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  1. alright. waited for an entire day and still haven't recieved it. please DE, at least make a post on the forum to acknowledge this problem and give us an ETA for our ash prime
  2. happened to a lot of people. some waited and eventually get it, some waited till now and got nothing. DE already said that they're working for it. at this point, might as well just give a free ash prime to every player imo.
  3. still no ash prime. hopefully everything is sorted out soon.
  4. nope. sorry but you have to watch the stream on twitch to get it
  5. didn't get the ash prime. already watched the whole show and linked my twitch account. seems like a problem for some people. fix pls
  6. didn't get the ash prime. already watched the whole show and linked my twitch account IGN: Irisena
  7. For the love of god, can we have vacuum on titania as her passive already? I don't care if its only 5 meters, but please, she needs it more than a mere modifiable exalted weapon
  8. Rework Limbo. Please DE, make him more team-friendly before his prime release for pete's sake. I don't want to play solo for weeks after his prime release. I want to feel good playing as Limbo on my team, not as a guy that makes people instantly abort mission when he finds out there's a limbo on hydron.
  9. about time DPS trinity is gone. thank god i sold my castanas riven first before the update kicks in
  10. On earlier devstreams you've shown us a new operator fashion (hair) and mentioning turning scythes into "greatswords". I am very interested in the implementation of both of them. So, when is the ETA for those two things?
  11. Saryn now is well... Better i guess. She became a bit hard to mod but she's fine other than that. Okay, now DE, please move on to Titania. We've been talking about sarynsarynsaryn for the last few weeks. As expected, most people are already groaning when they see saryn's name on the update.
  12. This. I wholeheartedly support this idea. DE, please make this happen. We don't want more burden in our brain thinking about combo counter, combo position, judging when to spend all of our combo on a heavy attack, all while minding the enemies around us and coping with the situation. All of that is simply too heavy and taxing on our brain. Especially on a game that is grindy by nature. You can't expect a player to use their brain continuously for 3 hours straight for that harrow system bp right? So, in the end, if you guys make too complicated system, what will happen is simply:
  13. I have talked to several people in this forum about their opinion regarding this change. Some are optimistic that this will be a new breeze on a game that already experience content drought shortly after it's major update. And some believe that this change is unneeded, as in, "don't fix something that isn't broken". So, after compiling these thoughts in my head, let me say my opinion on this matter: 1. atterax had it coming ever since maiming is introduced. it's nerf is inevitable. I believe this is a right step to balance the game so people can finally play the game properly rather spamming one macro over and over again. 2. this change is somewhat not well-thought and have many troublesome mechanic, such as: - First, information overload, when you are in a situation where you have to mind too many things like melee counter, deciding to spend the counter on a single heavy attack, combo position, etc, making using melee mentally taxing. If this thing applied to games like DMC, then it's fine, but this is a horde shooter, where there's tens of enemies pointing guns at you in every moment. Even coping with the situation can be mentally taxing. We don't need more burden that what already exist. - Second is incompatibility with current mods and arcane. primed fury, berserker, riven mod, and arcane strike is still a thing. if a player use them all and reached 3 attack speed, it would be incredibly hard to time the heavy attack correctly and use it constantly. - Third is the buildup rate for the heavy attack and the reward for that buildup. This thing might be the best damage dealer on paper, as it scales infinitely. But, there's no point on saving 999k damage if you only spend it on only a small 5 meter radius in front of you. Remember that this is a horde shooter. we need the buildup we worked hard for be worth it. I'm not saying we need equinox level weapon of mass destruction range, but we need the heavy attack be good, and applicable on every situation, or else it will only be used on niche situation. So, basically, we don't need 999k damage on a small 5 meter range in front of us, we rather have 100k damage on 10 meters radius around us, as that will kill more things and make it more rewarding to use. 3. the weapon damage buff in exchange of the current sweet, sweet 3x combo multiplier be better worth it. Also, what's going to happen to blood rush and it's happy friends? will they got other uses? or will they stay as they are? I sincerely hope they will apply on normal attack, as if they didn't, it will be the end of every crit heavy melee weapon, and you'll see a new era of everyone sliding (macro-ing) again with cassowar and lesion. It will effectively cut down viable melee weapon to half, and killed melee diversity in-game. So, as stated above, this brand new mechanic is visibly troubling and have a lot of holes in it. I know it's still a WIP stuff, and I hope that they will address these issues. But nonetheless, supporting this change on it's current condition is like taking a leap of faith. It is wise to wait for more information to come, until it addresses the aforementioned problems above, then talk about it seriously once again in my opinion. Thanks.
  14. Okay, can someone explain to me what DE is trying to do with khora's ensnare? I heard it's just about bug fixing and pathing issue, or something about if the enemy dies, the chain comes off or something... I'm not really sure. So again, can someone explain to me what's going on?
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