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  1. Hello, got a bunch of rifle riven i wanted to open with those new weapons. If i open them now, can they already include basmu or do i have to wait until the event arrives ?
  2. Forgot to mention, i dont wannna use melee since i know compared to primary and secondary , melee has its own league. My melee builds ll go higher then 250. I played most of the time like this, so i wanna now test how far i can go with primary and secondary. I do those 1h runs for prodman for fun, farming 100 of his poster, sitting at around 60. (made my own endgame lol). I do them all solo, since i want test my weapon and riven without anyone else. And i try to get at least 15 rounds in 1h to get some credits too. Back in the days before they nerfed the damage scaling when u did not die i hit around 25 rounds in 60 minutes. Thanks for all the good advice so far. I tested redeemer prime a couple times but it wasnt the solution for the lvl 250 enemies. . Had the standard heavy attack build modded for radiation , no riven. Even with x12 combo counter auditor level 250 is not much impressed. i might give it a new try , got 2 riven now, what would be your choice. 1. +61.5% Additional Combo Count Chane +89.7% Toxin +191.3%critical chance - 1.7 range (does this have any effect when using gun blade ?) The second one is. +215% Damage +124.3% Status Chance - 28.6% Damage to Grineer. Have a good day.
  3. I try to go as high as possible, without any damage buffs. Main Problem is those large shields they have later. Actually i use pox or nukor with 100% status, modded for magnetic mainly to get rid of shield and then switching to chakkurr (which got a +cc +cd +damage to corpus -impact riven ) and modded for radiaton. Cant break the wall with that setup around lvl 250. Any tipps ?
  4. Is the heavy attack effected by conditon overload, weeping rounds to get 100% status chance with a 12x multiplier ? Im rerolling my riven which has current 52.1% additional combo count chance, 76% statuc chance, 163.4% crit chance, the new roll has 215% damage and 124.3% statuschance, -28.6% damage to grineer. would only need 2 60% mods to reach 100% on second build. not sure if its useful.
  5. I could do in past to fix major hull breaches with cursor, but now i cant call the tactical menu. I have to go away from flying railjack (from steering wheel), so im in normal third person. then i can call the tactical menu again over abilities. is this a bug or new feature ?
  6. Before the update , while flying my RJ, i pressed the "ability menu" buttion and then the "tactical menu" button if i had to fix a hole in my ship or so. Now, when i fly ship and want to fix something, i need to get off the ship control, back into warframe to cast my ability menu. While fling and pressing the tactical menu button, nothing happend. Second thing, i did an anomaly recently. Before the update, when i had a breach on my ship and i fixed it but let enemies alive, i always had at least like 1-2 minutes before hull breach again. I could run while solo into the base and do the object damage and so on. Now after fixing the breach, i went into base and 5-10 seconds after that breach again. Tried 5-6 times, always same time window. Bug or intended ? thanks
  7. i changed fire to r1 when i started wf since i play all shooter like that. can u rebind your r1 in railjack settings ? and i noticed when i fly railjack i have no access to tacitcal menu to fix breaches, i ve to left the steering and go manual from there into tactical menu
  8. Hello, this is from the patch notes: Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it. my ability key in railjack is set to R1, i cant even change it. I would like to change those key bindings since R1 is usually "Fire" button. Is this possible ? when i go into the controller options and click on the ability key button i get the message "Cannot rebind this button"
  9. Like 25% slash is same as 100% corrosive from proc weighting
  10. Hello, before the status update i was mostly running gas build, Serration, Splitchamber, point strike, vital sense, Heavy caliber, hunter munitions, vigilante armament. I thought about switching heavy cal for primed cyro rouunds to have viral now, what are your thoughts on that one? thx
  11. I mean after some time u have like 75% bonus, then 100%. Can it go higher then 100% like 200% - 300% if you would stay that long
  12. In kuva survival requiem you get every couiple rounds rounds a little stacking bonus, for exp , resources and so on. Is there a cap on how high the bonus is able to go or is it really endless ?
  13. Ive around 100 1h index hard runs solo. There best option by far is Revenant because Jad Terad will disable your abilites pretty much all the time. u have to rely on good weapon builds. Since they nerfed how damage calculation works over the rounds i cant to 25 rounds in 1h any more, only like 12-15 with max mr 28 weapons. i play with double enemy radar, its worth it.
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