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  1. I propose that Chroma's 1 switch off when you swap elements. If nothing else is being changed about it. If more changes are on the table, I propose that his 1 become an exalted weapon, with the projectile type changing with the chosen base element, and the base damage type refusing to participate in combination elements. Like if you want rad damage on your fire breath, you should have to put both a +heat and a +electricity on the weapon and only the heat from the mod gets in on the radiation. Heat damage should be delivered in a long and glorious beam of furniture-melting plasma.
  2. So I was soloing an isovault as part of my continuing and apparently futile quest to score enoush Scintillant to make the new warfan (we need more of those, do one with chainsaw blades plz), and the red splatter from Fass covered the tunnel entrance. And I played through the whole of the infested tunnels portion of the mission with both the jam stains on my screen and all of the text on my interface scrambled like i was under a magnetic proc. Once I got down to the entrati ruins phase of the mission, it was just the scrambled text, the jam had fallen off at some point. It
  3. Interception 4, Relic-cracking 0. Dunno if this qualifies as a bug, but it seems like a thing not doing its stuff. I carved a bloody swath through four waves of Corrupted foes on a Corpus ship, intercepted four messages, and failed to open any relics because I did not get enough reactant to pop one open on any individual round and was unable to keep chewing on any one relic after the end of a round.
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