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  1. Do an image search on "bengal cats". You're welcome.
  2. Cats! Because... Well, cats.
  3. A shovel. "happy gasmask noises"
  4. Finally. Hopefully, they won't drag their feet for so long before going into intermission IV. There are three things I can use NW credits on, and I have more than enough already.
  5. Finally got the last part for Protea. Sad part is, once she hits 30, she gets eaten for the dispensary. And I have no intention farming her again. Finally feeling somewhat alive again after that second Pfizer shot. Apparently it exacerbated my arthritis, and I'm still constantly fatigued as well. But at least I won't turn into a zombie, if I get infected now..... Right?
  6. Getting my second Pfizer shot tomorrow. Got enough food for well over a week (and canned/long term storage goods for quite a bit longer), in case I react worse this time around. First shot made me feel like crap for about four days. Better prepared than hungry.
  7. Yeah. That's another thing... I suffer from arthritis in my hands (and numerous other joints), so trying to do those tricks ad nauseum... Not worth the physical pain. Like one of my DTP teachers used to say: "No arms, no cake".
  8. I'm not even going to bother with Yareli for a long time, or until DE gets into their thick heads, that a substantial part of the player base hate k-drives and nerfs the quest. Or I'll just wait for the prime, if at all. The frame is just... bleh! And there have been a lot of those frames lately.
  9. Thought this needed a little more attention. Tracked down the Pallet Shelter Org from the video. I have an interest in alternative housing projects and technologies.
  10. Looks like one of Yareli's abilities is removing Vauban's flechette orbs before those expire. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Like the incessant beeping after an aimed shot and no explosion? Yeah, still doing that.
  12. I hate the wristblade concept, and I hate those silly acrobatics finishers. They yank me out of the immersion every single time.
  13. Amen. Not having much hope, though. Feels like they're just winging it for quite a while now.
  14. Bullet sponge intensifies...
  15. Still getting 3 acolytes in 35+ minute missions.
  16. They've been pushing people towards the market hard in this update. And not just the new warframe, but all the new gear hidden behind mindless grind in unpopular game modes as well. Smells of desperation, if I should give my... ten... cent.....
  17. This latest update has been full of headscratchers. Things feel so... random.
  18. They did try out a lot of things on that chassis. Come to think of it, I had several different variants of the Panzer IV in my 1:72 model collection, when I was a kid. We used do mock battles in the sandbox in the courtyard with our armies back then. Then I found the occasional giant robot kit from japan, and shifted my attention to those. And then I came across 25mm miniatures, and... yeah. Still collecting those.
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