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  1. When will rubico's disposition be 0.01 and why have you not communicated a structure to the transitory nature of your apparent "trends" (' this trend should continue in the future ') do rivens stop at 0.5 for instance thats a rule worth communicating if its in place a bad feeling weapon wont be used regardless of the force of a million suns... the rubico feels great why "Fix" that please put to words What are you even doing and why do you think you need to // should
  2. I cannot state how wrong it is to have Very few things worth formaing at mr 27 and then to have put an 8th forma on my kavat when i rememberd that primed pack leader existed and needed another forma for NW and opps i was in similacrum...( All caps (Why do you troll me DE Why) ) !! this is just soooo wrong on such a fundamental level that i require the reimbursment of the forma "credit "for nightwave (3/3) ANd a public stastment about DE's official Trolling Policy with imediate change in your player engagement policies and in game implementation of same ! as Nothing else would even come close to mending the trust broken from adding forma in similacrum, lasers in the void, everything about limbo, troll doors, troll elevators, frost globes in kuva siphons spam or mag bubble spam or nova loops off the edge or loki switching or any of the dozens of other ways in which you activly troll your players
  3. energy color spots on my kavat tail are no longer of the energy color but of the skin color please it looks really bad now (i had the pecock tail so its Very noticeable... while fixing please let me change that color thnx
  4. TLDR; the wolf needs to announce his arrival and departure Louder, he needs to show up before 3 min and he needs to compensate for the amount of floods higher level players run... also fix the bugg where my operator dies instantly when transfering out of warframe whether its a quick thinking bugg or another bugg its not acceptable Absolutely terrible... i will tell of this for all time... i have seen the wolf three times in over 1000 missions. 2wice he just disappears... one time as far as i can tell he flings himself off the edge with his hammer attack and never reappears... once i die to a B.S. other bug and i guess he leaves once i die (why the Hell do you not give us Any parameters for his existence!!)... once we kill him and the only reason i know this is that i got a handle icon in bottom left... he hardly appears very quietly a pic in bottom corner and gives No indication of his death or success (WTF is his "success" state anyway as stalker has to be the one to kill me not a flame proc from an op hyekka master) All of these happened in kuva floods as i am an mr26 player thats all that there is for me to do really... we as a community Rarely stay in a mission longer than 3 min and we are lossing alot of chances to see the wolf... i can kill the wolf it just takes too long but it is absolutely intolerable to not have the chance to due to the shear amount of BS surrounding this event
  5. nightwave feed back i like it fine even though it is following industry trends that in general i dont like see article "i dont want to do my video game chores" info on the wolf credit shop is needed! i missed desert atterax because i didnt know that wolf decoration was going to return Every time! i need a segment boxed and seperated for "evergreen rewards plz the Wolf part is the single worst element in Any game i have ever EVER experienced your game in general needs an rng fail state so that at 1000 missions i am guaranteed a thing (or some such number maybe 100 or varies with thing) so i dont have to do 172 fortress spy missions for nidus part or 83 defections for harrow part or 124 tyl regors for equinox part; those things i will Never forget and will compare to other games and warn newbies about are as Nothing compared to the number of missions i havent seen the wolf in (as of now i have yet to see the wolf)... bare minimum we all fight him once the battle ends with him at 1 life escaping and vowing revenge (or we do same)
  6. found a couple other things when using no other weapons in load out // melee only cant unequip scanner. when aim gliding it is really annoying melee only cant scan simaris target. melee only cant drop datamass
  7. This is Great i love it, particularly the melee channeling options as they are in this 2.9999997 however 1 bug is that melee only client side block/aim glide gets stuck On works normally as host or in dojos another thing when using melee and then i fire i am returned to the weapon i was not using, a-lot which totally removes benefit.
  8. Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn't completed said mission yet. How did it come about that DE thinks that an amount of kuva equal to 1/3rd of one roll of a riven is an Acceptable reward for floods which is the highest level enemy game mode... if you take that fact as a baseline and revers engineer other rewards from game modes there Still is a discrepancy as those rewards are better and at low levels the fact that the other resource drops are Needed which increases the value and I am unable to conclude anything other than it gets worse as i play longer... please fix one of the only game mode (floods) rewards (rivens) that is worth my time at MR 26... i would even go as far as to consider floods spawning on my star chart At All Times as Maybe being worthy of being considered End Game (as the difficulty is fun for me) too bad i can only have fun 2wice an hour with no rewards as is (yes i use a booster and a smeeta and its not fun to wait in mission with 3/4 kuva to get that affinity proc Yes i fall asleep doing kuva survival and dont die Yes i dont like it i also dont like rolling the riven i only like playing floods and getting the right roll for weapons that need it the weapons that are strong already can use whatever rolls but the weapons that need rivens need WAY too specific of a roll for it to be good (shoots own foot)
  9. so why wont you let me give you money for more than 90 rivens...(i would have kept 1 of each sentinel mod none of which are under 500plat atm and rising...) Thank you sooo much for saving the LOT of work i did on my 100% status guns OMG thnx!!!
  10. Initiates can no longer purchase/replicate Clan Research (contributing allowed). This prevents new recruits from joining and bailing once they have taken their fill of Research. THIS IS SERIOUS any leverage uou give will be abused i will not beholden to the trolls that have caused me to leave my last 3 clans and have STRONG emotional reservations to trusting ANYONE in this game of trolls!!!!! I NEED AN OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO WHAT YOUR STANCE IS ON HOW MUCH YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO NEGITIVLY EFFECT OTHER PLAYERS!!! YOU ARE PROMOTING CYBER BULLYING WITH THIS, LIMBO, AND OTHERS RESPOND!!!!
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