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  1. Speaking of chat...  some thoughts after playing as new player recently.


    There NEEDS to be a New Player chat channel that is visible both in and out of mission similar to Council chat.  Sometimes new player get stuck in a mission and need help but no way to ask because they're soloing or everyone else in mission is also new. 

    Recruit, Trade and Region chat should be default to off for new player.  Clans/Mission recruiting for noob levels can be done in Newbie chat. At MR 2, player should get an inbox message explaining how to turn chat on/off.

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  2. Will there be melee-only Rathuum with bosses using dark-soul attack tells/patterns?

    It always felt silly to do a long combo to kill one trash while his buddies bombard me with bullets/explosions.  The combo chains special attacks would feel better if the situation/challenge calls for its use/mastery.


    Horde mode enemies mean we will gravitate toward Dynasty Warrior style of fast, low-accuracy, AoE spam.

    Combo/in-depth melee like Nioh, Dark Souls needs fewer, but tougher enemies that you can focus and study to beat with precision.

  3. This is a great move.  Understanding the root cause and addressing it, not just flailing at the symptoms.

    I'd suggest checking out mobile gatcha games.  They pretty much live on RNG slot machine mechanics.  They have crap odds, but many give safety net against extreme bad luck.  For example, cumulative luck bonus bonus until you get a top tier unit and cosulation token/items from bad rolls.  Sortie's system is the lowest/worst type that usually piss off whales (high $$$ players).  You have to convince them constantly that "the next pull on the slot machine will be better" one way or another.  If your players think "next pull is going to be garbage like the last 5 times," your slot machine failed.

    • Can we please buff cool weapons that are too weak in practice such as Stug and Panthera/Miter?  Isn't the ROI higher to buff underused weapons/abilities? more people build them.  buy forma, potato, and skin for them?
    • So many weapons do more DPS than Sniper, but have lower reload speed... Can we just do a quick buff to sniper reload speed across the board?
    • Can we build dojo decorations for our ship?  It would be a good resource sink.   
    • Any New Sortie mutation?
    • Any plan for new mission types that can be added to Alert/Fissure?
    • Slash and Impact mods have appeared in Baro's inventory several times but Puncture damage mods have not.  Any chance Puncture mods can make a return on Baro as well?

  4. I didn't need any of the "old stock," but I still think this is a great way to remedy the situation.  Props for making the right call quickly.

    This is also a great thing to do for the long term.  The more ducat spent on old stuff the better for modeling future ducat economy.  DE should release a Primed Charged Chamber for 1000 ducat that has same max power as Primed Chamber but takes 10 ranks to reach it.  This will solve a power differential but keep the older version better since it needs less forma and it will wipe out existing stockpile of ducat. lol

  5. This is good compromise on speed, but shield pick up need to also be changed to happen on release of context button, so it doesn't interfere with other actions that you often do while under shield's protection such as reviving.   If they change that, I'd be 100% content with the rework.  The 4 is still gonna be crap but... oh well. Not that much worse than before.

  6. In Spy Alert that requires 3 vault, if one person screw up, can another person outside the vault reset the alarm or something?  Currently, everyone just do spy solo because 1 random screwing up will fail the mission.  While we don't want to punish solo-ing, we want to make teamplay less frustrating and more welcoming.  

    It's also awkward that in team spy, 1 person go in and 3 people just afk.  It'd be cool if the 3 people outside the vault can do something to help.   It'd also be a nice way for player to help their friend practice spy without just outright doing it for them.


  7. Since it's April first, spoilers about future update can come in the format of 2 truths and a lie. lol

    Can Sniper combo effect get buffed to a level similar to dual toxcalysts?

    Can endless maps update player information every X wave instead of at the very end to protect us from dc after 50 minutes.

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  8. Cool patch.  Interested to see what aiming does for Flak cannon.  Also nice to see something being done about stalemate, but... that specific approach takes away player agency and makes it that much harder for come-back to happen.


    Instead, I think a node in conflict will last maximum of X days.  If it reaches 100% or 0%, then conflict will end then appropriately.  If at the end of X days, it's not 0 or 100%, then one side will "give up." 


    The exact logic for determining who gives up can be explored depending on bigger picture.  Ex: If we want 50-50 chance that node will flip, then invader wins at 50.1%, while the defender wins at 49.9% and below.  If we want to make it harder to flip, then invader will only win at 75% or above. 

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