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  1. Tiltskillet's post in How to block people in this forum?? Am i missing something?? was marked as the answer   
    On Chrome I can do it by going into browser tools and choosing "Desktop Site".  After that, pressing and holding the name brings up the profile pop up which includes "Ignore User".
    Probably very similar on other browsers.
  2. Tiltskillet's post in Nezha Prime Tennogen with prime details toggled on was marked as the answer   
    Don't have the Dracun, but
    I'm not real picky about such things, but I think they did a pretty good job with these. Let me know if you need different views.
  3. Tiltskillet's post in Best Blade & Whip melee? was marked as the answer   
    Ceti Lacera is my favorite.  So versatile.   Stupid range, really  fast for Whip Blade, enough base status that WW is optional, decent amount of natural slash, and electricity is under-rated as a damage type. My most used weapon by far since its release.  My only grudge  against it is it made Lacera Prime unlikely.   But it basically is Laceramios Prime, so...
    Jat Kusar is extremely good as well.  If it had better base speed, it'd contend for #1 for me.  Or if its two-stroke engine noise was twice as loud. 😉
    edit:  Sorry, didn't properly read the OP.  Since you don't have Ceti Lacera, Jat Kusar.   Mios is perfectly usable, but is well behind.  Base Lacera I've had plenty of fun with because I like its looks and all melee is decent.   But it's a slow-ish status biased weapon, so really doesn't measure up. 
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