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  1. how can this be an argument when other weapons are still better stat sticks due to not having a DoA riven dispo? I have at least 3 stat sticks that do much more damage than the Xoris could ever dream to do as a stat stick even without going for 12x combo. that thing was convenient at best, since it let pseudo-exalted weapons be used without nearly as much upkeep while being visibly less powerful. now it's just another glaive, a weapon class most people don't run because it's clunky and still underwhelming despite the CO fix for it finally coming a few weeks ago.
  2. may I ask how this wasn't obvious from the start and why the "solution" is to make the weapon irrelevant and buff Gara?
  3. anything about drop tables and other rewards for it?
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. wouldn't it be more productive in the long run to use the test cluster as a way for test groups to give the team a better idea of an initial disposition that isn't as useless as a 0.5 riven?
  6. one would hope, considering Fluctus has worked like that for a few years now lol
  7. why do we have to deal with a system where doing a 1000 run on a busy relay and getting carried is objectively better than doing 3000 in a relay with the risk of people never finishing it because of the full flotilla forcing people to leave so they can get their squad going? can we at least get percentage of murex driven away as a percentage of received bonus? as in 81/100 murex would yield 81% of the total bonus, but still be capped at 10000 after that multiplication so people can farm standing in a reasonable manner without depending on an unstable and inconsistent system associated with two glorified mobile defense missions. this is unironically a worse grind than Operation Ban the Lokis Hostile Mergers, the Silver Grove, the ships, Condition Overload and the Broken War all added together.
  8. so, uh... I assume this is why the company is called Digital Extremes. all in all, it's still more useful and powerful than most of the other magus arcanes, despite the huge nerf. can we get a revision on Husk/Firewall, Cadence, Nourish, Replenish and Drive too? Husk and Firewall have a huge shock at the endpoint of the operator progression, since Unairu's waybound Basilisk Scales actually adds 500% armor, bringing Husk to an unconditional 77.77% damage reduction while Firewall caps at 75% and requires you to build charges by being invisible and invulnerable. if Basilisk Scales wasn't supposed to increase it that much, despite the effect not matching the description being a known fact in the community for years now, Husk still stands at an unconditional 60% dr against 75% (so a relative 37.5% increase in dr) which requires you to replenish charges every time you're hit and matches this theoretical unconditional dr after only one hit, going under that value very fast right afterwards. not sure of what could be done, but this shock has existed since Firewall's release with the PT heist; Cadence is flat-out pointless, since operators are synonymous with void dashing, not ground movement. ; Nourish is irrelevant, since the way the syndicate system works encourages every single player to get to max rank before purchasing anything and Elevate exists at a higher tier while being just better without even being overpowered; Replenish is honestly just baffling. Glitch takes away the only real disadvantage to operator "dying", which isn't a big deal in the first place, even for the most affected frame (Hildryn); Drive is a buff that affects the only system in the game that is mastery fodder on its entirety. can it at least buff archwing speed too so it makes traveling around the orb vallis less pointlessly time-consuming? mobility is still the only point of archwing through most of the relevant content, after all. would also allow for small but useful synergies on railjack missions without being that powerful , so... there's much more to be said about focus schools, Virtuos arcanes and especially amps themselves, but since I'm commenting specifically on Magus arcanes that will remain something to actually talk about at another time.
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