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    You know the rest. Dance Macabre always reminded me of ballet.
  2. Well, I can't say for certain but... Progress is account based. There should be no need to transfer anything if you're using the same PSN account. You shouldn't have anything to worry about. Also, as far as I know, transfers aren't really up to DE, anyway. It's up to the platform owners. That's why PC to console transfers happen (No one owns PC so they can do what they want) but console to console transfers don't.
  3. I can beat him using MR fodder and I still need drops from him. With having had a less than 5% chance to appear I wasn't going to blow off a chance to get a drop I needed just because the fight was going to be tedious. The other day I was leveling the Exergis (and some other weapons) when the wolf spawned. Fight, of course, took forever. I complained to an acquaintance.. he said I should have brought a different primary for the mission. I facepalmed. Why would I bring a different primary when the entire reason I was doing that mission was to level that primary.. and didn't know the Wolf would spawn??? It was a useless suggestion. … not sure why I just thought of that.... 🙄
  4. This is my problem with him currently - you have to treat every eligible mission as if it's going to be a Wolf fight. Because every time I'd encountered him while leveling weapons/frames the fight took 20-30 minutes and a crapton of ammo restorers. He's not a fun fight if you don't have the right gear with you, and I don't understand the reasoning behind this design - a randomly spawning boss that requires specific gear to kill efficiently? Normally even when I disagree with something DE has done I at least understand their reasoning. This boss design has left me baffled. Back to the main topic... I think what other people have said is worth looking in to. Make him more like the acolyte spawns or the kuva missions. That way people who want him can hunt for him and people who really don't want to be bothered right now have a way of opting out.
  5. When the 15 year-old boy realizes he's killed over half a million people...
  6. That's a little premature since not all the devs are on board with that. Scott likened Blink to 'coptering back in the day - saying it removed choice since if you wanted the speed you had to take specific weapons. I'd argue that prioritizing speed over all other considerations *is* a choice. Just like how prioritizing vacuum over pet utility was a choice. Choice hasn't been removed, exactly, but what makes it a problem is that a large percentage of players see the option as a necessity. But they solved 'coptering by giving us a better, more fun movement system. (And they solved the vacuum issue by giving us Fetch). The fact that people 'coptered back in the day showed the game had a problem. The fact that they spam Blink now is, again, an indication of a problem. I could only agree with nerfing Blink if it's being done because of problems inside actual AW content. I also want to point out - I take Itzal for Penumbra, I use Blink because I'm in Itzal anyway. Other people have said they take Itzal for Crush. A part of the problem is that Itzal is the only AW that offers real utility in open world. What percentage of players using Blink only do it because they took Itzal for some other reason? I'm of the opinion that a better option, instead of nerfing any AW because of open world (which they were never designed for), would be to remove them from open world and give us another flying vehicle type specifically designed for it. Because realistically they cannot fix the issues with AW in open world without redesigning all the AWs... and then redesigning all the AW missions to factor in the new AW design. Or maybe I'm wrong and they'll come up with some elegant solution to everything. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Or maybe they were already planning on a complete AW redesign anyway. But back to the main topic - I pretty much agree that the big problem with AWs overall in open world is the massive amount of AA and the AWs limited ability to counter it. Odenata can actually be swatted out of the sky by a 2nd AA volley while flares are still in the air. Odenata is my favorite AW but its countermeasure is completely ineffective in open world. It would be nice if evasive maneuvers could break a missile lock.
  7. I realize you just came here to grumble and not actually contribute to the conversation, but, from the OP - "it feels good to support something you enjoy". He enjoys the game, he wants to support it. That's why he wants to give them money even though he has almost everything. Same reason I do it, same reason a lot of people do it. It always boggles me when people think a game is worth their time to play but not their money to support - it's basically saying they feel their time has no value.
  8. Ottofyre

    Tectonic Plates

    I think the Earth just moved.
  9. Why not, given we can auto scan for the codex? I'm not saying they can't or shouldn't do it, just that I don't see it happening - at least not any time soon. Especially with them only having one use. That said - It would partly depend on DE's reason for having given it a special collection mechanic to begin with. And there is something of a precedent for auto-looting with the Looter mod. But, I think a better option might be to make them like the open world plants - scanning is just scanning. you destroy them for their resources. That would unify the plant harvesting mechanic and make it a bit less tedious to collect the apothic resources.
  10. Plants always spawn in the same locations. Once you learn them it's not hard to farm them. I think having Oxylus highlight plants is probably fine, but as peterc3 said, scanning is Helios' specialty. I don't see having sentinels effectively auto-harvest special resources for us as something that would be implemented, though. But you know people will want it to scan Kavats, too.
  11. No. That hurts blink's intended use, which is to get you the heck out of harm's way. The problem is - the open world areas weren't designed with AWs in mind... and AWs weren't designed with open world in mind. Itzal gets used not just because blink covers ground quickly - but also because there's too much AA and every other AW's countermeasure uses too much energy and leaves you right where the enemies can just fire again. I originally used Odenata when the plains released but if you can't stay in the air then you might as well not even use an archwing. Itzal isn't just the fastest AW - in some instances it's the only *viable* AW for open world. People use Itzal because it offers a solution to a problem. The best answer is to provide a better solution - not to take the one solution away. Also, I think it would be a big mistake to make a change to an archwing like that because of open world before seeing how Railjack changes the equation.
  12. I honestly never practice anymore because of the number of times I've nailed it in practice just to blow it on the test. Always makes me feel like I wasted my "good run". But yea, don't worry, you won't lose out on accumulating just because you've not passed the MR test. I know someone who had 4 ranks banked before he eventually passed one of the tests. There's a solid difference between not paying attention in a conversation you voluntarily entered in to and not finding information you never knew existed. 🙄
  13. I might be misremembering this but I think they said they were going to *try* to have floofs available for TennoCon? But OMG Yes! I want floofs!
  14. For a capture mission I would leave pretty much right after realizing it was bugged. They only take a couple minutes to run.. it's better use of time just to extract and run another. For any other fissure type it really depends on how invested I am in it. Usually I'd abandon after a few minutes.. but if I'm obsessing I might stay significantly (ridiculously) longer.
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