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  1. That's where I thought hopefully newer consoles and pc's can help out. If this was a year ago, heck no, not a chance, would never work. Yeah, I don't know the technical limitations on DE's side but wow, wouldn't it be crazy if they tried to improve the game on the technical aspect lmao. Just kidding for the most part but yes, that is the most glaring issue with it. But hey, if other open world games, horde shooters, and what not can do it, why can't warframe.
  2. Oh yeah I know it would be quite the horrible experience for many of those people and there'd be nothing but complaining. But for those of us that just like being in a squad and actually embracing the co-op in a co-op game, it would be nice.
  3. So with the new update, I've begun to think how nice it would be to do something akin to Deep Rock Galactic's "Deep Dive" missions, where there are multiple objectives that need to be completed and you move on to do more. The new RJ missions are so close to this, it wouldn't be too hard to just add more with one specific addition that would please almost everyone from solo players to intense efficiency grinders: let you do all of them at once and at whatever pace you desire. All you would have to do (DE) is to not have the objectives locked behind squad member meet ups like you do now. Sa
  4. Truly I have no issues with v30 other than the spasm inducing particle explosions that make me scared my game will crash every other minute, surprisingly it doesn't though. I am incredibly impressed with how stable this RJ update is considering a simple year ago it was the buggiest, most crash crazy, host migration issue thing in the game. I think DE did a great job with handling this update. I am simply cruising along, I had everything in the game before the update and am in no actual rush to get the new stuff as possible. Getting the MR 30 toward the beginning of 2021 was honestly a weight o
  5. When customizing the railjack in the dry dock (dojo), I had been hovering over a turret which brought up the pop up stats. I backed out of the customization to leave dojo but the popup for the stats stayed and seemingly duplicated it as well on the screen. So, I had two pop ups lingering and it froze all actions for me, could not move cursors, frame, type, anything. I had to close and restart the game. There was no crash just some UI freeze I guess. Wish I got a screenshot sorry but that's the only one so far I've come across.
  6. Personally I really like Ash, love making him as people say "a single target killing machine." I build him with his 3 augment and the arcane that turns you invisible with finishers and bam, invisibility at all times with an insta kill for almost any enemy within reason (plus you are invincible while executing so its kind of a good get away in things get hairy). If you really want to buy one of them, I would tell you NOT to buy Loki, not because of his kit or anything but because he is incredibly high priced right now, go ahead and buy ash if you REALLY need to. I would recommend just farming t
  7. There is enough to get halfway now after the most recent big update (how many more of those you really have faith in to release this year?), it'll take at least one more of them plus a prime release or two. So still by the end of the year.
  8. It's still a long way off (maybe by the end of year), there's not even enough stuff to bring you halfway to 31 right now I think so it'll be a couple more updates.
  9. I would like if they just made his 4 into a cone area or something akin to mesa so I can point it at a hallway/area and get everything there, instead of spazzing my cursor until I see enough red outlines.
  10. I think it would be cool it they got rid of him as a boss and made him into a corpus miniboss type that spawns like the juggernaut after killing so many corpus. I mean, it'd make sense right? After losing so many underlings, their squad leader or whatever comes out to deal with it himself.
  11. Man only 100,000 endo on hand tho? weak lmao. Just kidding. I'm pretty much in the same boat, never sold a sculpture and got almost 700,000 on hand. You definitely got me wanting to count up my sculptures though.
  12. Pretty soon to when they were released. I did it with the mote amp lmao. I played trinity to be a good support and let whoever had a good amp actually work on shields, still used a good vectis to assist in limbs tho (still got 2nd most damage overall so not that it made much difference except open my eyes to the fact I never did jack squat with the quills up till then lol). I mainly, and still do to this day since most people don't ever, focus on vomvalysts. I was definitely the lure god for like the first 6 months, taxing around like 8 at a time. All I remember is our chroma thanking me
  13. It took me 56 runs to get the original Equinox, so long ago, and I wish never to repeat it.
  14. Let ALL frames use abilities while on ziplines.
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