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  1. About Kubrow Release: I think there should be a 1 click to remove option, but it should be accompanied by a cutscene. A cutscene where your ship fly's to earth, and then you and your currently equipped warframe with the kubrow you are selling/getting rid of is seen in an open area. The kubrow could do a sad animation/rub your warframes leg for the last time while the collar is removed. Then the warframe gestures for the kubrow to go. The cutscene/animation could differ slightly based on your kubrows loyalty, if its high, the kubrow looks/has more of sad animation. If the loyalty is low the kubrow is eager to run off into the wild. The cutscene could ofc be skipped and/or have an option to turn it off in the menus.
  2. Does this mean if you have a somewhat high total in the event its impossible to find a laser hive? Because Its the last one I need for my codex and the damn thing just wont spawn. It kinda sucks I cant add it to my codex since I have done the mission to many times for it to spawn :l
  3. You guys should just remove the slow effect. Its not really a needed thing. Even with these changes. Imo, all you guys needed todo was remove the slow effect and leave the rest the same. It still woulda worked fine then.
  4. I think you guys should change prime trading so that it is like for like only (like you guys originally promised trading would be like). You can only get a prime part from someone if they offer a prime part. And maybe have them tradable for credits as well instead of plat. Let plat trading be only with mods.
  5. They dont work. Im guessing you have to download them, but I have no idea how :c
  6. Okay, just to confirm, all of our runs still count right? People wont have to be running like 10+ more missions to make up for the runs on the ones they did? I did a lot of runs on those nodes and prefer if I didnt have to run like 40+ missions again. :l
  7. Will the dakka prime be renamed or switched with soma?
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