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  1. 13 hours ago, kgabor said:

    For me from most liked, 1.Banshee, 2.Harrow, 3.Trinity (melee hybrid build), 4.Nyx.

    Maybe Vauban too, but Vaub needs a rework, Nyx just needs this recent tweak reversed except for the armor remove, that's really useful.

    And Slow Nova for sniping on tilesets with high enemy spawnrates.

    Here, have a Like!

    Vauban/Prime is one of my most played frames, and definitely in my Top 3.

    On topic, others in my Top 10 list would be Trin, Ivara, Pilferoid, and Volt. Not sure how I'd arrange them or who else would make the list, I'd have to think about it.

  2. 4 hours ago, (PS4)big_eviljak said:

    I'd like to advocate a change between iron skin and other abilities like inaros' ult... With nullifiers.

    Instead of iron skin instantly being dispelled. I'd like to suggest that instead iron skin loses say 5% health every second he's in the Nullys bubble. When he's effected by the Nullys alternative units like scrambus, he instead loses 10% health from iron skin, instead of instant dispel.

    I'd rather it stays the same. 

    Way too many unskilled people use Rhino/Prime as a crutch.  I wouldn't want to make things easier for them.

  3. 12 hours ago, Kyoresh said:

    lol, no why should they? they just take more time.

    well thats the Problem. those "high Level missions arent hard. you dont even need to use Forma to do them in under 15 minutes 

    Why do you think I put quotation marks around it. They are indeed easy

  4. 3 hours ago, (XB1)Thy Divinity said:

    Until we have more abilities/weapons that scale well with enemies, it will always be this way.  That's why there's such a disparity between frames like Octavia, Inaros, Ivara, Mesa etc and lower level ones like Vauban, Ember, Zephyr, Titania.....

    Hold up, I love Ivara and Vauban. I bring both into sorties, arbitrations, and other "higher level" missions. The play style is different between the frames, but I don't have any issues w/ bringing Vauban into these missions.

    Granted, I do use relevant frame/operator arcanes and invested lots of time in making Vauban awesome...


    edit: I kinda think this is similar to an OW situation. Torb is awesome depending on the map, but you also have to be skilled w/ him

  5. 10 hours ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

    ..but is that only when you get a bonus for using that frame specifically? or do you take him all the time?

    Inb4 two types of responses; "omg y would u use Vauban he's TRASH bruh" and "good for you!"

    I use him sometimes regardless of whether he's the frame that gets the bonus or not.  Imo, survivability isn't an issue with his CC and using operator arcanes like magus elevate.

    I genuinely enjoy using Vauban/Prime. 

    He's my second most played frame at a little over 20% (Pilferoid is top at around 30%).

    To each their own, right?

  6. I didn't find a topic on this anywhere, so apologies in advance if there is one.

    Enemies shielded by the Arbitration drones are still crowd controlled by Vauban's vortex.  Though they do not take damage from vortex, sometimes it makes it easier to hit the drones because the enemies around them become clumped into a neat ball.

    Yes...I use Vauban/Prime in arbitrations...


    That is all.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Hynek307 said:

    Got charged chamber - well, free stuff, so its fine 🙂 But these crashes are annoying as hell

    i wouldn't know, I have it muted and another window open.  I'm not really a fan of the game streams lol

    Edit: does it just auto reload of it crashes? I just checked and stream is stil playing on my end.

  8. I guess the biggest/worst mistake I ever made was accidentally buying the wrong Tennogen syandana.  DE was able to rectify it, thankfully.

    Other than that, I make little mistakes here and there.

    Off the top of my head:

      Wanting to use one item in radial menu and accidentally choosing something else (e.g., planning to use archwing launcher, and instead throw down an energy pizza).

      Bringing wrong loadout to sorties when getting interrupted b/w the 1st and 2nd or the 2nd and 3rd mission, due to forgetting what the mission or stipulations are.

      Forgetting to swap out controller battery even though Xbox notified me, to the point where my controller shuts down while in-mission.


    Nothing really serious or huge though.

  9. 11 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    I guess so. You have to get rid of 3 Rivens simultaniously. Seems a flaw in the current system were you are not supposed to have more than cap+1. This will even disqualify you from Sorties and will hint after every thing you did that you are beyond your maximum.

    edit: How did you get cap+2 in the first place? Quest rewards?

    Yeah, I was over by 1 and then I got a pistol riven from the Pyrus project so that bumped it to 2.

  10. Over the weekend, I found myself over my riven max capacity by 2 (off top of my head, I was at something like 47/45).

    I attempted to sell one veiled riven to someone, but wasn't able to. I kept getting a message that said I was over the limit so the trade can't be completed.

    I ended up being able to successfully trade w/ him/her by selling an additional veiled riven.

    I was able to find this post that seemed to mirror my situation: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/970161-unable-to-sell-rivens-once-you-have-2-more-rivens-than-capacity/


    So, is this in fact what was occurring? (i.e., that because I was over the limit by 2, I would only be able to sell rivens by selling at least 2 in the same transaction).  So the same situation would apply if I was at, for ex, over by 3?




  11. I've always found the mastery leveling system to be...odd at best.

    So in addition to what previous posters have stated in re the benefits of attaining higher MR (e.g., void trace capacity), I suppose another reason some people do it is for their e-peen. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Marvelous_A said:

    Try not to get it ASAP and do a few runs a day until you get it. It doesn't reduce the grind but at least you will burn out more slowly, that's what I did with Khora BP. Still a pain in the @ss tho.

    Agreed, though I take it a bit farther. I do a couple defections till 8 squads maybe once per week.

    I'm in no rush to obtain the part, it'll come eventually.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Wevi said:

    purely defense. also i like how he said vauban prime looks amazing but then makes a shout out to a skin that can be used on the vanilla vauban.

    ^   And for the skin, yup, Prime looks good as does the Graxx skin. Both are aesthetically pleasing. I don't really like Graxx w/ prime toggle though

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