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  1. ^ asking the same as well, i havent recieved the Ephemera too
  2. lately i am having significant frame-drop issues on Taveuni (Kuva Fortress) . this only occurs when playing Kuva Survival, other survival nodes doesnt have the same issue
  3. ill put in my comments here too !!! (from dat fb post of yours :D) my suggestion -- Corpus Disruptor - deploys a node that disrupts tenno's UI (you cant see your UI/map and you cant cast skills or use Transference as long as you're near his aoe) - you can see him from afar bringing a huge deployable node that he carries in his back. Magnetic/Radiation/Corrosive/Gas Osprey - it boosts nearby units to have 100% SC of a certain element, i.e. enemies will deal Magnetic damage towards you. Just follow the tethered units into their source (usually it glows with the current element, i.e. green? for Corrosive or Gas, etc) Devoid Bursa - does an aoe attack that when hits a Warframe disables Transference use for a certain amount of time Grineer Smasher - charges and ragdolls you far. You can see his head blinking when he's about to charge and it's always homing towards your frame. (either transference out or time your dodge to avoid) Grineer Smasher 2.0 - charges and causes you into transference and disables your Warframe for a few seconds. Same mechanic as Grineer Smasher, either transference out or time your dodge to avoid Grineer Artillery - deploys turrets with shields instead of that generic bag Corpus Sentient Buffer - when around gives an aura that gives some sort of a sentient shield to allied units wait i got more -- Squad Dispel - simple, dispels the current status inflicted in you and your squad, works in the same concept with Energy and ammo pizzas Empowered Squad Ammo Restore - every ammo gain thru this increases your damage, CC/CD and reload speed , dunno if its good if it will stack or not Effluvia Osprey (infested) - when hit with the smoke from this guy, permanently halves your HP and lowers your recovery (thick yellowish smoke being puffed and a huge yellow cloud being spit out) Grapple Charger - grapples your frame. Transference out and attack him with void stuff to let go of your frame Rust Ancient - causes your weapon to 'have a chance to fail on reloading' or jam your guns, you will have a light-to-opaque tether towards him if you're infected Iron Maiden Ancient - you will see puffs of red smoke or mark on your head when you're infected, and once infected all your damage dealt during the duration will be dealt back to you. You can see the aura flaring up as you get closer = also as you get closer, the higher damage reflect it causes. use operator and void strike to disable him from channeling it, or use CC
  4. i was able to kill him alone with 2 derelict keys equipped with an Atlas and a Nezha. No, he's not that hard.
  5. exactly. Orb heists should be accesible to everyone. I do mean everyone. the difficulty too should be easy so we can all play it
  6. i dont know, you refuse to understand the point on why these things are happening. Playing the game in its boundaries / mechanics and playing the game and cheating thru a bug th-- just read the past comments, its getting redundant already. i hope those who tried this 'non-harmful, eco-friendly, cute, innocent' bug will get to keep their accounts 🙂
  7. you still have to "ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME", the exploit was gaining affinity by that method which is a bug.. is it really that hard to understand?
  8. to the game itself? they release a bunch of new weapons, you can max it out in 5 minutes, re-forma it again and max it out again until u get 6 forma for it. how to do it? thru an exploit. standing up. doing nothing but that macro-thing. And now no one does other dungeons because "What is the point? I can max them out in a few seconds anyway" now how is that not harmful? so we're all gonna do this affinity exploit, and not bother with the other content. Now imagine doing this 100 more times
  9. define non-harmful. please because maxing out all equipped gears in 1 minute just by standing up, to me is harmful
  10. i think the only time that DE knows is until 2k35
  11. that guy is soooo 2k35'ed, i can feel it (if he actually exploited the bug)
  12. im not arguing. Im actually laughing because they keep making up excuses and loopholes on the word 'exploit'
  13. im supposed to be sleeping now (6am here already) but im having either too much fun or the salt in this thread is keeping me awake.
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