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  1. These PNG scopes are really bad, not just for these sniper rifles but for all sniper based rifles, there should srsly be a better scope implemented for all scopes weapons.
  2. All this would do is nerf snipers in horde missions, it wouldn't change anything in boss fights, and snipers are already not used at all in horde missions because of the whole "horde" bit.
  3. I'm pretty sure they specifically stated in the stream that the specter destroying the nullifier bubble was just by chance, and was just a special unique case. They said it normally would try to run inside the nullifier bubble to kill the nullifier, and would lose health over time as its inside the bubble. Somebody in the chat had asked that question and that was their response.
  4. In the devstream they specifically said that wukong specters from deployables wouldnt spawn their own wukong clones, sadly. Somebody in chat had asked that question during the stream.
  5. I feel like it'd be great if Wukong could somehow do a difficult task to regain a charge on his revives, since 3 for a single mission seems a bit limiting when some missions may go longer, and ik DE doesn't like when players go super long like in survival but there are some players who do play like that (me), especially because certain survival missions reward you immensely with constant radiant relics every 5 minutes once you go past 80+ minutes. So maybe give him some way to regain revives, but with extremely hard tasks, such as kill 750 enemies or kill 100 eximus's, or sustain 200,000 damage from enemies. You could even make it RNG to spice it up, since the passive is sort of RNG based rn anyway.
  6. Also on a side note, iirc the viral explosion on the Komorex doesn't build any combo counter at all, I'm not sure if this is intended or not, it probably is, but this alongside the above issue makes it really hard to build any combo at all with the komorex, and I'll be running around with 0 combo counter on the weapon the majority of the time, which is very detrimental for a sniper rifle which looks like it was supposed to be designed to build combo counter fast since it has the highest fire rate of all snipers.
  7. I would love if there was some sort of hard task you were required to do to regain your wukong revives, such as kill x amount of eximus's or take x amount of damage, some task that the game randomly generates for you whenever you're missing a revive from the 3 you get per mission. It would be in a way like how nidus needs to gain 15 stacks, but it would be more RNG, which sort of fits with the passive since it is already an RNG mechanic in itself.
  8. That would definitely be awesome, introducing operator melee weapon amps. There could definitely be some crazy stuff they could make up, since their void energy is probably technically weightless like a lightsaber, you could make amps that create melee weapons much larger than the operator could physically hold if it were not made of void energy, such as operator greatswords, ball and chains, great axes etc. You could also go small, the possibilities are endless, plus I would really like something other than that weird boop the operator does for a melee attack that does so little damage.
  9. Yes pls, on another note, those PNG looking scopes need improvements to actually look like scopes.
  10. It would be great if the little disk was actually straight up just a turret, and only fired at enemies if there were any around. It should never waste any ammo at all and tbh it should probably actually fire out more ammo than you put in to fire it, perhaps 50% more or something.
  11. This wouldnt be a problem if self damage was limited to a percentage of your health instead of 100% of the damage also hurting yourself, in so many other games with self damaging weapons the explosions deal significantly less damage to the user than towards enemies, because nobody would use explosive weapons otherwise. It would still be punishing to shoot yourself, but at least it wouldnt be so abnoxiously out of your hands when your teammate accidently flies past in front of you and you fire, killing yourself in a single shot. At least give the player a CHANCE after they make a mistake. On another issue, how come you can physically shoot teammates, companions (like kavats and kubrows) and mission operatives??? It doesn't make any sense gameplay-wise since they're invincible and makes even less when you factor in self damaging weapons that you can accidently die from before you can even say ZIP.
  12. Currently, projectile sniper rifles like the Komorex and the Lanka currently suffer more from the sniper combo counter than the other sniper rifles, because they are projectile and not hitscan like the other sniper rifles. How hitscan sniper rifles currently function with the combo counter is that each shot from multishot will count towards a shot for the combo counter (+100%ms will give a second bullet which makes your combo counter go up by 2 every shot). Even if the enemy would have died from only one shot, it still adds 2 combo because of the second bullet. This is not how the projectile sniper rifles work however, as projectile sniper rifles only get combo counter if the actual projectile hits the enemy, meaning if 1 of 2-3 bullets from your sniper shot would have killed the enemy, you only get 1 shot added to the combo counter. This is not all, projectile sniper rifles also suffer much more from missed shots than hitscan in relation to the combo counter. Currently, if a hitscan sniper misses a shot, it only reduces the combo counter by 1, no matter how much multishot is on the weapon. On the flip side, projectile sniper rifles will not lose just 1 shot from the combo counter if they miss, they lose as many shots as they have multishot, meaning multishot actually works against you in this situation. All this, added onto the fact that projectile sniper rifles are harder to hit than hitscan because of their projectile nature makes it much harder to sustain and maintain their combo counter compared to the hitscan sniper rifles, and may be one of many reasons why people choose to use the hitscan sniper rifles over the projectiles. DE pls fix, make the projectile sniper rifles have the same mechanics as the current hitscan snipers.
  13. The vast majority of invis frames (except wisp) visually disappear completely from sight with only a vague frame shaped cloud as a visual replacement, while this wouldn't matter too much in an FPS since you don't see your character in those, Warframe is not an FPS, it's a third person shooter, so invisible frames pose a few problems. 1. You more easily lose your sense of space, which is pretty bad when the game requires you to maneuver your Warframe parkour style. It makes it easy to get stuck on corners and such without knowing what part of you is stuck. It also means self damage weapons which are infamously dangerous to the user become even more dangerous since your sense of space between your frame and the environment is weakened. 2. You can't properly do melee combos, since you have to time the specific keys/buttons for combos with the correct parts of combos, it makes it much more difficult to pull off combos unless you are so familiar with said combos that you can pull them off just with the audio cue or with timing alone. 3. You can't see your frame. All those cosmetics and skins that you bought for your invisible frame go completely to waste, as they just disappear once you're invisible. (Cries in Octavia Maestro) 4. Muffled sounds. Some of the invisible frames like Loki (and I think Ash) get muffled sound effects when you go invisible. This firstly makes the game sound worse, and secondly changes certain audio cues enough that you may not recognize them as THOSE audio cues. This is really bad considering that the sound cues in Warframe aren't actually that great in the first place, example, when was the last time you actually HEARD and recognized a grineer or corpus grenade? The muffled sound just makes it even harder to discern. Solution? Either change them to look like Wisp's invisibility with the outline of energy, OR make them translucent and not completely transparent, which may be the better option since the energy outline is not actually that visible, and only really works on Wisp because you actively know if you are airborne or not.
  14. What's sad about this is that this has really just taken out one of the purposeful cooperative team based aspects of the game more than anything else. In 95% of the game people just run whatever they want, and playing in squads literally feels like playing solo, since there are usually no synergies or incentive to rely on teammates other than leeching for affinity. Removing the loot stacking has destroyed squad teamwork for working towards a common goal of trying to get x loot while grinding, and personally I think this will just end up with people not caring what they bring to farm resources, and hydroids yelling at Nekros's and Khora's for lowering their loot yield.
  15. It makes you wonder how DE thought the loot based frame ability nerf was justified... (desecrate, pilfering swarm, pilfering strangledome, ore gaze, etc)
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