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  1. how can this be an argument when other weapons are still better stat sticks due to not having a DoA riven dispo? I have at least 3 stat sticks that do much more damage than the Xoris could ever dream to do as a stat stick even without going for 12x combo. that thing was convenient at best, since it let pseudo-exalted weapons be used without nearly as much upkeep while being visibly less powerful. now it's just another glaive, a weapon class most people don't run because it's clunky and still underwhelming despite the CO fix for it finally coming a few weeks ago.
  2. may I ask how this wasn't obvious from the start and why the "solution" is to make the weapon irrelevant and buff Gara?
  3. anything about drop tables and other rewards for it?
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. wouldn't it be more productive in the long run to use the test cluster as a way for test groups to give the team a better idea of an initial disposition that isn't as useless as a 0.5 riven?
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