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  1. Having an intermission is quite nice, considering things like Nitain Extract, helmets and auras are Cred offerings. Are we getting these on every intermission between seasons or is this just for the time between 1 and 2? About the rewards themselves: the Kuva still looks a bit underwhelming, but that's just a consequence of the system itself, thus a subject for another day and another thread. Other rewards are pretty nice, mostly. Not gonna change most people's life, but still nice to get, nonetheless. Kinda made me chuckle, considering the inherent value of everything else on the list lol
  2. The second one actually gets the bug to be fixed in a timely manner, clearly. One day we'll have the good ol' DotA exploit mentality, which helps their dev team immensely with fixing bugs. They know their game is being broken once again, but there's no ban streak for it. They're totally aware that the broken things aren't the players fault and reproducing it helps with troubleshooting and fixing. And that's a PvP game with a competitive side to it. Placing blame entirely on the players by banning them for using your the broken game part in their advantage is just being unable to accept responsibility, at this point.
  3. So using in-game mechanics and doing things that wouldn't happen if you guys had designed and tested it properly is a bannable offense. Gotcha.
  4. Just giving my two cents here, without reading any of the thread responses: Arbitrations feel unrewarding. Not that they don't give us rewards, but in the time it takes the game mode to do so. Waltzing around for 40 minutes to get a bunch of Endo doesn't really feel like Endgame. Arbitrations feel more like a game mode that would lead us into Endgame, with mods like Adaptation and Rolling Guard being in there. But then the rotations feel so long and boring that it doesn't feel worth it. Maybe making Defense and Survival tolerable time-wise, but reducing the amount of endo per rotation (and chances, in the case of mod drops) could help alleviate that? It'd help people ready up for whenever what endgame is gets figured out, leaving a good foundation for when it finally comes. The mode itself isn't inherently bad, although the drones feel like artificial difficulty sometimes. Maybe giving them the Scrambus/Comba/Ancient treatment and creating different types of them, for varying effects. It'd need good visual feedback, so we don't get any more units as infuriating as any Energy Leech eximus, but it'd add variety instead of making us play Duck Hunt 2: The Final Frontier with the drones because we literally can't kill or CC the enemies affected by them. The reviving mechanic feels more like a crutch to include newer players into the mix. The sentiment isn't that bad of a thing, but should a thing announced as endgame be so accessible? And then the fact that you'd have to impair your survivability, the most important thing in Arbitrations, to try and save someone who, most of the times, just wasn't ready to be there will just make public Arbitrations into a salt-fest with people complaining for you to revive them because they died 3 minutes in. It doesn't feel even close to endgame. It feels like babysitting someone who wasn't ready to do it, even though it's called endgame. And since this is probably going to be shipped anyway, at least make it so burdens aren't picked up like Index points. No one wants to debuff themselves by accident and then have to walk around potentially being the next one to go down because of it.
  5. Have the situations outside of Nekros summoning them been fixed, too? Had that happen to me more than once, while playing without a Nekros in sight.
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