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  1. Loki already has that passive; you may want to think of something else
  2. Passive; Split Cognition: Broken Warframe's abilities cycle through three different variations after casting an ability; Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Depending on which variation Broken Warframe is, they will have a bonus effect; Alpha; Convert a very small portion of HP damage to Energy Beta; Shield damage taken strikes back to enemies Omega; Invulnerable for 1 second after expending energy. 1st Ability; Enhance Potential: You and allies within a medium radius gain bonus stats for a period of time. Alpha; Enhances Critical chance by a small, flat amount Beta; Grants damage reduction Omega; Enhances Parkour Velocity and reduces friction 2nd Ability; Somatic Restructuring: Broken Warframe moves its wiring around, altering its physical capabilities for a duration. Alpha; Increases movement speed and melee attack speed. Beta; Continually recharges shields. Omega; Goes invisible and does not have to recover from hard landings. 3rd Ability; Burst: Broken Warframe turns the energy it expends into a violent burst around it. The amount of energy channeled into this ability increases its strength. Broken Warframe is disarmed while this ability is active. Alpha; A swirling mass of void static flies around Broken Warframe, continually dealing Puncture damage with high status. Beta; The area around Broken Warframe distorts, constantly proccing Cold status. At the end of the ability, all enemies affected by Cold status become afflicted by a similar amount of Impact procs. Omega; A field of constant radiation with occasional pulses is released around Broken Warframe. When pulsing, it procs Magnetic and Radiation. 4th Ability; Pandemonium: Broken Warframe sinks its wiring into the ground it's standing on, locking it in place. All of Broken Warframe's abilities for its current variation are active at once while Pandemonium is active at no cost. Additionally, the following occurs while Pandemonium is active: Alpha; Firing costs a small amount of energy to summon a phantom of Broken Warframe that rapidly loses health, with no maximum amount, but each additional phantom will lose health faster and deal slightly less damage. Beta; Broken Warframe's shield extends itself into a sphere around Broken Warframe while increasing all of its shield-related effects. Omega; Firing costs energy to teleport to the cursor; the energy cost increases based on distance traveled. For every enemy in the area you teleport to, you replenish a small amount of energy.
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