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  1. we can all but dream. (sadly, it will never happen) melee 3.0 is a dream, these 'kingpin system bs' and those raids.. nah, get out with that nonsense. we need the shawzin Railjack and that New War -- some 'new content' that will probably be done in 30 minutes or so, the download wait is longer than the actual content about these 'new content' difficulty? its probably at lower levels at best, no challenge so those twitch streamers who never played the game will be able to play it and their community will play the game as well = influx of new players, who will buy more skins, more platinum, more money do not worry though, the game will live on and they dont care if you leave the game. There are more newer players who are havin' tooooooooo much fun with how the game is right now, they dont need your 'salty challenging content whines' to be answered because these are mumblings of the minority, the game is full-on a fashion-oriented/cosmetics game now, nothing more, nothing less. They are enjoying it and it will be fine, with or without you, old player. gtfo and play your souls games
  2. good for you. by the time you get to that point of the game where you have nothing further to do.. and DE decides to put out more skins and more mundane stuff like that shawzin and ignoring how most of the game's older content is bugged or almost dead or 'why are we still getting endo in everything' .. you will be utterly dissatisfied or unless you're really into doin the same thing over and over and over again with little to no payoff other than skins and no point of minmaxing your weapons/frames than those 14-30 minute hardcore survival runs.. then you're doin fine. enjoy the game
  3. that's not gonna happen. Tennogen still sells and the fashionframe/bitesize community are gobbling it all the time. we should act like how the casuals do, do not take the game seriously.
  4. yes. that's how this community has turned into. They just play the game for the sole reason of looking good and doin' mediocre things. Vets like us who are into challenging stuff are not the main focus of the game because its the 1% (or less) of the player population that's actually interested in that sort of thing. Thats why raids doesnt exist anymore, that's why Fortuna mobs are nerfed to the ground, thats why its sooooo easy to kill Wolf because any semblance of 'challenge' is bad for the game. that's why most of them tells us older players to fck off and leave the game. for fck's sake the most meaningful reward for Nightwaves is an operator skin
  5. the game focuses mainly on fashion and 'fun' content like that shawzin thing. if you're into challenging content -- this game is not for you. go away and play your 'hard games' and leave the everloving bitesize casual community alone.
  6. please reduce elite survival missions to 10 minutes. its just too hard omg
  7. ^ asking the same as well, i havent recieved the Ephemera too
  8. exactly. Orb heists should be accesible to everyone. I do mean everyone. the difficulty too should be easy so we can all play it
  9. i dont know, you refuse to understand the point on why these things are happening. Playing the game in its boundaries / mechanics and playing the game and cheating thru a bug th-- just read the past comments, its getting redundant already. i hope those who tried this 'non-harmful, eco-friendly, cute, innocent' bug will get to keep their accounts 🙂
  10. you still have to "ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME", the exploit was gaining affinity by that method which is a bug.. is it really that hard to understand?
  11. to the game itself? they release a bunch of new weapons, you can max it out in 5 minutes, re-forma it again and max it out again until u get 6 forma for it. how to do it? thru an exploit. standing up. doing nothing but that macro-thing. And now no one does other dungeons because "What is the point? I can max them out in a few seconds anyway" now how is that not harmful? so we're all gonna do this affinity exploit, and not bother with the other content. Now imagine doing this 100 more times
  12. define non-harmful. please because maxing out all equipped gears in 1 minute just by standing up, to me is harmful
  13. i think the only time that DE knows is until 2k35
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