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  1. thanks for the update. when is the spawn bug of acolytes in steel path disruption type missions be fixed?
  2. thanks for the update. could we expect a fix on acolyte spawns during kuva survival and during any steel path disruption.
  3. hey everyone, just posting this here because it seems that a lot of people are experiencing an issue with acolyte spawn in disruption missions. the mission starts off and theres always one acolyte spawn but after that they just stop spawning.
  4. hey fellow tenno, i think the focus orb is bugged at the moment. it is not giving the actual value of focus u are getting. for example; i collect about 6-8 focus orbs per mission while farming focus and get an average of around 30k focus per orb. at the end of the mission im sitting at around 60k focus received for my focus school. i've asked around on some unofficial forums and the warframe subreddit and it seems many others are having this issue. people are saying they show an aggregated value of the focus i've collected but the numbers still dont add up. are others also having issues with this? so i hope this gets adressed/fixed soon
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