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  1. Any chance of looking at older Warframes that can do well with some newer/modern tools? Loki and Trinity come to mind.
  2. Any hopes for a Loki update? He's due for a more modern kit by now
  3. Any news on a Loki update? Would be nice to have a modernized kit on one of the oldest Warframes
  4. Any hope for Loki getting some much needed updates to his abilities? His 1 and 3 should be a single ability IMO, 2 and 4 are fine if not possibly too good
  5. Would be cool to have unique animations for certain abilities cast in the air; like Loki's Radial Disarm. Would also like to see Rhino's Charge be functionally equivalent to Zephyr's Tail Wind/Dive Bomb in which casting it into the ground triggers an AoE
  6. Will Loki ever receive an ability update? Passive, Decoy, and Switch Teleport are all quite useless. As someone that started with Loki back when he was available as a starter, I'd really enjoy seeing him get a much needed update.
  7. Invisibility and Radial Disarm are his only real abilities. Decoy and Switch Teleport should not only be one ability, but their use should be more than just so that they can be used together. I don't care about DPS nor did I even bring it up, so I do not know why you are
  8. Hi there. I love Loki. Unfortunately, Loki only has two good abilities, and it has been this way for several years. When can we expect a Loki update?
  9. With the addition of new Warframes I strongly feel that old ones should be looked at in order to keep them in-line with modern standards. For instance; Loki has seen almost no changes to any of his abilities for literal years and it's starting to be more apparent. What I'm saying is: Loki rework when?
  10. Hello, long-time veteran here. I started with Loki back in the day because it said he would offer more to a more advanced player. At the time, this was partially true. Now, it is no longer the case. He is in desperate need of an update.
  11. It has been years since Loki has received any sort of changes. His kit is starting to show its age, and as someone that picked him up as a starter Warframe on the premise of him being geared towards more advanced players, this is really sad to see. Is there any hope for him in the future?
  12. Long-time veteran here, chose Loki as my starter since he was said to "be an ideal choice for advanced players" and I wanted a complex yet rewarding Warframe. At the time, this wasn't too true, and today it's even less true. Could we please get an updated Loki? Decoy is underwhelming in every situation. Invisibility is okay, but it could a lot more interesting in execution. Switch Teleport is bad and has almost no viable applications except for Spy missions and trolling. Radial Disarm is really good even though it doesn't fit the theme of Loki.
  13. Can we expect any meaningful changes/updates to Loki? It's been years and some of his abilities are very outdated
  14. Loki has gone through very few changes throughout his life, and it's starting to show. Will anyone look into him?
  15. Many newer Warframes have been getting reworks and second looks lately, but older Warframes need that attention a lot more. Loki, Nyx, and Trinity all come to mind, with various powers that still remind me of the Super Jump era; When will they be getting looked at extensively?
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