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  1. Also had a Cryophon Mk1 BP drop too so perhaps any Lavan MK1 weapon is dropping in error? Is the Kosma Gokstad Crewship somehow appearing in Veil Proxima instead of just Earth?
  2. Had this happen several times now in Veil Proxima missions. Seeing both Lavan Photor and Lavan Pulsar MK1 BP dropping from ships.
  3. OK, just to add some more context to this issue and show it's not me just complaining about a mod not dropping. Void Hole is meant to drop from Exo Outrider. It's definitely spawning as I have four copies of Fiery Phoenix which is it's other 0.15% mod drop. In terms of other mods that have the same low drop rate of 0.15% I have: Forward artillery = 2 Section Density = 1 Void Cloak = 1 Particle Ram = 7 Seeker Volley = 6 Fiery Phoenix = 4 All of these drop in Veil yet what appears to be going on with Void Hole is inconsistent. Given the number of games I should have seen at least 1 Void Hole drop unless something is broken.
  4. I know that this is an extremely rare mod drop but I'm at well over 100+ missions in the Veil and have just not seen this drop after playing exhaustively for 3 days. Even people in my clan who have had it drop previously a few times have said that in the last week they have not seen it drop. I know the game is all about the grind but after so many Veil runs I'm really left questioning whether it is dropping at all right now.
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