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  1. Indeed. Already have cats and dogs, so why not birds? Maybe they could do modular drones too. That could be interesting.
  2. Thats the spirit. Though I have to ask for context, the bird osprey or the drone model osprey?
  3. Thank you for the positive feedback. I do my best to keep the ideas I share within the realm of possibilty as much as possible. It's easy to make something overpowered, and I know for a fact that they would not implement something like that. Though I do find it interesting, and daresay fun, to push the boundaries while still working within the constraints of precedent. Of course, its all theorycraft in the end since little to none of my ideas have made it in, but I still like to share my thoughts. And I do acknowledge that while my opinions are very niche and that not everybody likes
  4. SoonTM. Also, odd that I am only just now getting the notification/ seeing your comment.
  5. ❤️ Almost. And I will always spout "support this, support that" at every opportunity I get. Perhaps it will work someday. Someday. You are not wrong, and I do run double Arcane Grace along with the Vazarin School. And usually Oberon with Phoenix Renewal. Its just that there are times that I will use other frames, or prioritize downing that high level heavy gunner over going to revive so that I don't die as well. Nothing is perfect, I know, but I would like to have that additional option to support my team. Plus I like Hunter Adrenaline/ Rage over shields, so =P
  6. Between later game survivability, varying degrees of upkeep, and a lack of things I find personally interesting in the "support" category, I am left a little unsatisfied with the current companions. Even after experimenting with several things to try and fill that hole in my heart, it is still just "meh" for me. Now, I am not saying what I have in mind would be the end-all-be-all, and it has the distinct possibility to fall outside the realm of what DE wants for the game in general, but I would like to share it anyway and see the feedback on such an idea. TL;DR - Basically a "
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