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  1. I'm experiencing this too, have noticed it since the last big update right away.

    DE please fix, it's getting to the point that pets are just USELESS now. A friggin burden because it wont stay close, attacking random enemies and dying all the time.


  2. 6 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

    That is a pretty poor argument. Just because -you- don't want to -waste time- on walking one room over doesn't mean it is a worthwhile use of DE's time to implement... 

    Poor argument? So is yours. If you can fast travel to the arsenal in your ship, why not to maroo/baro. Especially if you do this on a regular basis. It's a quality of life improvement.

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    On 2021-02-17 at 10:19 PM, (PSN)xBellikx said:

    Yeah, you're right, I forgot that for a sec, even then, I'm sick of profit taker, I just want to be able to hop into Fortuna and get a handful from ticker instead of forcing myself on doing stuff I loathe.

    Well, guess this post was useless then, since you can easily get them by doing PT, therefore they don't have a need to change anything, but still, wish the alternatives were a tiny bit more rewarding.

    If a mod happens to see this, archive it, or erase it or whatever.

    Well it is useless...unless for the fact that you need rank 5 with Solaris United to do the profit taker. 

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  4. - Ghost clan, 10 people max: 5 slot(s) available (regularly updated)

    - All labs available, over 90% researched

    - Do whatever you want, leave whenever you want, come back whenever you want

    - Discord/voicechat not required but available

    - Trading posts/dry docks/kuva lich trading room/dueling room/obstacle room/etc available

    - 0% tax

    Mostly just trying to provide access to any players with things they want to build such as warframes/archwings/weapons that are dojo exclusive.

    No requirements, just PM me here or in game for an invite.

  5. 13 minutes ago, -Doverson- said:

    He's not really my buddy, actually he took a lot of good deals before I saw the opportunity when I was actively trading.

    Why I am posting here is because I am disgusted by the fact that people like you come trolling in sale threads and think you can influence the outcome of a sale with your stupid comments.

    Considering what Rubico rivens people post for stupid prices at the moment, the price of OP isn't too bad.

    I'm not trolling, you guys are, and any people with a brain can see that.

    13 minutes ago, -Doverson- said:

    Just leaving this as a final note, should summarize how much your opinion is worth in this discussion.


    LMAO...Quoting people without knowing its context is very trollish, if not down right stupid. Good job making yourself look even worse hahahahaha..


  6. 35 minutes ago, Iwaj said:

    Say that to the ms+cc+cd-imp that sold for 35k worth 😄 If you think that go ahead, but you should try it yourself before making assumptions.

    You're a seller, your number 1 objective is to sell your item for as much platinum as you can, even if you have to dupe people into thinking its good, even though its sh1t. You're a businessman, profiteering into people's ignorance..a deceiver.

    You will deal way more puncture than slash, thats the truth. I say let the math judge, and not one of your butt buddies. kkthxbai.


  7. 4 hours ago, -Doverson- said:

    Rubico Prime has decent status chance. With -impact the damage distribution shifts more towards slash damage and you get higher slash procs. You lose a lot of dps on paper while in reality you don't. The true damage slash procs you get on enemies with this riven are huge.

    lol dont get fooled kids, even with -93% impact, your rubico will still do minimum slash since puncture still does 3x the damage with that modifier. hahahahaha... 

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