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  1. So I am listening to this thing where there is a Steve talking to a couple content creator types, inc. TacticalPotato. The Steev (a sort of Greneer combat knife) voices the opinion that the Simulacrum makes for less interesting and nonrepresentative vids when people take their guns out there to test things and see how the newest weapon copes with high level enemies. So I propose fiddling with the Simulacrum a bit. Put a thing in its controls so that there's a chunk of map that can be just swapped out for things like 'Ice world with Corpus wreckage', 'Jungle with Heavy Machinery', 'Greneer Galleon With Space Cancer', or 'Club Sandwich With Coleslaw', and let the person testing their toys just have that little adjustable arena where they can leap in, fight, leap out (and be ignored by the enemy when they leave the combat pit portion of the map) and then fiddle with their mod loadout or change guns, then hop back in to see how fast the enemies splatter this time.
  2. I thought they had unleashed the mainline changes earlier than planned so that they could make sure they worked and so we could play with them without having to deal with both a new meta and some new weirdness to stab. Operation Red Poking Stick is probably going to launch more or less on schedule, and I say that with all the authority and certainty of someone who is speculating wildly.
  3. Laiau, The Pretender A false warframe, wholly mechanical with its transference bolt hooked in to its electronics and just enough void-fibre running through its frame to let it serve as a conduit for the monstrous power of the Tenno. Built in secret by the Kavor as a tribute to the ones who gave them a chance to live free and kitted out with high-speed fabrication technology, with a reactor core based on the heart of a Balor Fomorian.
  4. I'd probably just give her something like +5% magnetic damage on all attacks. Enough that it shows up in the status effects inflicted sometimes. Her existing passive is neat but easy to forget that you have.
  5. Or just make the polarities move around on their own. Got three Madurai polarities, one Vazarin and one Welsh? Half drain cost on the biggest mods of each type.
  6. The Aprocalypse? no. Proctopus.
  7. I am enthused about the upcoming changes, but would like to make a couple suggestions. Firstly, the proposed magnetic and corrosive status effects will have enemy types against whom they do not do anything. I suggest that when an additional serving of corrosion or magnetic status effect would do nothing (either when the target has no armour or shield to remove or when it is full of the given proc type) that a different effect be applied. Perhaps an excess of corrosive damage should apply a bleed effect. My first thought for magnetic was bullet attractor bubbles that might cause allies of the afflicted unit to accidentally shoot them, but this would be rather pointless for the infested. So instead I suggest that magnetic overflow procs should drag enemies together. That would inconvenience both greneer and infested enemies, as well as being hilarious to watch.
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