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  1. I really have trouble fathoming why people love (kickb)Aklex Prime other than for fashion and feels. Even with Steady Hands, between the recoil and the accuracy I can't make consistent headshots with those things outside of knife fight range. 🤪 Anyway, Twin Kohmak, Dubba Stubba for me. If I want dual Hand Cannons, I suppose Twin Rogga. (edit: But Dual Euphona Prime would make for a very happy tiltskillet.)
  2. Problem, sure. Major problem? I don't think so. Probably not even in the top three riven-specific problems. The one thing I'd say is that DE could soften in the impact of this a lot by giving prime weapons more of a bump in stats/effects to begin with. The corollary to this would be disposition shouldn't increase much over time, but that seems like a positive trade-off.
  3. In general? Yeah. But if there was an additional cost each time to activate the feature and the resulting riven was account bound...maybe.
  4. I can see how those might be frustrating rolls if you're thinking in terms of grolls and/or trading. And yet, two and maybe all three are worth a slot unless you have a better riven available. The second riven really sticks out since its for a powerful weapon, it's got three useful stats, its negative can be cancelled out with an exilus...and it's unrolled. So that's an example of extremely good luck.
  5. It'd be far better if there were more content that made single target damage more relevant, absolutely, yes. But in the meantime, I'm not terrified by mere mention of the word "band-aid" if a mod can enhance gameplay while the bigger solutions are just lovely dreams in the heads of Weapon Feedback forum users.
  6. The obvious and low-key fix is for them to get a stat review similar to what bows did in 25.7. Overall, much like they admitted about bows at that time, it seems to me like DE is not weighting their DPS properly, particularly considering their other limitations. (The throwable mines might be ok, although I would love buffs anyway and they could use some QoL / bugfixes.) Bigger picture though, they'll still suffer the same relevancy problems other single target weapons do. Buffs to Concealed Explosives or an upgrade mod would help with that in their particular case.
  7. Oh, you changed it to an augment, and my apologies if that was already edited in before I replied. Anyway, an augment takes the idea from "crazytown crackers" all the way down to "crazy but interesting". Yeah, it would still need a penalty of some sort. (Cool side-effect though: Since we can't use two augments for the same ability last I checked, it would make Neutron Star more relevant again. )
  8. seriously guys, am i that incomprehensible? the idea of mine isn't nerfing anything... Right, I understood -you-. 😉 I asked what nerfs you'd find acceptable, since your proposal adds a huge amount of power with no new downsides to an ability that's already great.
  9. How do you want to nerf the ability's other aspects to make up for all the extra functionality added to an already great ultimate? But that's not a serious question. Perks like that should be reserved for dedicated team buff abilities, rather than something that's already a first class debuffer. I agree that a casting speed buff would be unique, but it makes more sense added to other abilities. Or, more likely, put on a new frame. (The mere thought of adding it to Penance makes my heart flutter a bit though. 😃)
  10. Sorry to hear that. While I think some of Warframe's community pride can be exaggerated or misplaced, my experiences with trading have been extremely good--like 99% I don't use Maroo's and only use trade chat a small fraction of the time though. So maybe try 3rd party sites if you haven't already.
  11. There are ways to reduce awareness range and change awareness state. But I don't think these work in normal squad play unless their packed with other effects. For example Lull. Probably like Noise Arrow. So...not really. Actually maybe something could be done with Threat Level, either reducing it for Banshee, or, probably better, increasing it on some sort of decoy. I don't know how well it works but the mechanic exists. But personally, I think the better answer is improving some of the damage avoidance potential she already has. Like one of my favorite ideas is h
  12. Cedo, I'd say the main difference is it's so easy to unveil one compared to any specific primary or pistol. PCernos... Lots of primaries in the pool, but I'd guess a lot more primary rivens get unveiled than pistol. Whereas pistol rivens, I'd bet a lot get dissolved. So more PCernos supply and faster than Epitaph. And probably less speculator interest in PCernos than Epitaph since an advanced version is less likely. I have some other guesses, but those are the ones I feel most confident about.
  13. I haven't tested this, but on Hildryn energy orbs are supposed to eliminate the recharge delay.
  14. It's new, it's fun, it's versatile and pretty effective. Which isn't that common a combination IMO. The dispo will certainly go up,and there aren't many good rivens for it yet. And I'd guess there's lots of plat burning holes in people's pockets at the moment IOW, supply and demand.
  15. I love seeing people talk about Banshee. Fair warning: I've got some strong opinions on the subject, and have some questions and criticisms. Just take this as the ramblings of somebody who has thought about Banshee way too much than is really healthy. 😉 Added range is a negative for many Savage Silence builds, and can be a negative for Sonic Boom. Maybe Strength instead? If it's not changed, there's not much danger of killing things. I suppose if blasting bad guys into chasms counts, but I think technically the game just respawns those enemies. This coul
  16. That looks like a collapsing neutron star inside of an Einstein-Rosen bridge! "We are going through the big one.""The Devil's Anus?""Anus? Whose anus?""For the record, I didn't know it was called that when I picked it."
  17. The frame coming three frames after Yareli is literally my favorite frame since the frame right after Yareli. Don't get me wrong though. Yareli is crazy great. Honestly, I'm surprised she hasn't been nerfed yet.
  18. Hah, no. They nerfed it after people abused the hell out of it for a few weeks.
  19. I'm not quite sure what I'm saying either. Just idle curiosity. Irradiated maggots, maybe? Very idle curiosity. Hopefully the last time I'll need to say "irradiated maggots" in my lifetime though.
  20. It provides a moment of rest where, free from all control of a video game character, one can contemplate the great questions of philosophy. Such as, "Does ledge grab have any meaning...?" It occasionally looks cool. Cooler than jumping just short of a ledge and falling into a chasm like a schlub anyway. 😉
  21. Oh, that is messed up. You said "movement speed" so not attack speed if it's not tied to a movement penalty? I
  22. There's a lot of frames I don't play much, but that's not true for Banshee anyway.
  23. The relic clutter bothers me sometimes too. But really, my problem with it would go away almost completely with a couple of other often requested features: - Relics and parts labeled "vaulted", plus sort option. - Ability to mark relic favorites, plus sort option. One other thing that I haven't seen requested and might be too much work...but would be very handy IMO: - Ability to sort relics by "number of times opened"
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