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  1. How is stalker stoping my "take no dmg" riven challenge not an abuse by DE, how is that not trolling and cyber bullying? please be succinct...
  2. Sentients staying for essentially 1 run every 3 hrs ANd the bugs is a level of disgust that i didnt think this game could illicit... why punish ... NO NO NO you need EXTRA REWARD FOR RELEASES not less. every time i see a sentient arm cannon im gonna throw up a little like i do with nidus (173 fortress spy runs for nueroptics) PTSD bugs are to be expected and anticipated by having an "extra reward release window" anything else is a disservice to players (bug report prizes? monthly bug reporter winner... 1 forma per crash idc Sumnt ... id even take a gesture or sumnt
  3. How could you even think it would be a good thing to Arbitrarily gate? why would it not occur to you to be Consistently aggravating as a player to interact with a thing that dosnt spawn then is gone for 3hrs at a time? WHat practices do you as a com[pany have in place to Ensure yuour not Needlessly aggravating? why not have a sortie like daily capp on sentient? why nnot have a tighter coordination between the alerts and the loading of the thing the alert is for? .02% can archwing it .00001% can RJ it doing it in pubs is therefore a nightmare. you dont take solo play seriously and we are left with no choice but to curse the names of those that Refuse to take this as seriously as it deserves to be taken.
  4. give us a limited 1 time release event that after completing veil proxima we auto get the new weapons (or sumnt) thats NOT dependent on bugs... also make it a bug report reward clan competition or sumnt i dont mind bugs. i do mind losing all progress to them... I Hate when my "team" can hurt us... make crews ships do more dmg. so when my team insists on abandoning us to use that useless... why can my team destroy, ACTUALLY destroy, us by 'refining' of all things... if its going to be co-op make a troll pass why not? I did actuially hear statments of intent toward co-op friendly environ. so i try hard Not to take it as sadism. the public statments as to the 'intent" of co-op is, recently, well done... its awesome except for the bugs 😄
  5. thnx for the hard wrk surahs. Happy Holidays see you next year (melee 3.0 best since second dream :D
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