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  1. You have put it very succinctly. This is perhaps the most boring game mode. Combine this with junk drops (endo, relics, scenes lol) and extremely poor drop rates for Khora parts. It is killing my fun. Only if Khora parts had better drop chance :( In any case, I just need the Khora system and after that I am not touching this game mode with a 10 foot pole.
  2. I hear you man - 3 BP and no system. RNG Gods are angry with me.
  3. Please fix host migration issue and I can live with other bugs for few days :)
  4. It IS a feature - make the Khora grind so bad that people will buy it with plat (Battlefront 2 playbook ... cough...cough). Anyway, I just realized I haven't finished making Atlas - so off to grind Golem while this gets fixed :)
  5. I am casual, old (age) player who like playing supporting roles (been playing healer in previous MMOs). Currently I am MR 18. If you accept non-hardcore players, I would be honored to join your clan. I play on average 2-3 hours a day on most days unless family matters intervene. IGN: BheemaSena Thanks PS: my sense of humor was surgically removed at birth so no old grandpa jokes please
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