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  1. Unvault the ones that have been vaulted for the longest period of time first. It's not that complicated to understand why it's important to do that instead of whatever the completely arbitrary system of decision you're actually using is.
  2. Ash and Trinity prime DE come on! I haven't had a change to get carrier or dual kamas since I joined the game TWO YEARS AGO.
  3. ah yes disabling color correction fixed this thank you. it seems I never had that setting on before and it got flipped on somehow. radeon graphics driver probably did it when it overwrote all my games' graphics settings. this still looks fundamentally broken to me tho, this can't possibly be intentional.
  4. Save for the reticle which retains my energy color, and the rest of the ui, everything in game changes color like this when mesa's 4 is active. It looks SUPER ugly. its not just washing out yellows ether as you can see the purple energy effect from the grineer structure turns pure blue. This does happen in regular missions as well as open worlds.
  5. Here's a post I made a while ago with some similar points. I honestly think a feature like this would completely save the game mode
  6. If you just do the atayan weekly and save them up instead of slotting them immediately this act really isn't terrible at all. Yeah its a bit annoying but when you know the act is a thing that exists you can easily prepare for it. Even early game I rarely sold my sculptures for endo until I actually needed to. Usually dissolving spare mods gets you enough endo to get by untill you need to max out a prime mod or other 20,000+ endo mod like vitality ext, and you can usually get away with not maxing those and just leaving them 2 or 3 ranks short untill you have the resources. As much as I'v hated nightwave since it's release I never really understood all the hate the atayan act gets, especially now that it's WAY more reasonable. It doesn't really force you to spend resources you might wanna save, or save resources you might wanna spend, like polarize does, and guild use to before it was removed, on top of the hour or so it would take to bring the rank of any equipment involved up to rank 30 for ether of those. The only time the atayan act is annoying is the first time a person encounters it if they didn't know it was a thing before then, because they couldn't have prepared for it. Even if you're caught completely with your pants down and have none at all, its not too hard to get the two you need, and I say two because the weekly one is just a given. There are loads of ways to get them. You could probably even just bum a couple cheap ones off someone in global or trade chat if you're really desperate for them. Maybe trade them for some already slotted identical atayans you have on you if no one's willing to give them up for free. you're more than likely to end up with way more stars than you'll ever need anyways provided you actually pick them up when they drop.
  7. the "different" modifier is the worst. by this i mean things like "do x amount of different bounties" or "capture x amount of different animals" a lot of the changes they made to the nightwave system from how it started have been exceptionally positive except this addition. these two challenges were honestly funner, easier, and ether faster or just as fast the way they were before, when you had to do more of them but could choose to do any of them you wanted to. As a farming focused game with egregious rng you're meant to do the same things over and over again to get whatever you're after. Nightwave was a great excuse to farm for things I needed but don't normally want to do because I'm not a fan of x game mechanic. But this addition outright ruins that part of the system. I can't farm a specific bounty over and over again to get the specific item I need and am instead forced to do several other bounties I don't want to do that have rewards that are useless to me. People had been complaining about this system forcing them to do stuff they didn't want to before this change and now it's worse in regards to these specific acts. It'd be way better if you removed the "different" requirement(/never added it to begin with). I'd honestly prefer if these two acts were completely reverted than the way the are now. its completely counter intuitive to the flow of the entire game. you cant get a floof from a single tag of a specific type of animal, and you're unlikely to get the rarer drops you're probably after in bounties by only doing the bounty you need the drop from one time. so why force that limitation? yes you can still do these things and just not progress nightwave, its not preventing anyone from doing these things. but it certainly makes us feel like we have to go out of our way to do them especially when those acts now force you to spend your time doing different ones to complete them that you don't need, when they didn't use to. Revert this change, and remove the polarize act, then I'll be mostly happy with the state of nightwave
  8. I enjoyed the conservation nightwave untill they changed it to specify different animals. the 10 perfect captures of any animal was honestly was faster and easier, and allowed you to go for any animal you wanted to. i feel the same way about the similar change to bounties. the more of any bounty you wanted was honestly way better than needing to do less but being forced to not repeat them. the game is primarily ABOUT farming. farming generally specifies doing the same thing over and over the get what you need, not sparratically doing random trash that doesn't get you anything usefull
  9. figured it out and edited the post right before you sent this xp. still even knowing they're there and where to look I cant see them 80% of the time I'm looking for them in the middle of a fight. They're just the perfect distance away from the reticle to be out of focus. I much prefer when they're right up against the reticle, or big noticeable flashes along the edges of the screen. right between the dot and the edges is kindof a bad place to put them imo. especially in this game.
