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  1. There are two types of loadout slots: Cooperative and Vehicles. These two types of loadout slots are not associated. First select Vehicles loadout "Itzal" in Cooperative loadout "A". Then select Vehicles loadout "Amesha" in Cooperative Loadout "B". If you select Cooperative loadout A again, Archwing will be "Amesha". I want to be able to select Archwings (Vehicles) for each Cooperative loadout.
  2. I think it's good that Pennant has become a shared pickup. However, the pennant may not currently work properly.
  3. 1. Neutral Combo The first attack doesn't 3 hit, it's 1 hit. 2. Forward Tactical Combo The first attack doesn't 3 hit, it's 2 hit. Doesn't Lifting Status. 3. Heavy Attack The Second attack doesn't 2 hit, it's 1 hit. I don't know if this is a bug or if DE made a difference.
  4. 1. Apply and consume combo counter as with heavy attack 2. Increase critical chance 3. Add other ability (e.g. critical damage) Please write other ideas.
  5. I think PS4, Xbox and Switch should have been released with this update. With this update, the impression of Kuva Lich will change greatly.
  6. Kuva weapons should be selectable. Kuva Lich being constrained for a very long time, the only reward you can get is a Kuva weapon and a random ephemera. Kuva weapons are random. RNG is not necessarily bad, but adding RNG to long-term restraints is not preferable. You should be able to control the type of weapon as well as control the elemental type in the Warframe that currently handles Kuva Larvling. That way, each player will play for the weapon they want. I think that there is no waste in the game play if you make a mechanism to rank up each time you elemental damage. Even if you restrain the player, you just run away.
  7. As of Hotfix 26.0.5, Zenurik's Inner Might effect is no longer valid.
  8. What changes have been made to the abilities affected by the combo counter? (Ex: Khora's Whipclaw)
  9. Thank you for Hotfix. What is the status of the following report?
  10. I played the Arbitration Defection earlier and needed 4 squads to get reward. Is there a similar person?
  11. I tried to optimize Kuva gain in Kuva Disruption. I reached 13 rounds in 30 minutes, so it was possible to surpass Kuva Survival. But I want the benefits of Kuva Disruption. In Operation: Hostile Mergers, we were able to earn more scores by launching multiple conduits. I apply the system to find incentives for Kuva gains and other Disruption missions. Another problem is that you have to run around the map to collect the Kuva that the Kuva Disruption Demolisher drops in online. I am forced to run a marathon online, so solo mode is easier.
  12. I don't like to dilute the reward table, because after getting an Arcane or Mod, they all become meaningless. The probability of obtaining Endo and Ayatan Sculpture in an infinite rotation C is very low at 49.5%. In addition, Arcane and Mod, which exist only in rotations A and B, have very few chances to get in an hourly arbitration and do not mesh with the arbitration specifications.I think it's simple and best to make it available on Vitus Essence, as others say.
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