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  1. Ok. luckily i did not an eidolon hunt after the update. cant imagine how embarassing it would to stand there and wait for the proc and nothing happend lol. So guess i need other weapons now. I loved cerata because it ignored shields and things like damage reduction from trinity while hunting. What would a good chroma use these days for procing self damage ?
  2. Im so glad they fixed it. I farmed daily 28000 rep for simaris every day in around 10-15 minutes in a high level cuva mission. it was just a big mess having primary again equipped
  3. Hello, shorty lafter the release on console couple days ago i went in an arbitration with chroma, had him buffed. I used a cerata always to proc damage on health where i needed to hold the quick melee button for 1-2 seconds. I dont know what changed but i could not damage myself anymore. I had to wait for 15 minutes until finally enemies could do some damage to my health, my team was killing so fast. What do i need to do now do proc it again?
  4. I love PvE and PvP, In Destiny 1+2 ive combined around 6000 hours, 60% spent in pve rest in pvp. i tried giving pvp here chance too, i mean im at rank 5 with the pvp guy. for the most part it was just lagging excal spamming games. it was annoying af. this had nothing to do with pvp in most cases. i had to wait 4 ever to find a match and when it did it was laggy as S#&$ mostly. when there were couple people i got like 6-7 host migration back to back and i had no time to leave since it was always setting up new host , who insta quit then too. to build up a game when some dude is host and when he rage quit everyone else has to do same is simply the most frustrating thing ever. i play solo almost everyting because of that. they need to change those base mechanice
  5. I dont get it. Update was delayed for so long, then u thought lets give them this version who everyone was complaing about and hated it. After 2 month of waiting u think we would be upset? Instead we get this ... i dont know how often u wanna slap those console player in face. I mean your developer team did not communicate with the cert team like: hey, wait a couple days before u sent so console gets the cleaned up version, they waited so long. ? I dont know, i really like DE but sometimes its so sad how they act. edit: i have lag issues since this update like crazy. PLS!
  6. people so often say this: its free.... just accept all the bugs and be happy. ITS FREE ! this is such bullS#&$ and one reason we have this mess now. its not free, when u love the game like me u re happy to spent some money in things u like. i have never heard someone saying this to bungie, no one would tolerate . such a mess. people like u are the reason because developer think they re doing good. at the end it doesent helpt the game
  7. Those ppl here... including me there have only been like 6 ppl who said something nice , like concrats in this complete thread. see the lovely community they always say, help each other and arent toxic.... read through those comments here and it ll change your mind. This dude has accomplished someting which is something worth for him and he wanted to share and mnost uf u are just haters. WTF. Why cant u just be happy or not happy without doing dumb comment? I farmed all fragments and i tried to complete my codex and when i did it ( sadly not the codex) i told everyone and was happy. Some ppl thought "get a life" or dont care but they saw i was happy about that so they said congrats. edit: over on reddit i saw a post with a couple thousand upvotes, a guy started playing warframe, told that he like the game and told what he has accomplished. this here is the same, except the dude gets so much hate.
  8. Concrats buddy !!! Im not Mr28 since im on console but i like "Mr Hunting" too 😄 Only missing Zenith so far, which i ll get in 13 days. Seems like there ll be much stuff to leven when update his console! Cant wait when we reach lvl 30. The golden badge looks way better then the bronze one! But that ll need some time ! Enjoy your time
  9. I was missing the bp all the time. I had 9 systems and all other parts but missing the bp. i never ever played eso again. fun fact: i was so mad after all those month i waited for 75% discount to just whale her but did one last run. got the bp in that run. LOL.
  10. I was bored and tested how i can get the highest slash proc on soma prime with hunter munitions. HM is only affecte by damage mods and crit values. I tested on a lvl 165 heavy gunner. The slash proc was 18203. I needed some tweaks to get there. Soma with Serration, Splitchamber, point strike, vital sense, heavy caliber, hunter munitions, bladed rounds, riven with cc+cd no negative. I had 6 vigilante mods equipped for the set bonus (on my sentinel weaon to get the bonus). I used a rhino p with 155% weapon damage bonus, which is around 320% strength. I used 2 arcane rage (they do stack). With all those stuff active and bladed rounds this was the highest slash i got. Was quite fun to test. Will never reach that ingame 😄 but i was suprised how high it can get. The most effect for the slash was when rhino roar was applied. whats your fav hunter munition weapon and have u min maxxed a build just for fun to see how high u get those slash procs?
  11. The last couple updates we always got it on tuesday, even it was finished earlier.
  12. better or more boring. depending on how u look it. personally one of my fav things in destiny is chasing good rolls. i stopped after d2 launch when every weapon had a fix roll. people will never understand why people do that. you run that one strike over and over and over again and then u get your rifled barrel, outlaw, rangefinder, hidden hand imago loop. i screamed like a little kid back in d1 days 😄 the satisfaction ... there are no words for something u chace for a long time and then get it. or can be frustrating , looking at you anarchy^^
  13. i had to look up guides and git gud with moving only to beat that misson. it was hard as #*!%. but i love challenging content and im sad its out of rotation. but never play it with randoms , just solo.
  14. Im on North America server (PS4 setup to US), which were always the best for finding ppl and trade chat. Most other server were pretty much dead.
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