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  1. First of all, it could possibly be a decent product to sell if it isn't super expensive, and I bet many music enthusiasts who also love Warframe would think about getting something like this, as the ingame shawzin controls are extremely unintuitive because of keyboard limitations. This could also open up avenues for other instruments and their physical counterparts, such as keyboards and other instruments that you don't have to blow in (or their could be a way to simulate blowing). Just imagine Fortuna or Cetus full of people that can ACTUALLY play real songs without the limitations of the computer keyboard, none of that strangely transposed music that have way too many out of tune notes, it could plausibly work, but only if the community wants it. Now the question is, does the community want this enough lmao.
  2. Ever since the release of focus schools and the energizing dash operator ability, energy has been almost a null factor in a multitude of situations. In most missions, energy will never be spent fast enough to go under 60% max energy, OR energy leeching type enemies take away all your energy without you realizing leaving you with 0 energy. No matter the situation, you either have maxed out energy and it becomes a non-factor, or you have situations where energy gets stuck at 0 completely out of your control. In either situation energy management doesn't feel real or important as you either can spam abilities thoughtlessly or you have nothing, the system becomes feast or famine, not it's supposed role in the game which is to incentivize good resource management. We can see side effects of this problem in newer frames, where many have secondary resources besides energy to replace that resource management mechanic, such as Baruuks gauge and Gauss's gauge.
  3. Let's face it, the only reason damage is so much more relevant than CC nowadays is because more potent damage has been added to the game in recent years, while CC has stayed almost relatively the same. Even just 3 years ago, the strongest form of reliable AOE damage in the game was a resonating quake Banshee which nowadays barely does anything in comparison to meta damage dealers like Saryn or equinox. Even equinox was not as strong back then, not because she had any significant changes, but because with so many other damage dealers on the team and better aoe weapons/mods it is a lot easier to stack damage onto equinox's maim. Does this entail nerfing of damage overall? Perhaps, but I feel like there are better solutions than just "nerf it". Currently the only reason damage is so relevant is because every single game mode incentivizes killing enemies rapidly and dis incentivizes stopping enemies, such as defense for time, survival for life support, disruption for keys, etc. It also does not help that all the things that stop damage like nullifiers or ability immune enemies normally are also immune to CC, think of the demolysts in particular where CC straight up doesn't work at all on them yet damage does. That then begs the question, if damage steals the role of CC, then CC should fill the gap where damage does not work, this might be a stretch, but I think CC should be able to effect enemies such as nullifiers or demolysts, maybe even bosses, as damage straight up gets ignored by these units that are so dangerous, CC should fill the role to lock down these more dangerous units to give you time to do your "lesser" damage to them.
  4. So some early gameplay feedback on Gauss with what I've done so far, there are a few issues that need to be smoothed out with him and in general I think he needs some buffs, I'll go through each ability first then general problems later. 1. Mach Rush While Mach rush is a fun ability to use in open world, it suffers from very little QoL in many aspects of the ability. Firstly, for some reason there is a large delay of about 0.5 ish seconds between consecutive Mach Rush casts, and if you hit the ability in this delay time frame the ability doesn't go off at all, this both feels bad in open world and corridor gameplay, but ESPECIALLY in corridor gameplay, where many times you will want to do short bursts of mach rush, stop, turn, and then mach rush again for those tight turns that Mach Rush can't do, but this delay between casts stops you from being able to do things like this smoothly. Other than this, ragdolling is still not a good form of cc (it's actually one of the worst kind), and while thematically it makes sense, gameplay-wise its straight up detrimental. The damage of the slam isn't much either, but at least it works for lower levels below 30, alongside kinetic plating slashes. 