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  1. Yet your argument to "raise that bar" consists of increasing the damage of the bulk of an entire class of weapons? I'm not following your logic given how easy you assert that the game is now. Oh, maybe I wasn't as clear as I could have been, but the key part was "relative to melee". Nerfs to melee, buffs to ranged, changes to enemies...those are just means to an end AFAIC. The resulting balance is what is important. However I'd say that the community is scared to death of nerfs, and DE has been very conservative and sometimes a little sneaky about applying them.
  2. Rivens are still a horribly flawed system, but this move by DE took some guts and earned some admiration from me. It's "Bandaid On An Arterial Blood Spout" category, but still. I was halfway expecting them to announce that new weapons would come out with max dispo at the time, so this was a pleasant surprise. I don't doubt that it's reduced enthusiasm for new weapon releases somewhat, but I have to say that these rivens still seem to turn pretty easily. My guess is it's even more driven by speculators than before.
  3. I'm in this line. ...and this one! Although I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get another Kuva weapon for a long time, since they're working on the equivalent Corpus system.
  4. Some of it is skill-based, but past a fairly easy point the gains are tiny. Learn to bullet jump, roll, and use stance combos semi-competently, and we're 95% of the way there. And the bulk of that is just bullet jumping. Melee has a ton of risk-mitigation that's either built-in, or due to the way enemies spawn or their lack of AI. Blocking, staggerless AoE, forced impact procs interrupting everything we touch, and enemies that are incapable of leveraging range when they can control it. And then the rest is modding. Which, though things like life steal mods exist, is almost entir
  5. I don't know much about Protea specifically, but it seems better to suggest a specific ability base range buff for her (in the Frame Feedback forum) than a range mod buff that will add to the already insane capabilities of some other frames.
  6. That's the classic theory in gaming. And it might even be true in this game for people who are just starting out. Maybe. After that the reality is though, melee has more options and less risk. Range would be an issue except for our exceptional mobility compared to our most prevalent engagement distances. "Capable" is a slippery word to use, I think. The game is easy, by and large, so yeah, tons of bad weapons are capable. Are there tons of ranged weapons capable of competing with average melee in moderately high level content though? No, definitely not. And how much i
  7. I'll allow it. 😉 This is all we know: Hopefully that means Banshee and...I don't care what else. Hydroid is the next oldest that is "new-to-vault" and it would provide a nice excuse for a needed rework. Mag has been the longest since the last unvault, and Loki is the one I hear the most complaints about market prices.
  8. I was in a mission with Ivara earlier in the week, got the backstab prompt and activated it...and did insignificant damage to some lowly scrub. I was totally flabbergasted, as usually this is instant death for anything but high level Noxes and the like. Only then did I remember that I didn't have a melee weapon equipped! So I guess that was the unarmed execute. I wish I'd paid more attention while it was happening, as I wasn't able to get the prompt again.
  9. After getting a real look at the prime model: it's quite good. I might still go back to the Yaksha skin eventually, but in the meantime... loving those rollerskates.❤️
  10. This thread is getting silly and personal. Anyway, for me , going back to the OP, it's pretty straightforward. A matter of taste, largely, but still straightforward. I find the way it works currently to be very engaging. For one thing, I like drawbacks and specialized weapons. For another, while all weapons give back something extra with some skill, the Battacor goes takes it a step further than most. But not as far as something like the Knell. (Which, by the way, should totally get its headshot-activated buff replaced with a shoot-in-a-random-direction-activated buff.
  11. I agree that saying the M.Cernos isn't an AoE bow is at least mildly absurd. But the inconsistency proves nothing about how appropriate Split Flights would be on other weapons.
  12. Well it works on the Paracyst, which is about as ugly and oddball as it gets. 😉 Exception proving the rule, I guess.
  13. On topic: there are several prime weapons I'd prefer to use the base skins on. DE, please give us this option.
  14. That's the silly part. They didn't need to change the mag size. They could even have kept the sequential reload -and- the larger mag by simply having it load four shells at a time.
  15. There's a semi-complete list here: ...although I forgot the Kuva Hind for some reason. It also possible some of those have been fixed since then.
  16. Question is answered, but just as a general FYI, last I checked no beam weapons worked with Oscira. (Other than Panthera, which is a fringe case.) Which means that the Oscira Universal Rifle Skin doesn't work with the Flux Rifle, which I will never find unamusing. Unfortunately there are still also some non-beam exceptions too, like Argonak and Harpak.
  17. Sure, although I'd also PM her here. I think it's probably worth trying @[DE]Megan and @[DE]Drew too.
  18. It's a feedback subforum. Posting suggestions for DE, virtually all of which will never happen, is kind of the point.
  19. It would be a huge improvement, no doubt. But I feel like that function is such an important QOL improvement it really should be an option in settings rather than taking up a slot.
  20. You mean, if the intent is to kill everything, like in Defense? I'd agree with that, especially given how powerful melee is at the moment, but it seems to me like they both have their uses. In Disruptions or Interceptions, I'd much, much rather have the push. I have to admit, I find Pull frustrating though since where it puts targets is so unpredictable to me. And if I'm bringing them in close I want to know exactly where I'm putting them. Somebody like you that has more experience with Pull probably doesn't have that problem. I think one of the things Sonic B
  21. Oops, forgot... Sonic Boom's got shorter range but wider angle, which seems fair. And its actual cast time feels reasonably quick to me. Pull's got better damage, a synergy, and an ancillary effect--but these almost don't matter to me. The thing that really sticks out about Pull is that it's a one-handed cast. Sonic Boom absolutely should have the same behavior.
  22. The idea I've always liked is for it is to prioritize the targets' existing weakpoints. i.e., the first point is always the head on the standard humanoid target. So it becomes a kind of teaching tool, illustrating something about the way the game works, in addition to being an awesome damage magnifier. I've always loved gameplay elements like that. It's easy to imagine building further on that idea, but Sonar could just work like it currently does after the first application, and I'd be pretty darn happy. To me, the really simple solution that doesn't shake things up too muc
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