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  1. JarodDempsey

    Here's my take on Baruuk..

    baruuk nice until you notice his oddities that kind of ruin him. like how his 1 doesnt work during combat or his 2 is blocked by line of sight or how his 3's damage reduction doesnt scale directly with power strength or how his 4 has meh range/damage and is not often usable without significant energy expenditure due to the restraint mechanic. But otherwise hes fine.
  2. Yesterday I made a post titled something like "limbo skin...whennnn?" but today i notice that the post has been retitled to "Equinox/Limbo Deluxe when ..please DE" i dont understand why this was changed. Was this some forum moderator who has an agenda to promote the equinox skin or was this de and theyre hinting at equinox's deluxe coming out when/before limbo's does or was this some moderator thinking the title was misleading? The thread doesnt even mention equinox until the ~17th comment and that is the only reference to her.
  3. JarodDempsey

    Top 6 frames that need attention in 2019

    i would say #1 wukong since his one is flatout useless, worse than valkyrs ripcord thing. His 3 is also totally useless and his 4 is more or less also useless, if he wasnt the frame thats debatably more immortal than any other frame he would be completely useless. #2 probably vauban, his damage is abysmal, his survivability is poor, and his cc has not held its efficacy as the game progressed. His theme is also severely squandered as the combat engineer and really deserves to be developed. #3: nyx. she seems to be one of the oldest victims of antiquation. Her kit is just so outdated and really does not showcase her theme well. She can mind control 1 person, rev can control a whole group. Psychic bolts would be nice if they did respectable damage but are currently not worth using. Chaos is neat and does help to fill her kit in thematically, similar abilities exist such as radial disarm. I think the augment should either be the main skill or not hinder the range. Nyx would do well being able to inhabit the bodies of enemies for various effects such as hacking, bypassing alarm systems/barriers in addition to attacking. #4: Titania: the changes theyve mentioned last i heard are far from being adequate. Lantern needs to not float away or it should really just be able to be tethered to objects. Itd be cool if the augment would reduce the radius but allow like 4, thne she could tether a lantern to each of her allies and everyone runs around all happy and free. spellbind would be perfectly fine if the radius wasnt 5 fcking useless meters. just halve the cast range and make the aoe radius equal to it and it would be perfectly fine. The only tribue aura thats really of much use is dust and that falls off pretty quickly at higher levels because of titanias abysmal ehp, thorns and entangle are flat out useless and full moon is only good for hyper niche pet focused team builds. #5: valkyr is not bad, really fell out after her nerf but she was basically perma immortal. from what i understand she has a useless skill in her ripcord zip line thing but imo her biggest problem is how laughable her claws look since garuda was released. Valkyrs claws should be as cool or better than garudas talons. Like make some of them out of energy or something anything cooler than the tiny little knuckle pins she has now 6+ honestly so many champs have like half of their kit being filled with outdated or useless skills, warframe really needs to start devoting resources to reworking old content to bring it up to the current quality of the game. wf isnt a new game anymore, it's middle aged and needs more maintenance than it did before, DE needs to figure that out. also rev does not need a rework, lol thats a joke, he can press 4 and delete an entire room
  4. JarodDempsey

    can we get a good man butt

    I'd tap that
  5. JarodDempsey

    can we get a good man butt

    true but isnt nezha like twelve
  6. JarodDempsey

    can we get a good man butt

    ...in the butt department and that's my point
  7. JarodDempsey

    can we get a good man butt

    i read a post recently about how they were fixing mesa's butt i think it was and other people were talking about how nova had a good butt and i was like i guess though imo ember has a better butt than nova looking at base skins at least. Then today i was looking at loki skins and noticed that his knave skin has a pretty nice butt so then i looked through all of the male frames' base skins and noticed that that most of warframe's man butts are abysmal. Most man butts are covered entirely or in part by something and out of the few that arent we get things like this: Butt so flat I bet his checkbook balances itself. I have a dream for better man butts in 2019.
  8. JarodDempsey

