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  1. shedu is better since it have bigger aoe and faster reload. AoE Radius : ( shedu - 6.6m vs 1.7m - basmu) basmu actually have longer reload if you use all the magazine ( around < 2s ? ) on basmu you will spend more time on reloading than shooting while shedu can shot forever without reloading with right mod setup
  2. yea why there even caps on trinity link. when octavia do the same thing without taking any dmg 😕
  3. not sure, status is weird on redeemer prime heavy attack after the shotgun change. last time i check my heavy attack only proc impact status even though i have corrosive and blast on my build. but normal attack still proc status nvm they already fixed it ^ i have sacrificial steel + crit chance riven on my build ; so with heavy attack it still kill stuff pretty fast, even the sentient
  4. uuh u can choose whether to join or host now after the last update ;except for ground mission edit: owhh nvm , try using high crit weapon for that sentient mission
  5. i got 20.7k already got basmu ,so im going to use it on lacera i guess
  6. tigris prime and strun wraith feels weaker for me, it took more hit to kill armored target now since 100% armor strip is gone
  7. they change additive status on both baruuk and excal augment into multiplicative to prevent people from stacking status chance i just hope they won't do the same thing on arcane avenger because of flat crit....
  8. what if they make nourish into passive healing? while in warframe
  9. revenant 4 is laser because the community wanted him to have eidolon abilities his old 4 used to send enemies to sleep like equinox (3:51 below ) revenant already have his tatsu, its already a pretty good high status melee
  10. Shield gating = temporary godmode ? does it work against instantkill attack like profit taker onDeath nuclear explosion?
  11. huh .. so that the reason why my warframe suddenly start taking a nap sometime.. i thought it was a bug
  12. it also work for weapon, if you search for "slash" in your arsenal it will show the weapon with the highest slash stats
  13. yea baruuk kinda have same problem harrow have..
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