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  1. No one is fine. You clearly haven't read the post didn't you? Here in red text: If you use external software in conjunction with Warframe, then you do so at your own risk. What are you talking about? They don't have a system for that. Hence that statement. People are raging here coz they haven't made anything clear. As I said, the gray area on macro use before just became muddy AF coz of this post. So the question in everybody's mind now is, can we still use macro or not? Warframe's response is: WELL YES, BUT NOT REALLY, MAYBE, I DON'T KNOW. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! #ENJOYTHEBAN Get it now?
  2. At best, this post is vague, useless, unclear, unhelpful, uninformative and useless. Yeah, I said useless twice, oh I did say useless thrice, oh now I said useless four times...i'll stop now. Sorry it's just my macro acting up. Useless
  4. It's common sense. Altering game files is a big NO NO! Meanwhile using macro isn't. Macro just makes repetitive tasks a bit easier. You don't also consider the fact that most peripherals today come equipped with macro programs example of this is Razer's macro. Macros don't alter game files. I'm surprised that Waframe is already pretty old but it doesn't still know how to differentiate cheats from macros. What are you doing these past few years?? I'm disappointed with this. IDC if I'm getting banned using macro. I'm on my way out anyway. Destiny is going be f2p so, yeah. You do you.
  5. Still hasn't fixed Ancient Healers Damage Reduction aura on defense objectives. It doesn't give them the aura, what gives?
  6. Clip showing Ancient Healer lost 90% dmg reduction buff. Please fix.
  7. Ancient Healer Buff not working. Here is a clip showing it. Warframe and Defense objective are well within DR buff radius but buff is non-existent.
  8. Hey fix it. It won't buff my frame or the defense objective anymore. WTF man!
  9. Buff is gone completely. I tested. I know you made changes but it doesn't indicate removing the buff overall.
  10. Yo fix the Ancient Healer's Buff! It's gone completely coz of the latest changes. Jeez!
  11. HEY! Ancient Healer's Buff is gone completely. What did you do??????? Jeez!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but have there been any changes lately on the ability of the Ancient healer to buff 90% dmg reduction in whatever state it is in? Hold Position or Follow. Coz I tested it and if it's in Follow, it buffs my frame but not the defense objective, of it's in Hold Position, the buff is gone.
  13. The only thing I see good in this update is the new suppressed gun. That's it. All other are crap tbh. No matter how you polish the game, in the end it's only as good as the rewards.
  14. Just like that, market destroyed, lol! They hinted this awhile back. Didn't even bothered farming Wolf until now. Completed the set in under an hour with the mask to boot. lol
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