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  1. Hello, which one would be the better choice when using the Hata-Satya Mod: 1. 143% Damage, 91.6% Multishot, 84.7% Heat -44.8% Zoom 2. 122.4% Critical Damage, 155% Critical Chance Thank you
  2. Hello, i put on most basic mods, if i max it now i have 2 mod slots left and 5 space which ll be enough for one more 9 capacity mod. but then? there arnent even all high level stuff mods, there isnt enough space, even with every slot formad https://imgur.com/Bymg3Yq
  3. Can someone please explain whats the difference here and which settings are general best to use here for ps4. Thanks
  4. Happens to me around 2 times a day while 4h of vault farming - sometimes without even any enemy around. Im used to that qualtity of content.
  5. 2 days ago, after clearing the first 3 vaults , we were able to select the mission again, T1, T2, T3 and if we were in the cave before we could skip the first phase. Doesnt work now anymore, is this a bug or should you not be able to do more vault runs after the first ?
  6. I did a pretty long one (already 2 month back), survival arbitration for 14h, where my playtime was 9h, other were in pause mode (which goes in solo play). I wanted to hit enemy level 9999 and i did. Day after that i got banned for 2 weeks because "annomal mission results". I contacted support twice, no reply except copy and paste answer. After that and 4500h spent i was done. Havend played again, back in Destiny where actually real endgame content is possible to play. I still wish they would care at least a bit for ppl who are long in this game. 99% content is made for around MR 16 and t
  7. it should not come over as "flex", it should give an picture as what i consider endgame stuff and so on. other ppl consider oder things. however it somehow feels good to know that im not alone with this problem to see those 2 different reactions from support is bad. looks like they havent a clue how to react. very sad that for those couple people where enjoy this stuff, have to accept that they wont trade any more or they ll stop doing their favorite misssion.
  8. Hello, i keep it very short. Im a maxed out MR28, i would call myself "vet", since i have done everything in game i could imagine. 4500 hours, 1000hydro caps, 999.999.999 credits, all weapons with great riven, enough plat and so on and so on. The situation, that there is no "endgame", was ok for me since i set my own challenges because the "challenges" DE wants, are a joke. "jump 150 times" and so on ... damn boring, like most stuff, since this game is clearly not made for maxed out people. I really wish they would do stuff where high lvl player can have "fear" agai
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