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  1. That's funny--I feel like most prime parts other than rares are a disappointment. It's easy for me to run low on forma bps though, and a random relic run that results in one is at least a partial success, afaic. In any case, more forma bps or one built forma would both be an improvement for me.
  2. Hah, I've never seen anybody else mention this before. It's irksome in general, and drove me nuts when I was on my Falcor - Ocucor kick.
  3. Sure, but let's not pull a "Votive Onslaught". Please go to the back of the queue behind the other weapons that have been waiting for years for second stances. 😉
  4. Basmu has a very short range chaining beam on its altfire, but is unable to equip Sinister Reach. This seems like just an oversight, not an intentional restriction on altfire options or a game limitation, since the Panthera and Panthera Prime--the only other conventional primary fire / continuous altfire weapons I can think of--are able to equip and benefit from Sinister Reach. For more examples, I have to go further afield to conventional primary fire / explosive altfire weapons. I -think- all of these can equip blast radius mods. Stahlta, Trumna, Komorex, Battacor, Javlok, that I can think of and test off-hand. So again, it doesn't seem like there is an intentional restriction on altfire in general in play here. Thank you.
  5. Semi-related: I've long had a hankering for a Thurible augment that makes it into a periodic damage ability. Similar concept as Aquablades. Not making Thurible a weapon let alone an Exalted, but vaguely simulating one. And enabling it to be more active and tactical, rather than something I just want to channel as quickly as possible as infrequently as I can get away with.
  6. I haven't really used Ambassador since right after they fixed the AoE bug--I was enjoying it but got really obsessed with the Basmu. Anyway the two possible improvements that really stuck out to me at the time were.... - faster reload. Which also improves mode switch time. - some inherent punch through on the primary fire. A third thing that's occurred to me since then is some sort of temporary buff on switching modes, to incentivize doing that over just swapping weapons.
  7. It actually does make sense, as long as it's not the only or primary way most premium loot is acquired. Which it isn't. It's an easy to maintain mini-event that helps keeps newer players engaged and keeps void relics relevant. If you're anything like I was, you'll be a little excited to see what Baro has every two weeks, and get a kick out of it when something shows up that you've wanted. And then eventually you'll feel Primed Disappointment every two weeks, and later still, you'll have a hard time remembering he exists. 😉 In the meantime Primed Firestorm and Fulmination are tradable if you have to have them. And if not, the regular versions are all that existed for a long time and are still plenty powerful.
  8. Yep. They do have one perk--they can be more efficient for affinity gain than other base mission types besides Defense. And they aren't as dependent as Defense on the map for those gains, or bring up as many issues with certain frame abilities making the mission less efficient. I think increasing the base affinity reward, and the number of eximus waves might be enough. (And maybe drop the data mass mechanic.)
  9. I agree. (Sorry for the off topic.)
  10. Sounds good to me. But while we're on the subject.. ...all weapons should have the in game option for full auto just by holding the fire / attack button down.
  11. I'd almost consider punch through the best all-around single affix. Powerful, versatile, isn't made obsolete by new mods/arcanes, and doesn't require a high value. And, paired or trio'd with any halfway useful affixes, is a kickass replacement for Seeker.
  12. Not only is it really fiddly and unforgiving, but the actual payoff is still a long animation, albeit a cooler one than landing on one's butt. Now there's a case where visuals were emphasized too much over mechanics, for sure.
  13. Nah, increased area is several orders of magnitude more of a game changer than beam range or flight speed. And the only one that's truly inconsistent in your list is Vigilante Supplies set affix, where the actual effect is tiny. Some amount of consistency is nice, but perfect consistency is often a foolish endeavor. This is one of those cases, IMO. However Vigilante Supplies brings up a different point: if you want an example of already exilus-eligible mods that are somewhat comparable to Firestorm and Fulmination in game effect, look no further than ammo mutation and ammo pool mods. No more than QoL on most conventional weapons but game changing effective dps enhancements on many launchers that were designed to have their damage output throttled by ammo limitations. * * * The only simple-ish way I really see out of the dilemma is to disallow particular mods as exilus on particular weapons / weapon classes. Which isn't exactly elegant with the way the game is set up now, but we do have some examples of this already, where passive reload mods aren't allowed on most launchers. It's a little ironic that DE caught on to that problem but apparently didn't realize how screwy ammo mutation could get. Anyway, expand that system and I can picture a situationwhere exilus Firestorm is allowed on the Zhuge Prime but not the Ogris, and Vigilant Supplies is exilus on the Veldt but not the KZarr. And maybe even Seeker allowed in the exilus on Twin Gremlins but not on the Knukor. That game sounds (even) more untidy but maybe (even) more fun than the current one to me. Your mileage my vary!
  14. I love that Sentients are vulnerable to status now. But I agree--they shouldn't be too squishy. Solution: DE should make them immune to crits.
  15. It's a waste of energy, I think. The effort you suggest be spent profiling the people behind ideas and feedback is better spent evaluating the actual substance of the ideas and feedback. Good ideas and feedback can come from any of us. Likewise horse**** ideas and feedback.
  16. The current behavior can have benefits though, in that one can build for meaningful attributes at the expense of meaningless ones in some cases. For example, Loki can build for negative strength with no real repercussions. See also: Slowva with range, RQ Banshee with duration, etc.
  17. According to Semlar's calc it can roll over 50% with 3 positives and a negative. And I see newish Exergis rivens for sale on Riven Market with that configuration. So assuming Semlar is correct, 3 positives / no negative is the only one that can't get you a second shot. Not that I would find the argument compelling even if it were true, and even if Ammo Stock didn't exist.
  18. I 100% agree: only calico cat head space shuttle can save this game.
  19. I'm surprised how many people have never experienced this. Like, I only experience it rarely now, but that's because I stay the hell away from random void fissures through the first weekend after a prime release. Against my normal behavior I did a few last night. Yep! Not doing that again. I'm not sure there's a mechanical solution that really helps, is easy to implement, and doesn't carry too many unpleasant negatives though. My first thought is always a temporary lockout on multiple start/aborts of fissures in a short period of time, but I'm not sure the benefit is worth the costs.
  20. One of my favorites weapons, but it seems like an odd choice for a specter. Heat procs are nice, but I'd be curious to know why it would be recommended over something like Ignis, Trumna, or Ogris.
  21. It's true, it can be annoying if you let it. But you can test builds anywhere. If you insist on Hydron for whatever reason, do it solo or with friends. Otherwise you'll run into this issue constantly. And not just from Saryn players. Because of the way affinity is shared, getting you fast XP is exactly what they're doing.
  22. The only one I like enough to know well is the KQuart, so take this with a grain of salt: KQuart: best potential semi-auto dps. Aim toggle kills it for some people. KKarak: best pure spray and pray dps if that's all you want. KHind: very good at both, most versatile. But they're all pretty close unless versatility is important to you. Then the Karak falls out. Personal observations. Karak just bores me. Hind had so much potential but it's got this visual muzzle rise that ruins it for me. I eventually got used to the aim toggle in the Quart, and it's one of the best sounding weapons in the game IMO. Gunfire sound fx are probably more important to me than most people though. Hope some of that is helpful.
  23. I saw him charge forwards, get covered in a sort of slimy tentacles (like Larva ?) and then explode, ragdolling enemies back but it seemed to be too smooth together to be a player clicking three abilities in a row. Could this mean that Glooperion can support player combos out of a pool of abilities? That would make it really versatile, depending on that pool of abilities. Anyone with any more information on Glooperion? 😋
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