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  1. same...DE has not mentioned fixing this
  2. Its says I should get a spinal core and I dont get anything! They have not acknowledged this bug
  3. are you doing multiple fish?
  4. I wonder if they permanently damaged anyones ears
  5. you just killed the hype. This is why Warframe will always remain mediocre. And its locked behind a tedious grind to boot? Nice
  6. the stats page is hilariously bad. And the way the thing blocks your frame on the "mission complete" pose
  7. Sucks I have to build Bolto again....Im MR 24, so I mastered all the low level stuff a while ago, thats why these stuck out to me
  8. I noticed that I dont have Bolto mastered, same for Braton. Do I have to master them again or is there a fix for this?
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