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  1. Octavia really isn't that OP anymore, I tried playing her in PUBS and she's just unusable because people keep CCing the S#&$ out of every enemy, there are way to many CC frames in the game for her to be usable in PUBS, yes she is OP, but not in the standard 14 IQ missions you have. this excludes premade squats obv. but this is clearly not what this thread is targeting.
  2. I write this because it really bugs me, for those fearing any grand issue, no this is not it, the buffs are being applied, don't S#&$ your pants. what ruins the whole experience a bit for me is the fact that the visuals just don't happen, I get the Screen Splash from someone using the Masters fountain maybe in 10% of the cases I gave or received a buff, the statue changing and the splash always happen at the same time though. and as for the Statue, it's supposed to take on the Blessers apperiance no? then why can't you just apply the freaking fashion frame like you d
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