    Equinox/Limbo Deluxe when ..please DE

    i can sympathize with you because im also not usually a fan of thematically jarring cosmetics (same reason i hate atlas's shogun skin) but aside from helmets his otherskins are basically just a retexture with little to no geometry changes (as are more or less all tennogen skins) so im eager to finally get one that's significantly different despite it being of sentient origin and thematically out of nowhere. Maybe they can spin it off as him from a different dimension where his warframe managed to make it to tau but then was taken by the sentients.
  9. They teased that limbo skin at tennocon like forever ago and it has been the only thing slated for release for any of the frames i regularly play since i started playing wf in 2017 but it feels like theyre taking 25 years just to release it. Anyone have any idea when it might come out?
  10. what atlas lacks in his looks and his 2, 3, and 4 he makes up for with his 1. I dont even use the meta build or venka prime and i still outdamage people like saryn through sortie 3 levels. I mean yeah itd be nice if he had a useful kit aside from 1 or if he had a neck but hes still not bad and is miles ahead better to play than wukong.
  11. i built wukong on a whim despite hearing about how bad he is and i was still surprised. I know wukong mains will come out and start blabbing about how if you put such and such forma into him he'll be this amazing unkillable frame that also does crazy damage but frankly you can do basically that with other frames for less effort while looking much better. Wukong imo is a disgrace to the quality of the game and is notably the worst frame i've ever played. Some frames i just dont like, thats to be expected but the quality of this frame fails at every turn. most of his skills are simply terrible to useless and the one to two that arent, just look like crap (like when you evade death with defy and dont even notice anything happened, like whats up with that). Like at least when i play vauban who is similarly bad in the usefulness department i can look cool and do fun things like ball spam or place bounce pads in front of mobile defense consoles, with wukong all i really get is not dying while having good crits which i can do with a crit weapon + bloodrush while using any of the tanks or people with invisibility while also looking significantly cooler. His Looks: His model has bad color zones. The geometry for the arms is good, the main part of the legs alright, the chest is a bit too barrel shaped but i could live with it. He also has those things on his triceps which are meh, and his stock helmet is pretty bad imo but there are a couple others that arent too bad. Not too bad overall but then those super uggo leg pads are not only just clunky and chugly but their primary color zone isnt even recolorable! who thought that was ok?! Because it definitely isnt. This better be fixed in his rework. Honestly just remove those ugly pads altogether. I' also suggest copying the things from his treceps to his calves, remove or change his belt and he will be fine. I like the tail but it could use a third color zone on the tip. His Kit: p: fine, not super required by any means but can save a mod slot in certain builds and does combo well with 2 to make him good for melee use 1: one of the worst 1's in the game, the augment at least gives it a bit of use but constantly ground slamming is hella boring and should not be the only reason to use the skill. His 1 should be completely removed and replaced to add variety to his kit. 2: probably one of the best single skills in the game, i think it is fine as it is, especially since it is his hallmark skill, but it is also leaves his kit devoid of pizzazz being his best skill but barely having graphics. 3: The mobility aspect is completely useless with current parkour and is actually a detriment to speed. The invulnerability is nice but not of much use considering he cant attack while in cloud form and also has defy. The stun is completely useless, it's so short even with max duration that by the time wukong leaves cloud the enemies are already out of the stun. The augment is flat out a noob trap and a complete fail. Also as far as i understand it wukong is still visible to enemies so it's useless for spy although this may not be the case as i have not tried him in one myself. There are a lot of interesting and useful ways this skill could be made viable again such as causing all enemy ranged attacks inside the cloud to miss or allowing all allies inside the cloud to dodge enemy projectile attacks. The augment could be something to heal allies or allow wukong to pass laser barriers or any number of actually useful things instead of cloaks that break from attacking -_-. In any case wukong should be undetectable and reset enemy aggression upon using his cloud walker. Also if they mobility stays as is then at least give him whatever his current sprint speed is as movement speed. 4: Honestly not a fan of this skill but the whole iron staff thing is pretty important to his identity so i guess it's w/e. I think this skill would be better serviced by some significant melee buff focused on crits to synergize with his passive and probably add some range to better solidify his potential as one of the better melee wielders. His staff could just be a unique passive weapon like garudas. Also the name would be more fitting for some type of melee buff anyways.
