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  1. That just gonna make Conclave normal shooter game mod, i dont tink that is a problem whit a new players coming to conclave or less skilled, some players just want casual pvp for fun or just some small league get started, at least we could have some sort off statistic like how many hours you did play conclave at all 2000 hours or 1 hour or rank system, so at least you will know against whom you fight with... On the other hand you can play whit people whit a similar skills as yours, make friends and play untill you get better... otherwise if you play random you gonna lose many, many, many times, there is a people who have played this much longer than you...Change movement in Conclave won't make it fun in my opinion, because it's quite a unique, you dont have much "PvP" games that allow you to have that much maneuverability... So yes it is annoying sometimes, frustrating, yep, its normal thing, nobody like to lose, but we dont need to change game, because we are not good enough...
  2. Miledude


    Let me start first about wrongly adding topic for a conclave into feedback i apologise for that, if anyone readed before in feedback i was wondering why there is not much players playing conclave i guess now i can actually get a answer instead bean built ๐Ÿ˜„ So yeah i find Conclave mod actually pretty fun, can be challenging, it require a lots of movement speed, reaction, good aiming to be good, witch you can acquire that from playing... People say it's a unbalanced, ok sure, you have abilities that can one shoot you, trust me i was using ember ๐Ÿ˜„ ( yeah i was that bad so used ember ), but the point is to defeat your opponent, game didn't restricted you from anything, you are free to use anything you want, and that's a fun side ( witch you cant say for a wolf fight ) and some people seems to did not have problems with that... I didn play much team and capture, becouse there was no players, but i did done Luanrio and its realy good, i lost a mach whit tremendous score 1-9 ๐Ÿ˜„ i didn give him challenge but i bored him in process ๐Ÿ˜„ but it was fun, movement, trowing a ball, that super fast slide, and i tink it's really refreshing after a grind to do Lunario or any other Conclave mission with a friend or clan mate for a change... Witch is really strange Luanro its really quality content by my opinion. How do i look at it, you dont need to be the best, but to have fun, im not good at it ATM, but i wish there is a more people play this mode...
  3. Before i start let me say that i'm not much of a pvp freak that just adore fighting others, but i for all 2 years how much i play Warframe i regret i didn't try pvp much earlier, i had more fun more fun this couple of days playing pvp, than last entire month playing nightwave event and trying to spawn that bordom of a wolf, ok perhaps not all i was exited geting umbra forma ๐Ÿ˜„ So i was wondering why there is no many people playing Conclave, i know that game have that mode but never try it since couple days ago and it was fun, i see many people ask for a challenge, there you go, where can you find better challenge than in pvp where nobody gonna give you kills for free, + ther is a good side of that 1. you aim gonna improve 2. your movement gonna improve 3. your reflexes and reaction gonna improve people say its unbalanced, really, do anyone know any pvp game that is perfectly balanced, ok, fine, how about Lunario... Lunaro is actually pretty good deising in my opinion, it reminds me of Rocket League, sports like mod, so if you hate dying, you can alwis go there and throw some balls ๐Ÿ˜„ i was managed to play only one match for 3 hours of trying, and of course i did not play practice, i never do ๐Ÿ˜Ž who needs practie anyway ๐Ÿ˜„, but even without it, you can easy learn how to play and its super fun, but not much people, 1v1 thats it, i was like why, whats going on here, is it possible, its realy feels good, its not like that clunky frame fighter ๐Ÿ˜Š we have. And that is even less popular than annihilation, or it was just a wrong time, but i started today and again no one, very small percentage of players play anything from conclave. "Im not a Pvp player" but i did have fun playing Conclave... just wondering why so little interest in that mode.
  4. the point is make the boss encounters more intersting for a fight whitout dispense frame as a hole, makeing him empty shell just for movement, so makeing boss there is not so trivial as you say can be challenge and even force you to use all abilities that you can do to beat him, otherwise you just forget about the build and put everyting into defence and bring the guns...
  5. Since this is a topic about inconsistency let me drop this right here
  6. POZDRAV! As title says im looking for balkan players for party, missions, eidolon hunt, arbitration... i have a clan if someone need it if you are new player, although its a dead clan, almoust everything has researched, have a discord server for a hang out... e pa tako, vidimo se ๐Ÿ˜„
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