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  1. Awesome. I hope people like my white devil excal X3
  2. I decided to go a head and send in a fashion frame for excal.
  3. Zaws sadly are not the same as kitguns. Since the kit guns have built in Elemental effects. Most notably Radiation and heat as well as IPS damage, The Gaze to be specific is an absolute monster of a gun when you build it for crit/status hybrid and if you get a riven you can make it even more nuts.
  4. As I've said if you really can't decide on which one to go for my suggestion is build both mod them both and forma them both to fit two different styles of play.
  5. It doesn't really matter at all. You can build both and call it a day.
  6. If you don't have Arcane Nullifier on your frame when you go into your operator your frames energy will still be sapped.
  7. I think that we should get 2 versions of the accessory PA packs. 1 with the syandana and the armor set and boosters and one with just the syandana and armor set for a lower price. If people need the boosters they can pay the 50 bucks if people don't they can just buy the cosmetics for a lower price. The boosters are nice but sometimes we just want the cosmetics alone.
  8. "Last Respont" this post has giving me severe brain cell lost due to this not really being a big over arching issue in the game to even begin with. Go farm ESO or Arbitrations get things to sell make a profit buy the parts you need. No ones forcing you to farm the relics at all. There is easy solutions to problems that aren't that difficult to begin with, Again you're making an ass out of yourself by calling people trolls when they don't agree with you.
  9. If anything you are the troll here. I gave the data everyone knows. Is there some other data I'm missing? This data is data given to US by Digital Extremes themselves. As i said your arguments have been poor so far. Please actually make good arguments. Really calling out how old an account is that's a really new low. Please bring evidence how I am being a "troll" as you speak of. This data from DE themselves allows you to know your chances on what you can expect to get. How do you know i didn't check the data beforehand? Don't assume it makes an ass out of you.
  10. Axi relics are not hard to farm at all. If anything you give no actual good arguments to the table to your statement. You want to farm axi relics? Take this and go. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Void_Relic#Axi
  11. Im looking to buy a garbage tatsu riven. doesnt matter what kind of stats there are on it. My IGN: TypeZeroTheNirvash
  12. They aren't even confirmed to be in the works. This topic is kinda useless.
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