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  1. @frozark Exactly - basically you are void dashing through one of the golden maws as it comes toward you.
  2. same problem - passed it after maybe 20 tries - the last bit - wait till both bone things are as far as possible and just run (not use void dash) - after about 2-3 seconds then use the void dash and you should be able to get to the stairs.
  3. the recent changes have made me and a couple friends roll alternate accounts - following rules - no connection to our mains - strictly NIAP - no buying plat. Made me realize how much fun the early game is compared to this mode that was supposed to be aimed at end game players. I really like to play this game, have 1600 hours or so on my main and have always looked for reasons to support DE - bought the digital tennocon pass, have bought prime acess and unvaults in the past as well. Since my time will be dedicated to an account that specifically is designed not to spend money, I worry about DEs end game design - if I'm having more fun playing a new account rather than put up with the arbitrations (no choices of mission, no choices whether I want to revive players or not, no smart loot - I have 6 or 7 seeding steps? (yes I've obtained nearly every item, solo researched a dojo - I'm not saying I'm typical, but I'd like to spend more money in the game - just give me a reason to play my main account. )
  4. I had previously written a rather long critique of the initial arbitration changes when revives were added. Since the change I've tried to like arbitration - while the revive mechanic is great when you are running with dojo members or with a set team it becomes something of a problem in public missions. I can't count the number of times I have had people join and arbitration only to die before the first reward and either leave without replacement or spam for heal - only to chain die until others just leave or other players end up dying due to the burden placed on them from people who aren't even trying. As arbitrations were introduced as end game content why isn't there the ability to make it one death and you are done - what is the possible negative if a player is looking to add challenge and actually test their builds? I still think adding a revive mechanic to the arbitration was a mistake and previously liked challenging myself with different frames - now I generally don't bother joining in public groups for arbitrations. I think the public version of the arbitration with the revive mechanic goes against everything players who wanted increased difficulty and something end game too do with other end game players stands for. give us options - not everything has to be easy.
  5. I'd like to update my experience having run arbitrations all day yesterday (was very fortunate to have the time to play) Something that was not obvious to me: All team members are forced to pick up debuffs - as long as there are five TOTAL debuffs collected by the entire team - players can all run to the revive tower together to revive a downed ally - this was not clear to myself and team so we were waiting until one player had 5 debuffs before reviving. While this is a better system than I had initially thought it still is forcing support frames to pick up items which can break their play-style. Something that was obvious: Too often what I was witnessing was players with good intentions dying trying to assist players that were downed - teams trying to save players dying until one person remained alive - this dropped the average run to rotation "B". None of my runs lasted more that 40 minutes. the day prior my average run was at least 2 rotation "C"s (40 minutes for survival). From my limited experience the new system increases the difficulty by putting stress on the weaker support frames changing the whole point of arbitrations from a challenge and fun event for endgame users to a system of helping newer players. Nothing wrong with the change, just not as enjoyable to end game players that liked to play with other endgame players. technical issues: - multiple instances of corpus survival where the debuff bots took more than 4 minutes to simply appear after a player was downed, Had one player leave after no one could find a bot spawning - Survival missions - even with a nekros on the team the rate of decay of the system is significantly faster than anything else in the game forcing teams to move from resource tower to resource tower - with the new higher level spawn rate and debuff system it is significantly decreasing the time that players are staying in arbitrations. last comments: - if you find that the average time that players are in arbitrations has been reduced significantly potentially allow them to be available more than once per hour. - Arbitrations no longer feel like an endgame activity. I am all for making the game fun for everyone and really appreciate how quickly the response from DE has been, mentioning it during primetime last night just continues to show how much people care about the game - both the developers and players. While I admit I've used the arbitrations as almost a sanctuary - an area to play with other endgame users for large periods of time - things change - if the goal is to make this activity faster and harder I'm all for it, I'm just a bit concerned that the forced stress of carrying players in public groups is changing what made arbitrations special to my playstyle. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I continue to appreciate how receptive the entire warframe community is as the game changes over time.
  6. I have been running a large number of arbitrations, I currently have >200 vitus essence after buying everything from the vendor. I have previously done 2+ hour runs in multiple types of arbs - they certainly are slow but I'm good with that - can run around and just kill stuff, gain endo and give away adaptation to friends (and sell a few). I have run a few of the new arbitrations and currently think the changes aren't really fun, challenging or entertaining. the ability to revive a team member could be amazing if you are a coordinated team of friends - in public games - a player dies - I revive them after collecting 5 debuff items - The same player dies - then less of the bots are around and another team member collects enough debuffs to die - so now two dead team mates - now I have to rez two team members when all I really wanted to do was run around and kill stuff. I don't see fragile frames being forced to pick up debuff items as a challenge, just punishment. While I always try to help I would still like the option not to pick up a debuff - I'm playing the game because I enjoy it - I'm not happy being forced to revive players because I've inadvertently picked up a debuff because I'm killing things. I'm not happy that multiple people are dying on my team because they are being forced to pick up a debuff that breaks their usual style of play and they aren't running a tank frame. I'm not happy that my arbitrations are ending sooner because the team breaks because more than one person dies and it becomes pointless to challenge the clock because you are just collecting debuffs - I have to then wait longer to start another arbitration because you have effectively killed the team off faster. Hopefully consideration will be made to the new format, I'm not against challenge, but the new system completely breaks the original way arbitrations were played. I'm thinking that squishy frames that once wanted to challenge themselves will stop playing arbs because of the forced debuff - and tanker frames who wanted to test how far they can go will also stop playing out of frustration that they are being debuffed without any control. I would also like to say that I'm glad that you are trying new things and wanting more people to play arbitrations can only be a good thing. personally I'll keep playing them - but likely solo and honestly after rezing 4 players - each time seeing the mission tank after one dies - just extract on first death. (I'll bet arbitrations become "just extract on first death")
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