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  1. is this confirmed to be working as intended? Most of my frames dont require forma and it'd be really asinine just to have to waste one and relevel them all just to access half the energy color channels.
  2. ive been seeing posts about second energy for a while now and noticed it available on atlas but upon checking most other frames theres no option to edit it. Also on my limbo prime the energy is messed up everywhere except when looking through the color palettes. Is there a different way to edit second energy when it isnt listed underneath normal energy in the arsenal?
  3. did you actually try melee'ing while holding the (old) block (aim) button? I thought at first i couldnt do the combos as well but upon attempting to melee while blocking just as i had done preupdate it switched to melee from aiming and aside from that initial bit works exactly the same.
  4. blocking doesnt drain energy, only channeled block does or at least did unless what youre saying is that all blocking now drains energy
  5. how can you enable channeled throw by default/turn channeling on for channeled throw? When dual wielding with my pistol I can channeled throw my orvius by holding until the reticle changes (this is the same as preupdate) but thats tediuous and not always reliable. Someone in my mission said i can turn channeling on when wielding my melee weapon by using alt fire but when i use alt fire it does nothing. I checked in the options and alt fire is mouse button 3 (like it has always been) but regardless of if i press or hold it nothing changes and im still left with the relatively useless bouncing throw whenever wielding my melee weapon.
  6. shield pillage's radius is always like ~33 regardless of range. This is fine but the skill description needs to be updated.Also the projectiles that enemies are supposed to emit are either invisible or nonexistent.
  7. Titanias 1 needs to be updated as well it looks like a complete oversight that its fix wasnt mentioned despite it being so simple. It should have half of the cast range but the aoe range should then be made equal to the cast range. As it is now theres not really any point to have such a tiny aoe, with it being so small it's basically another single target cc which she already has with lantern. And the ally buff is tedious to use at best since the aoe is so small she needs nearly direct los and the ally needs to be basically stationary considering the slow cast time.
  8. so, with primed flow and steel fiber the ehp is is 16381. Comparing to most frames with high innate ehp potentials that usually allot 2 slots to ehp and considering most also use flow not for ehp this would allow the frame to add redirection and still be comparable. With redirection, steel fiber, and primed flow, the ehp is 18141. I wouldnt really consider this a challenge if allowed to use qt as a passive as it simply shifts the frames survivability from one resource type to another. None the less as someone who strongly advocates for a shield based frame to compete with the likes of inaros and nidus, an energy based frame would be more than welcomed imo. edit: im actually not a fan of the rest of the kit, I think youre wasting a lot of thematic space for what would be "the energy based frame" Id probably like it better as an energy/matter conversion frame or anything related more to energy rather than time.
  9. So are we going to get a reason for the delay or just be left to wonder why we are still without this overly long teased update? Also thanks for ruining the only thing i had to look forward to for the next two weeks 👏
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