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  1. This is well understood. In the same PC update they Ayatan Statues were reduced from 5 to 3. Action on consoles has been taken to rectify that difference yet there is just radio silence about doing anything to remedy Sortie imbalance. Console build might go to Cert this week so is unlikely to release before this wave ends on console.
  2. Seems XBOX players are also going to struggle to complete the Invader - Complete 9 invasion missions of any type. Game has no Invasions menu listed right now so nothing can be done whatsoever. Tenno.Tools tracker web site says "The system is in complete balance at this time" Looks like that's 8000 points lost on console this week then.
  3. So why not swap out the challenge for something else in it's place? You've done this before - you swapped out defence for kill Eximus in the last week or so. Hardly fair to leave as is is. Just not going to get 5 done whereas 3 was more doable.
  4. Very grateful that you've been able to rectify the situation with the difference in Ayatan statues between PC and console but can something please be done to resolve the imbalance with the Sortie task? Why must console do 5 Sorties to PC's 3 for the same reward?
  5. @[DE]BearWhy do XBOX players (and I think PS4 and Switch) players have to fill 2 more statues and do 2 more Sorties for the exact same reward as on PC? They only fill 3 statues and do 3 Sorties but we have to do 5 of each. Hardly seems fair
  6. Thanks for the hint about Index. Just got it done there very quickly. I would have thought the Orokin Vault would at least count as you are physically picking up the item although on review it seems to be called an "Artifact" rather than "Module" when you collect it so I guess this is why (and it's not unveiled until extraction)
  7. Completed Spy mission and did all three vaults. Got Rare mod in rewards but this did not get recognised by Nightwave progress. Ran Orokin Vaults and collected Rare corrupted Mod. Again, no advancement of Nightwave act progress. Is this really working as intended? How am I not picking them up if I've opened the spy/Orokin vault?
  8. Overall I have to say I've really enjoyed the introduction of Nightwave. Very impressed with how it has breathed some life back into the game and brought players back and given more things to do besides login for daily reward and sortie. Have to agree the Ayatan challenge in the first week was an eye opener and a challenge especially with it not recognising statues filled in the Dojo but I got it done. This week though there are 2 challenges I'm very unlikely to get done because of the 1 hour requirement. I am pretty certain that in the 18 or so months I've played, I've never been able to spend 1 hour in a specific area of content. This isn't down to frame/mods/ability but real life events that randomly challenge me and mean I must AFK at very short notice. I have good days and not so good days but I really have no control over when I have to AFK so it pretty much rules out long content and often means I do most content solo. I realise my circumstances are pretty unique but I'd still like to be able to complete all challenges so would greatly appreciate if challenges could be kept to a shorter duration. It's also ironic that you choose to implement such long tasks especially given you have in game prompts about how long people are playing for. Add to that it seems playing with others leaves you open to people trolling and wasting your time so you must repeat and spend more time playing that you will prompt them about. EDIT: Meant to mention that I would have tried to run a 1hour Kuva Survival solo w/o life support as I could pause the game when I needed to AFK but past experience has shown low spawn rates so it would be impossible to maintain life support for 1hr to meet the challenge solo.
  9. I've just experienced this very same issue on XBOX. Slotted stars in 1 Ayatan and have seen no credit in the task - still shows zero.
  10. Thank you so much for everything this year. Absolutely loving the update on XBOX. I watched all of the stream and I have my account linked. I got a relic pack but did not get the other drop I heard mentioned
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