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  1. Does the 3% Life steal with Nikana work on specter/wukong clone/Equinox Duality/Excalibur Umbra ?? also Does Hirudo and Korrudo 5% healing on crit work on Specter ?
  2. Nova the best one imo, she can slowdown every enemies by 75% and make them receive x2 dmg from every source including operator amp / magus lockdown you could get 90% dmg reduction on health if you build for max duration with negative range
  3. bloodrush multiplied your total crit chance based on your combo counter after modded ofcourse
  4. can't wait to test out wukong clone + max firerate staticor :d maybe high status secondary with redeemer prime or any crit build melee with condition overload
  5. alright adding this to my watchlist
  6. get lanka ez 1-3 hit after stacking combo 😛 with void strike + volt shield
  7. Oberon maybe he is a healer he is pretty hard to farm thought since the his parts drop is very random but he is pretty cheap to build https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Oberon or maybe just go for Rhino, he is a tank
  8. aw that was pretty nice features i think
  9. THank you ! i was surprise when i saw someone had hundred thousand of points when i checked the leader-board on the first day the new patch came out
  10. ; for the secondary-fire mode it have no recoil pretty good firerate very accurate crit / hunter munition build viable feels very good to use / (beside the reload )
  11. owh i just notice that this room doesn't show up in minimap ? ( top left )
  12. after looking at what happen to ember after the REWORK ..... pls don't touch valkyr
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