  10. Recently I've started to notice that quite often when I open up my inventory to check how much of something I have and I try to type in the search bar it just doesn't work. By doesn't work I mean it wont let me type in it at all, clicking on it highlights it and makes the feedback noise indicating that I have clicked on something that preforms a function, but the little blinky bar indicating a selected text field doesn't show up, typing yields no results or just does whatever the key I press is a hotkey for. Pressing the controller button for it also doesn't work, and yes I have tried it with my controller disconnected in case some stick drift or stuck button might've been causing issues.
  11. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by damage indicators since it can mean a few different things, I mean specifically an indication when you take damage that shows you the direction you've taken damage from. SO many shooters have this feature, its almost ubiquitous in the shooter genre at this point. Yet warframe has absolutely no hint of this whatsoever. This was fine when the game was mostly tight corridors in closed off maps where there were only so many places an enemy could be shooting you from. and if you somehow couldn't find them it was relatively easy to escape into a tight passageway to force enemies to come to you. But with the open worlds, and maps opening up, this is becoming a problem. Nearly every time I'm out on the plains I find myself having serious trouble pinpointing enemies that are shooting at me, and enemy radar's extremely limited range is useless in the massive space of open worlds, without severely crippling my builds to fit in several different enemy radar mods to stack with eachother. frequently leading to me getting downed by enemies I had absolutely now way of knowing the location of. Sound isn't enough of an indicator for these things. Sometimes I never even hear the gunfire due to being to far away from it, and just imagine people that have hearing problems, or even just cheap headphones or speakers that don't deal well with directional sound. Also from an immersion perspective its ridiculous to think that your warframe somehow can't tell the side of it's body it's been shot on. A visual indication of what direction damage is being taken from will become more an more necessary the more open worlds and big open tilesets are introduced into the game. I'm hoping a feature like this will be implemented sooner than later. EDIT: Nvm I'm just blind apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. add this to the list of 21 billion things DE needs to add as auxiliary attachments
  13. also same thing but for prime models
  14. I noticed this almost immediately when the change happened. just the little gap was pretty annoying tho. I'd prefer a dedicated comparison button, holding it down shows the currently equipped color, and not holing it shows the color you're mousing over. this would be a lot better than fiddling with the tiney gaps. having the gaps was better than nothing tho
  15. what they mean by "numbers" is daily active players. A live service game's success is frequently measured not only by it's income but also the amount of players actually playing the game at any given time. The more active a game's playerbase is, the more appealing it is on the business side of things. This is the main reason why most live service games have daily systems, and this is the purpose nightwave serves to the developers. I guess the bs standing caps just weren't enough for them. Its soul intention is to "incentivize" players to log in more frequently and play longer than they would otherwise to raise these numbers as much as possible
  16. This is barely an improvement to the event. is it better? yes, but its still an unreasonably huge amount of grind time. it's at best reduced the time by 1/3rd, which is significant yes, but not good enough. it should be that you get a pearl for every kill across the whole team, ie whatever the final score is. this would make the grind at minimum 3x faster and even then it would still feel like a bit much. especially to anyone busy with other things in their lives which DE consistently seems to downright hate. Nobody wants to spend an hour every day for a week doing nothing but this extremely repetative event. It's a fun little change of pace to the base game to just do a round here and there, but when you make it this grindy it stops being fun real fast and becomes a chore, a chore that players will slog through for no other reason than the satisfaction of never having to do it again. This is exactly what happened with fissures.
  17. It's still a problematic bug tho, and no it doesn't happen when you take too long to kill them. It happens at complete random. I'v seen them vanish within a minute of me encountering one. Its just more likely to happen the longer you take to kill it because the bug has more opportunities to occur. "get gud" is not a solution to something that's actually broken. It needs to be fixed. The game needs to flag them as essential so they can't despawn the same way normal enemies can, and setup a mechanic where it will only despawn if all players are a few hundred meters away from it, at least 200m due to their ridiculous mobility.
