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  1. Hello, There are several ways to reproduce the problem that acolytes stop spawn in endless missions. 1: Complete Kuva Harvester (Kuva Survival Mission) This will cancel the appearance of the Acolyte if the Kuva Harvester is completed between Acolyte communication and the time it spawn. 2: Complete Conduit Defense (Disruption Mission) This will be cancelled if you successfully defend the conduit by defeating the Demolyst/Demolisher between the Acolyte communication and the time it spawn. If this reproduction is successful, the Acolyte will not spawn
  2. Move far away from the key and wait a moment. The key will move to the ground nearby. You can also grab it while wall-latching it in some places.
  3. Bonewidow's Exalted Ironbride is not affected by Arch-melee Mods.
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