  12. I would say mag has the greatest need with the other two somewhat less so due to their cc being more reliable but as i said in my post it's the random 1 shots that really get them, they simply cant take a single hit without dying because their ehp is so abysmal and they dont have the base stats (mag and volt especially) to even have the option to build against that with existing mods. starting with paragraph 3 and ending at the second list of frames directly answers that question. Yes it is needed. Also this mod would provide damage reduction based on overshields but effect the health as well which means that it wouldnt be made useless against procs that bypass shields. This also doesnt do anything for standard shield users and wouldnt change the importance of things like primed vigor since - based upon my research - there isnt a need for additional defensive mods for those frames. I identified a need for a mod to support the frames in the second list and it happened that they all use overshields which is why i suggested novelly fixing that issue with the mod i described in the last paragraph. While I definitely think vauban needs a signficant rework because he has so much potential (and i think my vauban looks cool af) and hes currently pretty much trash tier, making literally one mod whose effect is a simple direct scaling damage reduction should not significantly detract resources from much needed reworks such as his, adaptation is more complicated than this mod would be and they released that alongside like ~4 other mods. firstly having "room for adaptation to stack up" is once again why it does not work on the frames mentioned. Secondly it is only reasonable to assume a solution such that it can fit into a standard ~2 slot defensive build. The frames on my second list would likely run vitality alongside this mod to make up a quarter of their build. "keep overshield coming" so you mean spam the overshield mechanics? only harrow can do that efficiently which leaves mag and volt without a solution, plus this still doesnt prevent oneshots. What I'm actually curious about though what levels and types of enemies did you test against and which of the frames did you use? arcane aegis effectively gets rid of the delay and it is useless on frames without built in damage reduction, even with a full shield + regen build. Try it for yourself take frost or hydroid or rev and stack tons of shield mods and regen mods, dont even make a usable build just make a pure shield build. Equip arcane aegis and be amazed at the level of disappointment you'll experience when you get melted because thats how bad shields are.
  13. (skip to the last paragraph for the TLDR) adaptation is all i hear about lately and while yeah it's good it's not actually that great an addition to the game since aside from some tedious mechanics it's really only useful on frames that can already take numerous hits (yawn). I was looking at all of the defensive mods and I noticed that all the high health frames had moderate to high armor and so the health mods were all useful and the armor mods are all useful but then I looked at the shield mods and very much struggle to think of an instance where theyd be worth using regularly. I then looked at the frames to see well maybe there arent any frames that could really use such a mod so I looked at all of the high shield frames with low ehp from health, armor, and shields. These frames are: zephyr (p) volt (p) mag (p) nekros prime trinity prime harrow revenant I then looked at each frame to see whether they had a useful durability mechanic through level ~100. This eliminated zephyr, nekros prime, trinity prime, and debatably revenant (although my proposed solution could work for him as you'll see shortly). Which left me with: mag volt harrow And so i reviewed these frames further and sure mag can make bubbles, volt can stun people, and harrow can immobilize people but theyre all quite susceptible to being 1 shot due to their low ehp. I then noticed something they all share in common. They - while less commonly so for volt but still possible- all make use of overshields. So then I looked for any defensive mods related to overshields on the wiki and found nothing :(. Which leads me to my suggestion and title of this post. DE should really add a damage reduction mod based on overshields. More specifically, something in the range of 10% DR for every 150 overshield capping at 80% DR at full overshield (or half overshield in harrows case).
  14. JarodDempsey

    Leaving warframe after 1380 hours(Devs take note)

    did you just do a bounty with randos? bc even in low experience squads as long as the damage is there you should be ok but i definitely recommend recruiting a squad if youre going with randos and having problems with simple things like getting revived. Also id recommend the harrow/limbo or volt roles for new people as theyre the simplest. Trinity is probably the most involved of the roles. edit: also you say youre stuck with the quills standing, are you far enough to have made a good amp? If youre still using the mote amp i recommend you only do single eidolons unless people are willing to carry you because the mote amp is really bad compared to any of the others.