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  1. Well it's just an idea. I'm pretty sure the creators can come up with better abilities and cast down the stats on her. In the mean time I wanted to try and do a tanky caster. And yes she might be op right now but many frames that come out at first are pretty op until they are reviewed and nuffed kinda like ember. This said it is hard to try and come up with totally new abilities and thus yes some might look the same as others. But this doesnt change that creators can take the idea and change her fully if necessary. I thought the idea was good and wanted to share it.
  2. Sorry guys guess I miss clicked the M for an N with my big fingers lol
  3. So my friend and I were thinking about a new warframe that could be added to the game. I came up with a name for this warframe. Her name would be Victasity. Her passive ability would be a chaos meter that gains more percentage as you kill and damage enemies. Her first ability would revolve around creating a barrier using her telekinetic abilities. This barrier would block 60% of incoming damage and throw back 10% of damage back to enemies. This barrier would be an 180° angle infront of the warframe at rank 1. Each rank increases the damage throw back up to 30%. The Barrier draws 7% of energy per second. Stats can be affected by efficiency mods and strengths mods. The barrier angle is affected by rang mods. Can upgrade to a 280° angle barrier. Her second ability would create a barrier that rapidly expands and pushes enemies out 20m away from her. Affects enemies 150 impact damage for 2 seconds and bleed effect that last 10 seconds. Consumes 15% of chaos meter. Ability states are affected by ranged mods, duration and strength and efficiency mods. Efficiency mods would decrease chaos meter consumption up to 5%. Each rank would increase push up to 30m and damage up to 200 impact for 5 seconds with 25 seconds of bleed effect. Her 3rd ability would imbue Victasity in telekinetic power making her unseen from enemies within 20m of her. Each rank would maximize the range up at 45m and can boost it up to 60m with rang mods. Drains chaos meter when active by 35% each second. Efficiency mods can decrease this percentage up to 10%. Her fourth ability would created a maelstrom of telekinetic engery that does 2500 damage and has a range of 70m for a duration of 20 seconds. Consumes 50% of chaos meter. Does slash and impact and puncture damage as things hit enemies. Damage can be increased up to 3100 with strength mods. Efficiency decreases the drain up to 35% and duration can be increased up to 50 seconds. Her base armor would be at 325. Her shields at 125 and health 180 at base. Max rank without health would be at 500, Max shields 250 and her armor 650. Her sprint speed of 1.20 Please tell me if you think it would be a good add to the game and what should or could change to make her better. Please share so she can come to life.
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