point is and will always be: lol Hydroid. 💧
  11. I haven't tested it in Steel Path except against Infested. And everything works against infested of course. That's not because I've decided it won't work--I just haven't gotten around to it. I imagine that even with the nice riven I have, it will be tedious without damage amplification and/or armor strip against Grineer. (Obviously it's kind of the opposite of what one needs against Corpus.) I've got the riven wrapped into my spreadsheet numbers, so I don't have a quick answer on the optimal build without that. But I'll get back to you this weekend, maybe.
  12. It's ok, I got really excited plugging Primed Ammo Stock into my Javlok spreadsheet*. But as it turns out, the Javlok is -not- a shotgun. Who knew? *The fact that I actually have a Javlok spreadsheet is the real joke here.
  13. You already use Ammo Stock, IIRC, right? Primed version won't be enough to push it to three shots without a riven or Burdened Magazine.
  14. Two button presses, two button releases, four shots per magazine. One awkward thing though is there is a pause before it will register the second button press / third shot. This is affected by RoF, and I think is just a normal RoF delay. But it feels weird because the button release fire has always ignored RoF. (Or in any case, is really, really fast.) edit: To put it another way, it's not doubling the burst damage like one might expect.
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