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  1. That's just crazy talk.An extend-o-claw would be much more fun than just having them leap in to our pockets.
  2. So. It happens to me from time to time that i will smash a container or an enemy and an ayatan star will pop out and the little bastard falls in to a place i cannot reach. Behind a railing, cramme din a corner behind a locker, that kind of thing. Rather than make the unreasonable demand that the game's staggeringly huge number of terrain objects all be carefully inspected inch by inch to remove any possible holes that shiny bits might fall in to, I have a far more practical suggestion. A solution to this problem from a more elegant and civilized era. Lemme build one of those grabby stick devices in the foundry. Just like a handle on one end and a claw on the other so i can fish out useful things that get stuck out of arm's reach. I guess whipping out my mining laser to carve chunks out of the walls to get at my shinies would be another option but that sounds more difficult to implement.
  3. I'm going to suggest that the NW shop remain open for a week after that particular NW event concludes, so that people who do not check sources outside of the game itself get plenty of warning that it is ending, and can spend their accumulated wolf cred. Because otherwise yeowch.
  4. Upsides: New characters, increased control over when we get any given piece of candy, able to rack up NW standing in a wider range of places. Plus new shinies. Downsides: Having to choose between the assorted items that one can get for wolf cred, with the process being potentially slower to catch them all. Assuming you want all of them, anyway. So now there's an opportunity cost on getting things that used to be alert rewards. But there's also new additional things to be gotten along the way, including some things that were once plat-only, like slots. Some people seem not super keen on having to do co-op things, which is fine. I mean, I know some people who play WF and am in a small clan, so I can get those, but I can see some people not liking that it's mandatory if you want the standing. Provided it's not necessary to do those to get all of the shiny things, I'm okay with the difference between doing those and not doing those meaning getting the top tier NW reward a few days later. Stuff like the ayatan dealie is not so much a problem, I think. I had no non-starred ayatans when that first came up, and three days later I had done it. I run syndicate missions with big loot radar and check all the closets anyway in my quest for syndicate gift cards, so I find ayatans at an acceptable rate. The arbitration and sortie rewards also pay out in those on occasion, so getting them is manageable. It's new players that are more a concern with this kind of thing, I think. Like, I have enough nitain. I have loads of nitain. Sure, once you clear rank 30 with Nora, it's 15 wolf cred per rank (thus far, anyway), and that's worth 5 nitain, but- actually, okay, that's pretty fast for nitain. Reactors, catalysts and auras are still concerns, though. Like, you're going to want a lot of those. They still come up from gifts of the Lotus (we miss you, Space Mom), invasions and sortie rewards, but they're pretty rare from sorties and invasions that pay out reactors and catalysts are decidedly uncommon. Also when is Hildryn's alt-hat coming up in there? I want that hat. It looks sweet. I'm going to call Nightwave a net positive change, with the caveat that DE should be real careful around anything that might discourage new players. Maybe hide aura mods in a few other places or something.
  5. Just killed a pair of Kyta Raknoids and got 96 affinity each. That seems a little low, given how much firepower it took to bring the bastards down. Also it might just be my appallingly low graphics settings (my computer is a bit old), but sometimes the animal tracks vanish under the snow and that means I have to hunt around in the big circle for the call point if I want to complete the hunt (floofs are endgame). Also will there be vignettes based upon Fortuna and the Vallis? Also will there be that sort of thing for the clanlabs, so that our tenno can show off their action figure collections to their friends? Also I feel like the loot collection radius for Fetch/Vacuum should be based upon the position of the companion, but send the items to the warframe, like one's helminth charger finds something it thinks we would like and lobs it toward us. And Earth's relay still needs marshmallows.
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