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  1. Necro get over it. That stat needs to be locked at 50% like some other ability stats or be retouched to drain the listed UI amount. It always drains 50% of your health regardless of efficiency and it always restores the amount of energy based on the percent of health lost from the 50% value. I.e. 850 total hp, 600 total energy, 175% efficiency, health reduced to 402hp. Bloodletting = (402 - 2) / (850 / 2) * 600 = 564.7 energy restored NO MATTER WHAT even though the UI uselessly says hp drain is 12.5%. As it is now, 175% efficiency looks like it means you need to only lose 12.5% hp to receive the full energy regen (thus only useful when you have lower than 50% health).
  2. I'll quote something I had to say about this the last time riven changes came along. Basically, I think DE's vision for rivens has changed from bringing unpopular (thus non-meta/automatically trash to the overall community) weapons to the table as viable. Viable =/= meta, meta ⊆ viable.
  3. I'm a little concerned about this. Are any weapons that the community deems unpopular also low on the internal rankings? This sounds like it could lean towards some niche weapons that are fun with a riven being completely gutted due to its internal ranking also being low. An example from this round of changes looks like the Angstrum. I've never, EVER, seen anyone use this gun (EVER) (I have 1500 hours spread over the past 2 years). That's because of its pitiful damage (misleading arsenal stats that actually tell you the fully charged, impact + explosion damage only) and obvious risk of self-damage. Its disposition still fell. Unless these users are only on PC, this would mean it has a lower internal ranking that's still going to bring the gun down despite how fun a riven can make it (adding Mirage for comedic multishot).
  4. Here were my drops for the data nerds. 7500 Credits Cache 83 49.404762% Grand Finale 46 27.380952% Glyph Display 15 8.928571% Lith C3 Relic 6 3.571429% Neo K2 Relic 4 2.380952% 100 Oxium 3 1.785714% Meso T3 Relic 3 1.785714% Axi C3 Relic 3 1.785714% Nitain Extract 2 1.190476% Cetus Wisp 1 0.595238% Noggle 1 0.595238% Delphi Helmet 1 0.595238% Nidus 0 0.000000% Khora 0 0.000000% Rifle Riven Mod 0 0.000000% 168
  5. Same here, but a single dupe Axi C3. Not bad for what I've got at least.
  6. This is probably the last I'm going to follow up on this, but after setting up autohotkeys to loop through typing a message, letter by letter, in chat, 1 letter every 3 minutes, and leaving it on all night, I've woken up to 1 more drop. Drops are broken seeing as so many people have 50+ already. (1 tab, active browser window, nothing muted, monitor was turned off.) Edit: Oh ya, I'm on console, twitch on PC.
  7. I'll leave this here. 6 drops in 3 (almost consecutive) days. I'm on Xbox.
  8. Following up on this, 8 more hours passed (22 hour stream wow!) and 2 drops came in. That's a total of 5 drops in about 48 hours.
  9. I'm switching to twitch on a browser. Currently watching AdmiralBahroo so if everything goes well there should be at least a few drops after waking up.
  10. I'm having a similar experience. All day today and yesterday and 3 drops... I'm on console using my computer with the twitch desktop app btw.
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