2. Kinetic Plating Now this is the ability that I think severely needs some number tweaking, and that would be the end of it, mechanically the ability is sound even if it only blocks certain damage types, it blocks the most common ones outside of the infested, and I think that's ok that some frames are better against certain factions and some are worse. Now heres the big problem with kinetic plating, IT DRAINS TOO MUCH BATTERY. While at lower levels the drain per hit can be as low as 1%, the maximum cap per hit is 10%, which is a LOT, and is easily achieved by enemies around level 100, or sortie level, especially corpus. 10% drain per hit is a big issue, not only does the damage reduction decrease as battery gets lower, you also only cap at 80% energy without redline active, meaning all it takes is 8 shots from enemies to completely deplete kinetic plating, easily achievable by most enemies with guns, especially grineer. IMO, the maximum cap needs to be lowered to at LEAST 5%, as that would mean you could take 2 shots per mach rush or thermal sunder cold cast, instead of 1 (they both replenish 10% battery). 3. Thermal Sunder There are some big problems with this ability. First of all, the base range is too low to reliably cc enemies with guns unless built max range, the fire mode consumes too much battery, and the cold mode doesn't replenish enough battery for its cost in energy. Theres also the fact that the combination mode ALSO ragdolls enemies, which I feel is completely unnecessary, and the ability would work much better if it just triggered a blast proc without the ragdoll. Double fire also doesn't do as much damage as it really should for its cost in both energy and battery. Also, it is the one ability in Gauss's kit that requires him to stop, which is very counterintuitive of the rest of his kit which wants him to always move. 4. Redline This ability also has some issues, first of all, the passive drain when its active alongside the on hit drain from kinetic plating makes it REALLY difficult to maintain battery levels to get your redline buffs if you are fighting higher levels, unless you are spamming Mach Rush (thermal sunder cold isn't very viable due to twice the energy cost, unless max efficiency build). Since you have constantly be Mach Rushing every few seconds, you are both running low on energy but also not utilizing the redline buffs to their full potential, since you have to stop shooting to Mach Rush. Change the collective drain of kinetic plating and Redline so it better matches firing weapons empty, and reloading while inside Mach Rush, because currently you must Mach Rush too often to maintain redline, losing out on shooting uptime. 5. General Problems 1. Mach rush scaling off of only sprint speed makes Gauss's speed for open world mediocre, not because scaling off sprint speed is a bad idea, only that there aren't enough practical spring speed mods, and they all have very low values (sprint boost=15%, speed drift=15%, rush=30%). Compared to power strength mods, the values are much lower, and this ends up with Gauss only being a bit faster than the fastest K-drives, and slower than every single Archwing if he doesn't have any external speed buffs. Ironically, because Mach Rush scales off a small pool of weak value mods, the speedster frame isn't particularly that fast. (Still fun tho) 2. Mach Rush collides with steep hills on the plains of eidolon, making many seemingly smooth routes not work, he also gets stopped by the small fallen branches and trees strewn about, this lessens the fun value running around with him on the plains. 3. His movement sucks in corridors, this ties back to the Mach Rush delayed consecutive casting, since it makes it literally impossible to do sick 90 degree turns by stopping and instantly starting back up Mach Rush because of the large delay in between the casts.
  5. Shouldnt nekros/nekros prime and nezha be ranked in front of Inaros? Not only do they have higher EHP but they also have IMO more reliable healing than Inaros 1, still weaker heals than Inaros and his 4, but Inaros's 4 requires enemies to be alive. That's just my opinion however.
  6. Riven dispositions being changed regularly was a known fact, and any trading of expensive rivens with platinium and changing popularity due to usage was 100% a given, yet I still see many people complaining about dispos being changed for their favourite weapons and things like "This is unfair to the playerbase". This is something that I wish everybody would just get in their heads, when you participate in riven trading or riven rolling, you are basically signing an agreement that "any and all rivens you own" are susceptible to have changes in stats. Rather than complain about individual weapon riven dispos being changed and them being unwarranted, instead you should provide feedback on how to better the riven system, such as making it more fun or more rewarding to farm kuva for rolls, or reducing the amount of RNG in rivens, or perhaps raising the minimum disposition any weapon can hit. Any and all things such as these are helpful feedback, complaining that your embolyst or rubico riven got a disposition nerf despite you spending plat or kuva on them isn't. A message from your local tenno.
