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  1. instant melee switching really good on redeemer prime with bullet dance but i still miss quick melee on polearm, right now polearm feels a little bit clunky for me
  2. maybe a defensive warframe with stealth ability? we don't have defensive warframe with invisibility yet right? also we don't have a warframe that can buff weapon status chance yet. we have harrow with his flat crit buff maybe we will get a different warframe that can do same thing but + flat amount of status instead of Crit
  3. they should probably make the vampire kavat buff flat amount of + status chance + 60 Status Chance would be really good to have on weapon with low status also lifesteal is meh imo because we already have alot of way to self heal already ( magus elevate.. etc ) a flat + 600 hp boost to warframe would be better imo plus since kavat hp scale with warframe health this will increase the kavat survivability
  4. Thank you for the improvement in disruption mission :d
  5. hmm i would say Nekros Nekros 1 completely useless in combat, his 2 are cool but it have cap on how many enemies can affected by it. maybe they could turn his 1/2 into a debuff abilities that make enemies explode on death or something dealing % dmg based on max health/equipped weapon dmg edit nvm this doesn't bring anything new to his kit, he is fine right now
  6. WOAH that super cheap i bought mine for 1.2k before rubico prime came out 😕 but yeah is true that lanka is a bit harder to use because its a projectile weapon and you need to use full zoom for flat + 50 Crit Chance also, Multishot is the good thing to have on lanka because it help you to build the combo counter faster
  7. i failed 7 runs of corpus gas city spy mission yesterday because people decide to use meme warframe for spy mission and end up failed because they either triggered the laser / die from some random corpus while hacking
  8. Kronkur is pretty good sword i think https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Krohkur (MR 5 ) ( Riven Dispo : 4/5 ) it have high crit chance 29% and good status chance 19% i don't really like the design but since your are using console maybe you can buy some swords tennogen skin with plat
  9. Tap Tap Hold (Stance : Bullet Dance) this is the best way to get the most out of Redeemer prime if you doesn't have attack speed mods on 😃 the reason why we double tap is to spread status first before hitting it the target with charge attack for 300% dmg charge attack is faster after second attack for some reason https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/0/0a/BulletDanceCombo0.gif
  10. i used redeemer prime to heal my cat during profit taker fight it pretty reliable since and its a hitscan weapon and you can hit enemies from long range
  11. it heal your warframe while your are in operator mode
  12. it would be better if there isn't cooldown at all i mean hildryn have the same thing as her passive ( same duration 3s / reset when shield fully recharge to max ) . would make sense since you had to sacrifice your survivability mods to fit that mod in and it cost 12 capacity which is alot.
  13. send them vids about warframe/weapon build i guess or maybe warframe wiki then they will start to make their own goals from there
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