  18. My squadmate didn't clear the thumper doma act despite being right on top of the thing, and the two of us being well within affinity range of eachother when it died. At first I assumed this was because you had to get the killing blow against it for it to count (which would be absolutely outrageous against this enemy) but I'm seeing other people reporting similar problems where they were in a larger squad and only one person didn't get the clear, but they assumed it was a distance problem, so I'm inclined to believe its just a bug and not intended. Due to the BS rng of encountering this enemy and its incredible difficulty this is an EXTREMELY annoying problem that needs to be fixed fast.
  19. you know DE put that line in there explicitly so people would do this
  20. I know this is a grindy game but damn did you guys even consider how long it would take to get that many pearls? That's absolutely ridiculous. No limited time event should ever take that much time to get everything from it. Some people have lives.
  21. again, the punishment was a suggestion expanding on the request for a zone 8 queue. and how does this punish better players in any way exactly? the proposal works like this: normal eso is untouched, continues to work exactly the same as it always did. instead a new queue is added specifically for people that want to get to zone 8 for the rotation c rewards. creating an easy and accessible way to queue into a public team that ll have that goal in mind, and aren't likely to bail out at wave 4 because they were just there to grind affinity which happens most of the time now and is only going to happen more as time goes on. then with additional suggestion of extra rewards and punnishments, this zone 8 queue now has a risk/reward system, where you risk potentially not getting any rewards if you fail to reach zone 8 for the potential reward of more/rarer loot at the end. discouraging people from joining this specific queue with a poor setup because they might fail and waste their time completely, and encouraging people who might've otherwise still kept to using the normal queue anyways because the rewards are better. I really see no downside to anyone on this. I really don't see DE implementing that part tho. I'd be more than happy with just a seperate queue for people that wanna get to zone 8 for the rewards
  22. Many people can easily solo the Hydrolyst in 5 minutes. But there's still a queue for it, because most people can't. Just because you can doesn't mean its easy for everyone else.
  23. it doesn't rely on it at all. I deliberately listed those as optional additions to make things run smoother. i have no doubt that the queue by itself would be good enough. but extra incentives for people to run it and a negative to people who could ruin it for others would be nice bonuses
  24. It's really hard to get into a public team in sanctuary onslaught, or elite, that's willing to go all the way to zone 8 nowadays. The mission type is flooded with people that are just there to level their gear and leave. This wouldn't be too big of a problem if enough people are looking to recruit for SO or ESO zone 8 in the recruitment chat, but that's just not the case. Every time I try to do this I go upwards of 20 minutes trying to get a squad that will inevitably leave after one successful run. Not exactly helpful when you're trying to farm a 1% drop from a mission that by itself takes 20 minutes to complete. The other thing I see a lot of people suggest to mitigate this problem is "just ask clanmates or friends", well we're not all social butterflies. Many of us are in solo clans, or dead clans that we don't wanna leave for one reason or another, and just don't have any friends that are interested in the game. Or if they are, don't want to run this incredibly tedious and grindy garbage upwards of 100 times to get this stuff. This is exactly the reason the "with friends or clanmates" part was removed from nightwave acts. While normal onslaught might be fairly easy to solo with the right build, elite IS NOT. "Just use x frame" is never an appropriate solution to problems like this since people might hate using that frame, and no one wants to spend nearly 50 hours in a tedious and stressful game mode with a frame they hate using. The solution to all of this is a pretty simple one. Add a separate queue for people that want to go to zone 8 (like the hydrolyst queue) in both SO and ESO. Problem completely fixed. Always end up in a team that wants to run to zone 8 and make the whole game mode a much more enjoyable experience for players that don't have any other good options to accomplish this. Maybe boost the rewards slightly for this queue as a reward for the added obligation, and an extra incentive to run this one over the normal queue. Maybe even add a punishment for people that bail out early, count it as a mission failure so rewards and bonus xp aren't given, to discourage leaches and trolls, and improve the chances that you'll end up on a team that's really prepared to complete it.
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