  7. If they made trading easier than it would be super simple to just sell everything for plat to other players, but currently it would be a nightmare to try and sell off those thousand+ relics you have xd. Like honestly who cares if the system is automated, you spent the time farming the loot already, why force us to spend MORE time to try and sell off the stuff we don't want or need.
  8. In the devstream they specifically said that wukong specters from deployables wouldnt spawn their own wukong clones, sadly. Somebody in chat had asked that question during the stream.
  9. I feel like it'd be great if Wukong could somehow do a difficult task to regain a charge on his revives, since 3 for a single mission seems a bit limiting when some missions may go longer, and ik DE doesn't like when players go super long like in survival but there are some players who do play like that (me), especially because certain survival missions reward you immensely with constant radiant relics every 5 minutes once you go past 80+ minutes. So maybe give him some way to regain revives, but with extremely hard tasks, such as kill 750 enemies or kill 100 eximus's, or sustain 200,000 damage from enemies. You could even make it RNG to spice it up, since the passive is sort of RNG based rn anyway.
  10. Hey OP, I think you can adjust the entry for Nova a bit, it says her weakness is enemies getting close and destroying her stars, but that's only because that build is still using the neutron star augment. With the more recent molecular fission augment upkeeping stars at x18 is really easy, you can even go full melee and you'll rarely see or notice your stars dropping below 18. I don't think itll change the ranking of her at all, but it's something that I just wanted to let you know, since neutron star isn't the better augment for that purpose anymore.
  11. I mean, you could also use a warframe for that, but I guess if you're not running a defensive type frame then it could be a second option.
  12. I think one big issue that people are overlooking is that skywing controls are utter ass, one of the main reasons, even if you're not thinking about it, is that itzals blink and invis are both 100% better than the controls the game gives you in open world, not to mention the abilities also making you faster. With the blinks you can turn on a dime whenever you want, no matter your momentum, and the invisibility stops your momentum instantly no matter what, skywing controls are the complete opposite where you're locked on the horizontal plane unless you sprint, and you can never stop completely without dashing backwards 3 times and never within 2 seconds. On the other hand, all the other archwings have to deal with the bad controls because they are forced to, which doesn't help their case, nerfing itzals blink or removing would be equivalent to saying "use our bad controls LMaO". On the other OTHER hand, k-drives while awesome, don't fill any niche that we would need atm in warframe. They don't fill the medium speed niche because operators already do that with their dashes, they don't fill the long distance traversal niche because they have to deal with terrain and they're not as fast as the archwings, and they don't fill the strength and power niche because warframes already do that themselves.
  13. Although WoF is embers signature ability that many players are drawn to her for, I do think that the ability itself is bad for the game since all it is, is an afk button, half the time when using it you don't even realize you're killing enemies, and that isn't satisfying. The nerfs they did to her back awhile ago in my opinion made her even MORE of an afk frame, since even though damage gets increased by 2x when it ramps up, the fact that the range and efficiency decreased means that when modding her you usually mod for more range, duration, and efficiency, which therefore MUST lower your power strength. Why is this a problem? Because accelerant multiplies the damage of WoF WAY more than 2x, but it gets less useful with less power strength. Even though the damage of WoF itself now has 2x the potential, combined with accelerant the damage has actually dramatically fallen about 6x. Therefore WoF isn't exactly a healthy ability, its afk, not that useful past mid-end starchart, and should be replaced. I do think another ability that should get some change is fireball, when you think fireball you assume the ability will actually do some decent damage with a large splash that casts really fast, although charging up fireball sort of does the first 2 jobs, it feels super clunky in the "fast" department, even with the cast speed buff of accelerant, overall I think fireball needs a bit of an overhaul as well, because even if fireball removed 100% of armor on quick cast, it's still basically single target, and ash already completely owns that realm of armor stripping with his auto homing shuriken that bypass the environment.
  14. Buff balefire when you're in aegis storm, give her 2 actual balefires instead of 1 during it just like how it looks visually, because atm it's still 1 balefire with the illusion that shes firing 2. While your at it, buff its other stats too, like its crit, and its explosion radius, or give it some unique effect that let's it do more than just flat damage without crit.
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