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  1. Revealing Spores radius is not working properly. The limit is actually 45m.
  2. Can the map display be fixed in the center?
  3. This means that the Warframe has a long animation time when using the Forward Artillery. I expect to get the same animation time as the operator.
  4. Thermia Fractures have been around for quite some time now. However, there is still no dedicated matching system. Why not implement it as a bounty? Simply putting players into the Orb Vallis does not achieve a common goal. Also, Thermia Fractures will be a largely meaningless event after you get all the rewards. You rarely get a bonus now. I think the number of players is decreasing. Players who have acquired Opticor Vandal will need new incentives and rewards to play again. Warframe has a lot of such disposable content, and Thermia Fractures is one of the unmaintained gardens.
  5. When the player inputs a directional key to the corner of the step, the character will climb. This climbing action also occurs as an internal process while Revenant is using Danse Macabre. If this happens, you cannot stop the ability until the energy is emptied, falls into a hole, or goes down. If the energy is emptied, the player will be forced back to that location with a climbing action even if moving to another location. Climbing action does not occur unless you enter a directional key near the corner of the step. This bug also occurs in Wukong's Cloud Walker.
  6. Basmu's red critical heal was overpowered. However, the mechanism by which Mod and Buff influences Basmu's healing pulse is very interesting. I think that it will be an interesting weapon if it is redesigned so as not to be overpowered.
  7. When comparing Intermission II and past Nightwave, Intermisssion II has less rank (reward) to the period. It needs at least 120 ranks. I suggest handing out the shortage Creds in Alert Mission.
  8. I suggest DE giving up on the new Nightwave season and restarting as a syndicate. That way, players can go at their own pace at any time, and DE can saves the hassle of work.
  9. When I go to Simulacrum, it will be returned to the relay.
  10. This change has a fixed amount of all healing and a similar design, so you can imagine that you have not scrutinized much. Healing methods should be more diverse. (Example: Scaling, increase the amount of healing due to damage)
  11. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Marked Venari's heel as a Defense Objective] VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: [Venari's Heal posture can heal Defense objectives when marked!] OBSERVED RESULT: [Fixed Venari’s Healing aura affecting Defense Targets.] I understand Venari can't heal Oplink. However, it is by design that you can heal normal defense targets. This fix should be withdrawn.
  12. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Operation: Scarlet Spear - Ground Assault] VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: [Apply Naramon Disarming Blast when Aerolyst can't act] EXPECTED RESULT: [Disarm is disabled] OBSERVED RESULT: [Aerolists stay invincible and stop attacking] REPRODUCTION RATE: [It will always occur if the conditions are met] Turning off Naramon Disarming Blast will solve the problem. However, it is an important issue that hinders the mission progress in Ground Assaults.
  13. The emblem has been received, but no bonus credit has been received. Update notes are a place to record implemented items, so do not list unimplemented items. Have you checked the operation?
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