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  1. Hello, afaik they release huge update with riven dispo changes, havent found them, are im wrong in time with my expectation ? any1 has some infos thx
  2. im at 999.999.999 for a couple month. my original plan was to farm 100 John Prodman Poster which u get after 1h of playing index. i always solo the hard mode , but i stopped after 65 poster. edit: it was my own endgame i did :D i also wanted to hit the enemy cap level of 9999. which i did in a solo arbitration surival after 14h. next day i got banned for 2 weeks (from trade chat) because the game told me, that i had an "unnormal amount of loot" farmed in a short time. after i realized that this isnt a joke, i contacted support twice because i did nothing wrong. they didnt c
  3. you re so right with that. if u play content first and grind it out u most likely feel like an idiot later because everything will be more casual friendly.
  4. im sitting on 999.999.999 credits for half a year now. there is a cap after that. my goal was to farm 100 john prodman poster (which u get after 1h of index). i just made it too 65
  5. This happend now 5 times back to back while testing stuff on eidolon. I died and could not push the X button to self revive. Happend in cuva flood earlier too. Looks like this happens to me when group set to solo. I can only abort mission. This bug is around for couple weeks now for me. Not sure how frequent it is, since i usually play inaros and basicly never die. Happend with Nekros and Ivara now to mee.
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