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  1. Speaking of chat... some thoughts after playing as new player recently. There NEEDS to be a New Player chat channel that is visible both in and out of mission similar to Council chat. Sometimes new player get stuck in a mission and need help but no way to ask because they're soloing or everyone else in mission is also new. Recruit, Trade and Region chat should be default to off for new player. Clans/Mission recruiting for noob levels can be done in Newbie chat. At MR 2, player should get an inbox message explaining how to turn chat on/off.
  2. Just one thing: Echo-Lure sound for Octavia Mandachord I legit tried to play holiday music with the kubrodon echo lure. It's very hard since the damn thing resets after each note.
  3. Most of those look fun! Though the important utility of warding halo to protect VIP is greatly nerfed. :/ 90% won't work for Safeguard augment unless they also buff the VIP's HP or maybe Safeguard can slowly convert halo shield into health to help regen VIP to 100%!?
  4. Will there be melee-only Rathuum with bosses using dark-soul attack tells/patterns? It always felt silly to do a long combo to kill one trash while his buddies bombard me with bullets/explosions. The combo chains special attacks would feel better if the situation/challenge calls for its use/mastery. Ex: Horde mode enemies mean we will gravitate toward Dynasty Warrior style of fast, low-accuracy, AoE spam. Combo/in-depth melee like Nioh, Dark Souls needs fewer, but tougher enemies that you can focus and study to beat with precision.
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